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Paris Brigthledge "Searchin'" (USB Records CD)

The vocalist of the legendary house classic "It's alright" by Sterling Void returns with the wonderful "Searchin'" which brings back memories of the early days of house music with its classic piano and string arrangement over a deep, funk flavored groove, while Paris Brightledge lends his passionate vocals to the song. The instrumental is all abou the incredible piano and strings, while the acapella lets you enjoy the unmistakable voice of Paris Brightledge. A release not to be missed.

Blaze "Breathe" (2007 Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

After his massive remixes of Tiger Stripes' "Missing you", Mr. V is again on remix duty for Slip'N'Slide, this time reworking the inspirational Blaze classic "Breathe". He adds his distinctive sound including off-the-hook keys and a wicked rap to the song while keeping the vibe of the original alive. With vocal, instrumental, beats and keyapella mixes to choose from, there is something for everyone. Kiko Navarro's re-edit subtly updates the original version by adding some extra spice, while Liquid People presents Danism rework the song into a more laidback and groovy, jazz-funk flavored affair. Lastly there is the unreleased Ashley Beedle Dub included.

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Tiger Stripes "Missing you" (Raw Artistic Soul Remix)(Slip'N'Slide Records CD)

"Missing you" by Tiger Stripes got lots of support last year thanks to the massive Mr. V remixes and the great original version on the 12" release, but there exists also a beautiful reworking by Raw Artistic Soul which was released on the "Klubbjazz Sessions Seven" compilation that gives the track a laidback organic feeling thanks to the wonderful instrumentation which includes great horns and and melodic keys over a percussive.enriched, smoothly bumpin' groove.

Exclusive Preview: Kuningas "Hold me" (CD-R)

"Hold me" is courtesy of Kuningas, a fresh duo out of Greece who present a stormin' deep house production with this track that uses thumpin' beats and drums as playground for a wicked guitar riff, great keys, sexy female vocal chants and wonderful strings that altogether create an uplifting feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Ubiquity" (CD-R)

After the slammin' "Snake shake", Mr. Mama comes up with another great deep house production that is built around slammin' beats and drums, with sweet percussion and lush keys amplifying the moody vibe, letting it spread an irresistible vibe on the dancefloor.

Side "Look into my Soul EP" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Here we have something a little different by Belgium's Geert De Strooper who presents his "Look into my Soul EP" under the artist name of Side. Four tracks to choose from, all offering laidback grooves that are perfect to chill, featuring lovely electronic chords and synth lines that give the tracks a warm feeling. "Afro jazz" and "Special days" are on a midtempo tip, while "Moving up" and "Tonite" are uptempo productions.

Robert Strauss"Mr. Feelings EP 2" (Earth Corporation Enterprises CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of EP one comes the second of five EP in this series by Toronto based producer Robert Strauss. On "Hot like an oven", the legendary Leroy Burgess is the featured vocalist, providing a passionate performance over an old-school styled, jazz-funk flavored disco-house beat that keeps groovin' from beginning to the end. The second track "Music is my life" features an inspirational vocal by Richie Henessey over a deep backing groove reminiscent of 80's dance music with its electrofied keys and basslines.

Spiritual Blessings "Lisbon nights" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Behind Spiritual Blessings is the DJ duo of Jean Paul Francois and Ezio Centanni. On "Lisbon nights", they team up with jazz maestro Gianni Lenoci to bless us with a wonderful jazz house production that features live piano and a harmonica played by Alfredo Francois. The 'SB Infusions Mix' is on an uplifting and laidback tip that is all about the jazz instruments over a smooth house groove, while the 'Deep Night Dub Mix' uses a deep groove to give the song a mellow, almost chilled-out feeling perfect for late night play.

CloudKickers featuring Marcus "Bring on the night" (Newlite Muzik Records 12")

Newlite Muzik have some goodies ready to drop soon, with "Bring on the night" by the CloudKlickers being their next 12" release. Featuring a soulful vocal performance by Marcus, "Bring on the night" in its original form is a stormin' house track that has crossover potential as it features rock elements, especially the heavy guitars used make it appeal to a wider audience - if you're not instantly into it, give it another listen. Rocco delivers a great remix that takes the track to the deep house territory by using a deeply rumblin' groove and wicked laminar keys. The flipside features an electrofied big room reworking by Dean Coleman.

Stereo Mutants featuring Jannae Jordan "I wanna go" (Mutated Music Records CD Promo)

As their third release, Mutated Music present "I wanna go" written and performed by New York native Jannae Jordan, with the music being courtesy of abel owners Stereo Mutants. The original version is built around a deeply thumpin' groove that is topped with electrofied synths and a wicked rhodes, with Jannae Jordan providing a passionate vocal. The vocal and dub remixes by Central Avenue turn the track into a piano and stirngs driven affair perfect for peak time play with the powered-up groove, while DJ Circle smoothes things down a bit to give it more of a laidback vibe.

Filsonik "Evolution" (Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)

It has been quiet around Funk La Planet Records, but with "Evolution" by up and rising producer Filsonik they return in a big way. "Evolution" uses an irresistible tribal house beat as base for the drums and percussion, with the outstanding laminar and spaced-out keys amplifying the feeling, making this one absolutely relentless on the dancefloor. The 'Time Square Mix' is a great alteration of the 'Main Mix' that varies the keys and beats nicely.

Hipp-E featuring Lamont Morehaus "Dance wit me" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

"Dance wit me" is the second single by Hipp-E for Slip'N'Slide, a modern hip-house track featuring a rap by Lamont Morehaus over a dirty house groove that is enriched with techy keys that give it sort of a moody feeling. The 'Loop Mix' is exactly that, playing around with the musical elements. Also included are instrumental, dub and acapella version to give you the full range of possibilities in the club.

CN Williams featuring Jocelyn Brown "Thanks to the deejays" (Fabio Bacchini Remix)(ReelHouse Records CD Promo)
Fabio Bacchini "Funk is the Message EP" (ReelHouse Deeper Records CD Promo)

Fabio Bacchini has made himself a name for turning out the hottest funktified disco-house grooves in recent months, with his latest two offerings being no exception. His interpretation of CN Wiliams' "Thanks to the deejays" perfectly comnbines the outstanding vocals by Jocelyn Brown with the vibes of the timeless Sharon Redd classic "Can you handle" and and a relentless funky house groove. On the "Funk is the Message EP", he delivers a fired up reworking of the seminal philly disco classic "Love is the message" by MFSB and a "Move on up", jazz-funk disco house gem.

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