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Voices of 6th Avenue "Man in the mirror" (AceBeat Records CD Promo)
Ricky Nelson "Happy man" (AceBeat Records CD Promo)

As reported earlier this year, Ace Beat Records have opened their Download Music Store where you can buy titles from their back catalogue as well as new music. "Man in the mirror" by Voices of 6th Avenue, a choir founded by 'Ace' Mungin and listing artists and producers such as Charvoni, Intense, Cassio Ware, Kenny Bobien, Eddie Stockley and others, is gospel house at is best. The featured singers are providing an inspirational vocal performance over a soulfully instrumented, New Jersey styled garage production, creating an uplifting and emotional feeling. On "Happy man", Ricky Nelson presents himself with a sensual combination of gospel and r&b styled vocals over a laidback groovin' backing track that features a wonderful instrumentation, spreading a mellow and uplifting vibe.

Antonio Ocasio featuring Annette Taylor "No difference" (deepaGrooves Records CD Promo)

deepaGrooves are going deep with their latest release that is produced by Antonio Ocasio and features a hint of sultry female vocals courtesy of Annette Taylor. "No difference" features various layers of percussion and drums together with an outstanding organ solo, a deep bubbling bassline and wicked keys, creating an uplifting and spiritual feeling. The BLVD East interpretation gives the track an irresistible feeling that takes you on a journey into deep house music with its deeply rumbling groove and the fantastic keys and organ ride.

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VG "What iz luv" (Oldschool Orchestra + E&T Remixes)(Soulful Finder Records CD Promo)

Oldschool Orchestra return to the scene with this remix of Vivian Greene's "What is love" that comes on a soulful tip featuring a jazzy piano, live bass and organ solo over a smoothly thumpin' groove, creating a mellow and laidback feeling. Beside the main club version there is the beautfiul 'Intro Mix' kicking off with a pianopella and featuring great breaks. E&T provide a deep interpretation that has a dark and hypnotic edge to it, featuring spaced-out keys and a truly deep groove.

Stacey Mallory "Only you" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

With "Only you", Stacey Mallory brings smooth jazz-funk vibes to the dancefloor as he combines a mellow four-to-the-floor house groove with sweet percussion, a jazzy piano line, orchestral keys, funky bassline and lovely guitar, creating a wonderful laidback track.

Ne-Yo "So sick" (DFA Remix)(FallOut Records 12")

Darryl James & Fred McFarlane aka DFA rework another fine su soul tune for the dancefloors, this time adding an electric flavor to their interpretation that is based on a thumpin' groove and melodic keys. Vocal and instrumental versions are included on this release.

Franck Roger "The Earththrumental Project Part 5" (RealTone Records 12")

Never sleeping french deep house maestro Franck Roger drops another hot EP in the "Earththrumental" series that features two hot tracks in form of "Solo man" and "When animals manifest", both featuring wonderful keyboard solos courtesy of Frank Roger himself and M'Selem. Both tracks are spreading a laidback and groovy feeling and are perfect for late night / early morning play.

Diversity featuring Muema "We can do it (in the mix)" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

Behind Diversity are Eric Wikman (Deepswing & Sunkids), Los Angeles based DJ Andrew Deloza and Muema Lombe (BounceFM New York) who team up for the uplifting "We can do it (in the mix)". The 'Original Mix' is a pumpin' affair featuring a deeply stompin' groove with wicked keys and a jazzy flute alongside Muema's spoken words.  The 'Deepsing Jazzy Affair' comes on a truly soulful tip and features David Vasquez on fender rhodes who gives it a jazzy edge. Lastly there is the 'Binary Soul Dub' by Jake DeVere who uses sharp beats together with a funky bassline, techy keys and a jazzy piano line to create an incredible groovy interpretation.

