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Exclusive Preview: Scott Grooves "Coco brown" (Modified Suede Records CD Promo)

Scott Grooves has a full length project in the works titled "The Riddum" which will be released around march on his new Modified Suede imprint. This new label will focus more on the deep percussion vibe, in contrast to his Natural Midi label that is home to the more techy sounds. "Coco brown" is one of the album tracks, giving us a first impression on what we can expect from the album, showcasing Scott Grooves' more organic, acoustic rhythm side, with his background of being a percussionist shining through all over. "Coco brown" is a laidback yet captivating track built around a truly deep, resistless backdrop, featuring wonderful atmospheric chords and sweet percussion elements, altogether spreading an infectious vibe on the dance floor.

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This week we've got a couple of exclusive re-edits worth to be checked out. The much covered "Who is he" by Bill Withers, a timeless classic originally released on his 2nd album "Still bill" in 1972, gets reworked by Groove Assassin who keeps the unique 70's funk feel alive while taking the song to the soulful dance floors thanks to the captivating yet smooth backing used (CD-R). DJ Jaycee takes on the wonderful r&b cut "What I'd do" by Conya Doss (from her recent "Still..." long player) and adds a gentle broken beat flavored drum groove underneath the original instrumentation, never letting down the vibe of the original (CD-R). "Colorblind" by Emily King, lifted from her "East Side Story" album, is an outstanding r&b song with a real message to it that has been given a makeover by Martin Faltin who adds a heavy' groove to the original instrumentation, with the result being a compelling dance floor stomper (CD-R).

Let's continue with another exclusives that made it to our CD deck this week. "Take me from U" by Man-X, a secret weapon for us since last September, features the incomparable voice of Mario Inchausti who blesses us with a heartfelt rendition of the meaningful lyrics on this organic production built around a funk soaked groove, with the vocals being accompanied by outstanding keys and chords (DeepHaven Music CD-R).

The next exclusive is a currently unsigned production by Gregory Del Piero titled "Each other" featuring passionate vocals courtesy of Paris Brightledge alongside marvelous keys, all perfectly arranged over a funk drenched backing. Alfredo Norese reworks the track into a smoothly groovin' affair featuring lush keys and chords, while the 'Live' version oozes with laidback jazzy vibes (CD-R).

"Makes you  high", one of the highlights from Steven Stone's album "Entering my world", finally gets a full release complete with slammin' remixes. "Makes you high" features the sweet voice of Nyla Ray over a smooth yet deep backing groove that is enriched with beautiful melodic keys and chords in its original version, with the 'Classic Remix' taking the track into an old school, funk drenched direction. Staffan Thorsell & MoD fire things up for peak time action with their bumpin' remix loaded with great synths and chords, while Central Avenue serve a deep mesmerizing affair featuring their trademark slightly dark synths. Lastly Gregory Del Piero serves a funk soaked interpretation on a more laidback tip (Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo).

Launch Entertainment is a brand new label started by Gladys Pizzaro (formerly a&r for Strictly Rhythm Records) kicking off strong with "Who you wanna be" by Kevin Bryant, a beautiful production featuring the beloved deep emotional Chris Brann (Ananda Project/Wamdue) soundscape created by his trademark lush keys and chords, sweet percussion and Kevin Bryant's vibrant vocals. Bob Sinclar reworks the track into an electrofied big room favorite, while DJ Dove goes deep and hypnotic on his snyth riddled dub (Launch Entertainment CD Promo).

"Sweet innocence" by Msadder & Arnaud D is a magnificent deep house production featuring sexy vocals by the legendary MJ White alongside phat keys and chords, coming your way as a massive eight mix package that includes remixes by Greg Stainer, Spiritual Blessings, Mr. Mama, Jesus Gonsev and Steve Paradise who all keep the vibe deep while adding their distinctive touch (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo).

"Slow it down" by Plusgroove goes as deep as it gets, using a deeply rumblin' groove as playground for the sweet voice of Nadine Navarro and lush synth chords to create a mesmerizing feel. A variety of classy deep house remixes to choose from by the likes of Nick Tolentino, AppleJac, Gene King are included in the package, while Jaysun Merced & Louie Balo give the track a relentless broken beat outfit. Finally the mixes by Marco Marquez and Cement Chunk are destined for the bigger rooms (PlusGroove Records CD Promo).

New York based soul artist Donald Sheffey teams up with TnT Inc. (Fabio Tosti & Francesco Tarantini) to present the old school styled feel good anthem "Feel my love" featuring uplifting vocals and captivating chords over an infectious groove, with the 'Classic' mixes intensifying the funky feel and adding fierce synths and a catchy piano. Fabio Tosti's 'Under Club' version gives the track more of a minimal yet hypnotic edge (MusicPlan Records CD Promo).

Italy's Mr. Mama drops the "Metropoli EP" which features two cool tracks. Fist up is "Metropli", a deep yet fiercely thumpin' track featuring wicked mesmerizing keys and organ play, altogether spreading an irresistible vibe on the dance floor. Second is the hypnotic "Black or white" which is built around a funk soaked, deeply stompin' groove and features infectious synth chords (CyberJamz Records CD Promo).

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