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Stones & Bones featuring K-Modi "Heaven" (Khaya Lyf Records CD Promo)

The first of two new releases on Khaya Lyf Records is the fantastic "Heaven" by Gauteng based house band Stones & Bones. The enchanting "Heaven" features deeply rooted vocals by K-Modi alongside warm melodious keys over deep'n'gentle rhythms, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel guaranteed to put a spell on you. But this is not all as the package comes complete with brilliant remixes by Dolls Combers, Deep Cartel, Paris Cesvette, Andy Soul and Tristy DeSoul all adding their signature deep/soulful touch.

Deep'endSoul featuring Donald Sheffey "Get started" (Khaya Lyf Records CD Promo)

The second new release on Khaya Lyf Records has been a secret weapon here at Spirit of House for the past few weeks, we are proud to finally introduce you to this soulful gem. "Get started" is a fabulous collaboration between renowned US vocalist Donald Sheffey and South Africa's emerging talent Deep'endSoul - we are certain you will agree with us that the glamorous fusion of the enthralling rhythms, the classy keys and the unrivaled vocals of Donald Sheffey make "Get started" something truly special. The remixes by Brewed Souls, Deep Cartel, Deepconsoul & Kenny Dolo and DJ Spin let you enjoy the song in a truly eclectic variety of interpretations, each one oozing with sheer class.

Speakdeep & Katy Blue "Heavy rain" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)

We haven't heard from Solid Ground Recordings for a while, thankfully they are back and in full effect. Their latest offering is "Heavy rain" by Speakdeep (aka Andrea Guazzeroni), a glorious production oozing with deeply groovin' rhythms, exhilarating melodies and the sweet vocals of Katy Blue - in other words, a towering truly jaw-dropping slice of soulful deepness. From Fab_o comes a delightful old school inspired remix bringing back memories from the past, and from Dimkal comes an utterly fierce version fueled with inebriant keys and chords.

Dalminjo featuring Lenny Hamilton "Bring it back" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Dalminjo (aka ORG Lounge aka Ole Roar Granli) joins forces with Lenny Hamilton for "Bring it back", a wonderful soul oozing production using a smoothly thumpin' backdrop as playground for luscious keys and Lenny Hamilton's incomparable emotive vocals. The remixes are courtesy of Spiritual Blessings who deliver a summery latin infused workout, Mark Di Meo who drops a beautiful rendition built around heavenly melodies and percussive rhythms, and last but not least Ricky Inch whose organic soul/funk inspired version is sheer musical bliss.

Enea DJ featuring Ladybird "Star night love" (Una Mas Recordings CD Promo)

If you have checked out the "Uno Mas WMC 2014 Sampler" earlier this year, then you will be familiar with this marvelous slice of timeless soulful dance music by Enea DJ. "Star night love" features the one-of-a-kind seductive vocals of songstress Laydbird alongside lovely guitar licks, grand jazzy piano and ethereal synth melodies over an infectious funk soaked backdrop - jam-packed floors guaranteed. Groove Assassin is on remix duty, giving the track a classy old school feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Joseph Junior & MAQman "Praise scat" (Kings of Groove Records CD Promo)

Over the past few years, whenever Joseph Junior and MAQman went to the studio together, the result was truly phenomenal. Their latest collaboration "Praise scat" is no exception as it has all the trademarks of their previous successes: a masterly orchestration, the unmistakable vocals of Joseph Junior, amazing arrangements by MAQman. Ibataly contributes a gorgeous slightly more laidback re-imagination of this wonderful song. Nothing more needs to be said besides "Praise scat" is a fabulous slice of timeless soulful house music by no means to be missed.

Christian B & Lavvy Levan "Thank you" (Friday Fox Recordings CD Promo)

Up and rising Christian B and Lavvy Levan pay tribute to the greats of house music with the delectable "Thank you" which combines old school 90's inspired rhythms with sun drenched keys, grand jazzy piano and Lavvy Levan's inspirational spoken words and vocals. The remix is courtesy of Paul Rhodes who turns the heat up on his hypnotically pulsating remix. Also included is "So special", an uplifting truly thrilling production laced with lush melodies and sultry vocals. Marc Rapson drops a tasty deeply groovin' rework guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor.

Vick Lavender featuring Cei Bei "Thanks I get" (Sophisticado Recordings CD Promo)

The one and only Vick Lavender adds his magical touch to "Thanks I get", one of the standout tracks from Nastee Nev's (Neville Moeletsi) full length album "0808 SweetSoul" released through House Afrika Records. To make it short, Cei Bei's unmistakable sensitive vocals are taken to all new heights on these masterly truly outstanding interpretations oozing with the beloved vintage soul/funk/jazz infused sound Vick Lavender is celebrated for. Exclusively to be released on Sophisticado Recordings. Essential...

Mr. Mike & Deep Bros "Lets do it again" (Map Dance Records CD Promo)

First reviewed here on Spirit of House back in 1998 on nowadays hard to find 12" test pressing on Map Dance Records (as hard to get are the two 10" releases), Mr. Mike and Deep Bros seminal "Let's do it again" was only officially released in 2003 on Peppermint Jam Records. After the Ricky Morrison remix premiered earlier this year on the "MAP Dance Records Miami 2014 Sampler", the full remix package is now available, and what a musical treat it is... The likes of Samir Maslo & Sergio Flores, DJ Spen & Soulful Edge, Ricky Morrison, Pino Arduini & Monodelux, Ricky Pellegrino and Javier Bollag all add their distinctive touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Romz Deluxe & C.9ine featuring Garth Brown "Addiction" (Juu Records CD Promo)

Romz Deluxe (one half of Deuce Concept) and C.9ine present "Addiction", a splendiferous afro-deep production featuring the deeply felt vocals of Garth Brown alongside phantasmagorical keys and chords over deeply stormin' rhythms, altogether spreading a soulful yet hypnotizing feel you can't resist to dance to. Make sure you grab your copy when the track becomes available next week. Nuff said.

Richard Earnshaw featuring Oby "Never gonna let you down" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Richard Earnshaw's "Never gonna let you down" was originally released in fall of 2011, now the track which features Oby (Orlando Vaughan) on vocals returns to the dance floor in brand new smashing remixes by Husky (one half of Random Soul) and Richard Earnshaw himself. First up, Husky reworks the track into an irresistibly bumpin' affair laced with catchy synth hooks, letting you choose between equally effective vocal and dub versions. Next, Richard Earnshaw contributes a freshly tweaked and mixed rebounce of the original version.

Steven Stone & Michelle Shellers "Number 1" (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Steven Stone and his Soul Deluxe imprint are going from strength to strength, and the streak of success will continue for sure with the fierce "Number 1", a production featuring the vocal talents of Michelle Shellers. With a fiercely stompin' backdrop, captivating synth hooks, uplifting piano and Michelle Shellers powerful vocals "Number 1" is sure-fire dance floor weapon guaranteed to cause a stir.

Jerk House Connection "Dance EP" (Ohyea Muziq CD Promo)

Up and coming Ohyea Muziq present the blazin' "Dance EP" by French production outfit Jerk House Connection. Two tracks to choose from, with the first one "New love" being an enthralling deep house track built around pulsating rhythms, lush keys and sexy female vocals. The second track "Dance" features lovely flute, soothing melodies and emotive vocals by Ronald Baker over a gently thumpin' backing.

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