Tortured Soul "Don't hold me down" (R2 Records 12")

As a taster for the forthcoming debut album release on R2, there is this phat 12" that features a soulful Quentin Harris remix of "Don't hold me down" coming on a sublime and deep tip featuring sweet percussion and lush keys. Marathon Men provide a soulful, UK garage styled rework of "Enjoy it now" that is based around a skippy groove. The extended original version of "Don't hold me down" is completing the package.

Halo & Atwater featuring Mr. V "Change" (Jask Remix)(Large Records 12")

The Jask reworkings of last years smash of the Seasons Recordings and Sole Channel heads finally see a release on vinyl after being available as digital download only for quite some time. These mixes are a deep exploration into blissed out grooves, featuring a live saxophone, funky electro flavored bassline and spaced-out keys, that together with Mr. V's vocals create a soulful and laidback vibe.

Juke Joint featuring Tara Hughes "Shake ya body" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Following up on their huge "Call of the wild", Juke Joint have their second bomb "Shake ya body" ready for 2006, featuring sexy vocals by Tara Hughes. Their own version is an epic, hypnotic grooving track featuring stompin' beats, wicked keys and a deeply rumbling bassline alongside the sexy vocals. MoD provide the remixes, turning the track into percussion driven, funked up affair that features some great synth work, with clever breakdowns included in both their club and dub mixes.

Groove Junkies presents TC Moses "Devotion" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

"Devotion" by the Groove Junkies welcomes singer TC Moses to the MoreHouse family who provides a powerful yet soulful vocal performance. The 'GJ Classic Vox' comes in two varations - with spoken words from Prophet (aka?) or without them - that are both spreading a soulful vibe through the lush keys, funky guitars, jazzy trumpets and deeply rumblin' bassline. The 'GJ Soulectro Dub' is a synth driven, funked out affair featuring an extra human beat-box, being the choice for peaktime play with its irresistible groovy feeling.

BackRoom Sounds featuring Ellen "Deep inside" (Charles Dockins Remix)(Soultonic Records CD Promo)

Charles Dockins is taking on the gorgeous "Deep inside" and delivers a set of slamming remixes taking the track to a new territory by using deeply stompin' beats and topping them with wicked keys and various effects, creating an irresistible vibe. Two vocal and two dub mixes are included in the package, inviting you to play around with them.

DJ Prom "Slow it down" (Litmus Records CD Promo)

Dutch producer DJ Prom presents his latest producton "Slow it down" on the brand new UK based house label Litmus Records. "Slow it down" is a driving track featuring a wicked female vocal chorus alongside a wicked piano line, both layered over a relentless groove with a catchy bassline. Warren Clarke is responsible for the remixes, delivering a funky rework that will keep the crowd moving.

The Masterbuilders "Showbiz" (Showbiz Baby Mix)(Masterbuilder Records CD Promo)

"Showbiz" is the second track of the Masterbuilders "Blend" trilogy, to be released in mid april. This track is full of funky flavors and features a soulful and emotional male vocal over a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, warm melodic keys and a wicked guitar, creating an uplifting vibe on the dancefloor.

Circuit "Shelter me" (Mayhem & Musaphia Remix)(Bootlegg 12")
Mariah Carey "Dreamlover" (Mayhem & Musaphia Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Mayhem and Joey Musaphia team up to rework a pair of 90's classics. "Shelter me" by Circuit was released on Cooltempo in 1990 while "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey was released in 1993 and must be considered one of David Morales finest remixes ever. Both tracks come in vocal and dub versions, spreading an irresistible vibe through their driving groove, the wicked keys and clever breakdowns.

La Jet Set "La jet" (ATAL Records CD Promo)

"La jet" is produced by Cutee B (he worked with Bob Sinclar, Africanism, Yellow Productions and others in the past) and performed by La Jet Set (Boro Sanguy & Lino Versace), a duo form Ivory Cost. The music style is called 'Coupé Décalé' and is beloved and wide spread among the African community. La Jet Set perform the track in french, with Cutee B combining this very unique music style with a steadily groovin' four-to-the-floor house groove that harmonises nicely, creating something fresh and different.

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