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Anto Vitale featuring Tamara Wellons "Out of this world" (Remixes)(Seasons Limited Records CD Promo)

Anto Vitale featuring Tamara Wellons - Out of this world (Remixes) It has only been three months since Anto Vitale presented the brilliant, not to be missed "Out of this world" which features deeply felt vocals by Tamara Wellons. Now we get a delightful remix package, with Jose Carretas kicking things off with a marvelous interpretation using a subtle percussive groove as playground for gentle keys and the outstanding vocals. Next is DJ Spinna who adds his trademark touch, with the sublime synth melodies and the deep slightly electronic backing creating a hypnotic feel. Lastly Carlos Mena reworks the song into a percussion driven, jazz flavored broken beat affair oozing with soul.

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Exclusive Preview: Soulmekanikz featuring Damyan "2 years" (CD-R)

After Soulmekanikz blessed us last year with two excellent remixes (Horace Brown "The things we do for love" and Dwele "Hold on"), they now team up with winger Damyan to present an original production. The laidback "2 years" is built around a funk drenched, soulfully bumpin' backing, with Damyan's heartfelt vocals being accompanied by melodic keys and chords.

Exclusive Preview: Timmy Vegas and The Universe Band presents Jennifer Wallace "Power of your love" (DeepCitySoul Remix)(CD-R)

While the ever massive "Can't make it thru another day" keeps on rocking dance floors across the globe, Timmy Vegas and the Universe Band present the next bomb titled "Power of your love", once more teaming up with Jennifer Wallace who contributes a powerful yet soulful vocal performance to this infectious remix by DeepCitySoul that oozes with an exquisite old school feel created by a fierce musical backdrop, lush chords and gorgeous keys.

Exclusive Preview: Jody Watley "I want your love" (CJ Giovanni Mix)(CD-R)

Jody Watley's cover of the timeless Chic classic "I want your love" (produced by the legendary Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers) from 1978 was originally released on her 2006 album "The Makeover", and the only soulful dance version so far was Danny Krivit's beautiful down tempo edit. Thanks to CJ Giovanni this songs now gets an up tempo makeover that stays true to the original while turning the song into a smooth yet groovy four-to-the-floor thumper.

Kentphonik featuring Mimi "U thando" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

Initially featured a few weeks ago on the "5 Years of Stalwart Vol. 1" compilation, "U thando" by Kentphonik (the follow up to last years club hits "Hiya kaya" and "Sunday showers") finally gets a full release, with the original version being a wonderful laidback and jazzy affair featuring sensitive vocals by Mimi. DJ Rork presents a wonderful sleek rendition taking the track to deeper grounds, while DJ Jori takes the track to the main room on his two remixes. As a bonus you also get the Casamena (aka Carlos Mena) remix of "Sunday showers", a deep mesmerizing yet soulful jazz drenched interpretation.

Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford "It's on your face" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Here we go again... Jamie Lewis and the one and only Michael Watford team up to continue their streak of success as musical partners, and as their previous collaborations the result speaks for itself. "It's on your face" is cool and slick, with a funk dripping backdrop serving as playground for Michael Watford's unmistakable vocals, a lovely funky guitar and phat keys by the Grooveprofessor. Various mixes to choose from, with some of them firing things up with extra synth hooks for main room action.

Dani "Miracle" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Dani (aka Danielle DuBois) and Joe Flame follow up their previous highly successful collaborations with the inspiring "Miracle", a deep yet smoothly' thumpin, funk soaked production featuring sensitive lead vocals by Dani alongside wonderful background vocals and a great jazzy piano, altogether creating an uplifting yet captivating feel.

Exclusive Preview: Innerface featuring Nadine Navarre "You don't even know me" (Jakdat Records CD-R)

Innerface (Nick Tolentino and Jason Merced) team up with Nadine Navarre who delivers a sultry vocal performance on "You don't even know me", a deeper than deep production featuring sweet percussion elements alongside remorselessly thumpin' beats and contaminous keys and chords. The 'Plusgroove Remix' is the choice for the main rooms thanks to catchy synth hooks, while Louie 'Balo' Guzman goes deep and spiritual. Completing the package is Jose Gonzalez' somewhat tougher, bass and drum heavy 'Fresh Sol Dub'.

TNT Inc. featuring Diamondancer "Take me higher" (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

Italian producer Fabio Tosti teams up with American poet Diamondancer (aka Carolyn Ferrari) who provides inspiring lyrics on "Take me higher", a slice of remorselessly stompin' spoken word house on a funktified tip in the 'Original Mix', with the 'Concept Mix' and 'Dub Concept' versions deepening the feel and turning the track into a truly mesmerizing affair.

TJ Cases "Do it again" (2009 Remixes)(Cut House Records CD Promo)

Back in 1998, this classic by TJ Cases sold over 20'000 vinyl copies, something that is completely unthinkable these days. Eleven years later this club anthem returns with a package of slammin' remixes, all of them guaranteed to take dance floors by storm thanks to energetic yet hypnotic grooves, wicked synths, powerful female vocals and infectious breakdowns. From late night/early morning to peak time and main room, its all included here.

Tony Moss "Wasn't good enough" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

"Wasn't good enough" is written by Tony Moss and produced by Rasmir who turns out another one of those quality deep yet resistless productions he is beloved for, with the unique kind of vocals performed by Tony Moss adding a special touch to the track. The 'Original Mix' is deep and organic, featuring airy synth melodies. The 'Mantree Mix' is more percussive and uses a lighter less organic groove, while the 'Chicago Mix' is a funked-up take on the original. Finally the 'Lovers Mix' is a smooth down tempo rework on a slight broken tip.

Baggi Begovic vs. Groovenatics "The music" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

"The music" by Baggi Begovic vs. Groovenatics comes as a diverse package, with the mixes covering various different genres. The mesmeric original is on an electronic tip featuring dramatic synths, reworked by Belocca & Soneec into a deep tech-soul affair, while Sebastian Krieg goes main room on his take. Blacksoul contributes the 'Oldschool Reconstruction', an uplifting piano heavy interpretation reminiscent of 90's house, while Youri Donatz gives the track a funky twist on his laidback old school styled revision.

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