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Exclusive Preview: Mario Biondi "This is what you are" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Re-Touch)(CD-R)

Alex Dimitri takes on the wonderful jazz-soul-funky "This is what you are" from Mario Biondi & the High Five Quintet's longplayer "Handful of soul" (an album which we highly recommend, with the High Five Quintet consisting of some of Italy's best jazz musicians). This 'South Soul Re-Touch' keeps the vibe of the original alive, with a soulful yet fierce backing groove being nicely layed under the original orchestration, turning the track into a timeless jazz house anthem.

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Lem featuring Tara J. "Reach 4 U" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Lem Springsteen (one half of Mood II Swing) teams up with singer Tara J. for "Reach 4 U", a beautifully orchestrated production featuring melodic keys alongside sensitive vocals and lovely guitar, all nicely arranged over a deep yet smooth backing groove. Joseph provides a great re-edit, extending the rather short original version and slightly intensifying the groovy feeling. Look Brown provides a sultry deep house excursion with wicked spheric keys over a deeply thumpin' groove.

Joe Rizla "Time & space" (Black Keyes Music Records CD Promo)
Joe Rizla "Don't wanna stop" (Black Keyes Music Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla continues to drop serious deep house music as these two releases prove. First we got "Time & space" which features wicked spaced out keys over a deeply rumblin' percussion enriched groove, with the 'Re Dub' being a groovier take of the track. "Don't wanna stop" features a sexy male vocal, wicked chords and a lovely jazzy piano over a deeply stormin' groove that creates an irresistible vibe. The 'Other Mix' is a slightly stripped down take with the keys being in a more jazzy vein. Watch out for Joe Rizla's album "World Harmony" coming in late september.

Exclusive Preview: The Groove Victim presents "The Wanderings EP" (Foul Soul Records CD-R)

Jay Brown aka The Groove Victim presenting a hot demo here with "The Wanderings EP" which features three variations of "Through the rabbit hole", a beautifully arranged and orchestrated track with a flute solo that will take you on journey into the laidback and mellow grounds of house music. The 'His Soul Mix' is a smoothly groovin' affair with lovely kickin' beats and drums. The 'Foul Soul Dub' adds some wicked chords that give the track a deeper feeling, while the 'Journeys Beginning' is flippin' the beats nicely to give it a swee broken beat feeling.

Scott Wozniak " My light" (Groove Assassin Mix)(DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)
KT Brooks "Love" (Main Mix)(DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

"Sunset Nights - Miami Beach" is the first in a series of mixed compilations by DJ Man-X, the original creator and founder of House Nation under a Groove (HNUG). As a teaser for that compilation, DeepHaven Music present two hot tracks. First up is the smokin' Groove Assassin remix of Scott Wozniak's "My light" which features a sexy spoken word by Dirty Turk alongside a wonderful jazzy trumpet over a deeply stormin' backing groove. Next is KT Brooks with a heartfelt vocal on the wonderful "Love" which is absolutely relentless and features a beautiful instrumentation that creates an uplifting feeling.

Yasuko Agawa "Re Mode - Remixes EP 2" (Flower Records 12")

Japanese jazz singer Yasuko Agawa recently saw some of her recordings being remixed and released by Victor Entertainment Japan on the "Re Mode" longplayer. Another japanese label, Flower Records, decided to release two 12" EPs featuring selected cuts from that album, with the 2nd EP featuring a brilliant Rasmus Faber interpretation of "Voo doo" (in a version not included on the album) that is wonderfully orchestrated and spreads an uplifting feeling through the summery latinesque vibes.

Tiger Stripes featuring Simone Moreno "Vem sambar" (Ibiza Remixes)(Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

"Vem sambar" is one of those few tracks that rock the dance floors for more than just a few weeks or months thanks to the infectious groove and sexy vocals that are spreading an uplifting. Two new interpretations can be found on this release, with the 'Belocca & Soneec and Sullivan Remix' being a tribal flavored affair kicking off smoothly with a percussion enriched groove that gets topped with spheric keys, with some heavy basslines coming in later in the mix. The 'Pascali Musical Mix' is on a much more laidback tip, featuring a warm melodic instrumentation that creates a nice mellow feeling.

Fabio Tosti "9PM feelin'" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Fabio Tosti returns to Look-At-You with a massive funky house production titled "9PM feelin'". It's all about the jazz-funky ingredients in the three variations included in the package, with the 'Club Mix' offering jazzy horns and male spoken words over an old-school flavored groove, while the 'Pumpin Mix' is all about funky guitar riffs over a smoothed groove. Lastly there is the 'After Tea Version' which relaxes things for a more laidback affair featuring classic strings and classy piano.

Exclusive Preview: Mustafa featuring Elisangela "Bom demais" (Tempogroove Records CD-R)

The original version of "Bom demais", a latin flavored jungle-boogie track featuring a sexy female vocal, was originally released on Mustafa's "De Paris ao Vidigal" longplayer. The Audiowhores picked this gem up for their Tempogroove label and will release it complete with new remixes. MJ Cole reworks the track into a deeply groovin' reworking spiced with funky flavors that is absolutely relentless, while the Audiowhores come up with a massive banger that is guaranteed to take dance floors by storm with its resistless groove and incredibly wicked synths and chords.

Physics "Let it out" (Bargrooves Records CD Promo)

"Let it out" is the first single lifted from Physics' forthcoming album debut for Seamless/Bargrooves Recordings. The original version is spreading a summery feeling though the sultry vocals by Alexandra Hamnede, funky guitar licks and melodic keys that are nicely arranged over a smoothly stompin' groove. The 'Swewa Mix' is built around a slightly broken beat flavored bumpin' beat and features a catchy piano riff alongside a driving bassline. Vincent Kwok adds his trademark sound to the track, taking it to deeper grounds with a tougher beat serving as base for the wicked keys.

Jay Lumen presents Supaflava featuring Sophie Cairo "Time in motion" (Seamless Records CD Promo)

"Time in motion" is an infectious production perfect for the bigger rooms that will have people raising their hands thanks to the irresistible stormin' groove that is enriched with catchy synths, classic strings and powerful vocals by Sophie Cairo. Andro adds electro flavors to the track and spices the groove with funky ingredients to provide a tougher interpretation, while Vincent Kowk delivers a more laidback interpretation built around a serious bass driven groove that is topped with lovely keys.

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