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Ralf GUM featuring Wunmi "Brother like no other" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

The broken beat gem "Brother like no other" (lifted from Ralf GUM's highly acclaimed "Uniting Music" album) gets a full release, including a great variety of mixes to choose from. Featuring a passionate vocal by Wunmi, "Brother like no other" in its original form is all about the resistless, percussion driven broken beat and the marvelous horns. Ralf GUM himself provides two delightful deep house dubs built around an irresistible groove, with the 'Horn Dub' flipping the horns around and combining them with captivating chords, while the 'Minimized Dub' reduces the instrumentation for a more intense vibe. Joyful Noise goes deep and slightly techie for some serious late night / early morning action, while Rufuss gives the track an organic live feel complete with Italo western hook breaks. Finally we have Benny Pecoraio who presents a wonderful inspiring deep house interpretation.

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Roed Svensk featuring Simon Green "If you remain" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Only out on vinyl for the moment (with a digital release to follow soon), Roed Svensk's "If you remain" is an uplifting production featuring a heartfelt vocal performance by Simon Green over a funk drenched, smoothly bouncin' backing that is enriched with warm keys and chords. Central Avenue fire up the vibe for peak time play while keeping the overall feeling soulful (an instrumental of this is included to), followed by the Dolls Combers who contribute a sophisticated and chic interpretation to the package full of beautiful melodies. Finally wee see Park St. giving the track a deep underground touch on their groovy dub spiced with lush synths.

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender "Be easy" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Finally Vick Lavender has launched his long awaited Sophisticado label, with the first releases already available as digital download (and yes, the album will be available soon to). With "Be easy", Vick Lavender presents a smooth yet fierce production that features passionate male vocals alongside marvelous keys and chords over a laidback percussion enriched groove, with a masterly saxophone solo coming in towards the end. The reprise strips the track of the beat and drums to let the percussion, flute and vocals create a spiritual vibe.

Poussez vs Demarkus Lewis featuring Hannah Khemoh "Passin' thru" (Tone Control Records CD Promo)

Behind Poussez is the team of Jafar and Maxime Cescau who join forces with Demarkus Lewis to present "Passin' thru" which features sensual vocals courtesy of Hannah Khemoh and wicked keys by Andy 'Touch' Fingers over a gorgeously deep and soulful backdrop, guaranteed to spread an infectious feeling on the dance floor. Atjazz takes the track to the next level by firing up things with a deep soul-tech groove and spacy synths that altogether create a hypnotic vibe.

Lee Wilson "Life" (Home Records CD Promo)

On his truly soulful debut single "Life", Lee Wilson impresses us with his outstanding vocal performance as does the selection of mixes you can choose from. First we see William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez delivering a smooth version featuring his trademark jazzy keys and organ over an irresistible groove, while Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari go peak time on their driving remix that is spiced with dramatic synths. Nick Holder & Jason B team up for a deeper interpretation on an underground tip, followed by the Shadow Kings' soulful organic take.

Steve Soulbasics "I got jesus" (Just Deep Music Records CD Promo)

The foruth release on Just Deep Music is courtesy of Steve Soulbasics who serves a relentless deep house production featuring gospel tinged vocals over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with phat keys. The 'Sunset Dub' goes slightly deeper and features laminar chords that give the track a lovely after hours feel, while Kid Massive takes the track to the main floors with his pumping peak time dub. Lastly Dom Navarra goes all soulful, using a laidback percussion enriched groove as playground for wonderful jazzy keys.

Janette Taylor "Move up" (Mix2Inside Records CD Promo)

"Move up" is a feel good production featuring sweet vocals by Janette Taylor alongside jazzy saxophone, lovely guitar and melodic keys and classic strings over a funk soaked backing - hands in the air guaranteed. Beside the main 'MrBords Glamour Vox Remix' and accompanying instrumental (titled 'MrBords Soul Groovy Remix'), there are the 'Happy Soulnight Mix' which puts the strings center stage for an even more uplifting feel, while the 'Piano Dub' powers up the groove for serious peak time action.

Exclusive Preview: Quentin Harris featuring Margaret Grace "My joy" (Mr. Mama Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Metropoli" (CD-R)

Not just one, but two slamming new productions by Italy's Mr. Mama found their way to our CD players. First we have his deep resistless interpretation of Quentin Harris club smash "My joy" that takes the track as deep as it goes, with mesmerizing keys accompanying Margaret Grace stunning vocals. Next is "Metropoli", a deep yet fiercely thumpin' track featuring wicked hypnotic keys and organ play, altogether spreading an irresistible vibe on the dance floor.

Mary Mary "Get up" (Franke Estevez & George Mena Fuzion Remixes)(Sony BMG Records CD Promo)

What a pleasant surprise to see a major label commissioning soulful house remixes (something that has become a rarity these days). Franke Estevez and George Mena take on "Get up" by Mary Mary and turn out a powerful feel good anthem built around a stompin' tribal-ish groove, with wonderful keys and chords accompanying the uplifting vocals. Beside the vocal and instrumental versions, there is also the deeper 'Thumpin Dub Mix' using infectious synths over a stormin' groove.

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "Depth charge" (CD-R)

Filta Freqz (Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique), our beloved masters of compelling funky house grooves, do it again with "Depth charge" and bless us with another one of their irresistible productions, making use of a relentless funk drenched deep house groove topped with wicked vocal samples and captivating keys to create a mesmerzing dance floor gem, with the used effects further intensifying the vibe.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Dayzee "In rhythm" (CD-R)

DJ Dayzee may not be known to the world yet, but she surely will become a household name in the house music scene soon. After being around as DJ for about 15 years, Dayzee decided to start producing, and with "In rhythm" she presents a beautiful deep house track that showcases her love and passion for real authentic deep house music. Built around a simple yet mesmerizing, deeply thumpin groove that is enriched with wicked percussion elements and lush chords, "In rhythm" creates a hypnotic vibe right from the start. Deep house how it used to be in the past (and the way we love it)...

DJ Cloud 9 "Material minds" (iMusic Underground Records CD Promo)

DJ Cloud 9 is on fire!! Listen to "Material minds", and if you are a deep house lover like we are you will agree that this track has all it takes to become an underground anthem. A deeper than deep groove that is absolutely resistless, an organ ride that will bring tears to your eyes and spacy synths are the ingredients - nothing more is needed to send the crowd into a frenzy. And then there is the dub that takes the track to the next level, with an organ solo hat will blow you away.

Kemistry "Buzz Parade EP" (Shack Music Records CD Promo)

Kemistry make their debut on Shack Music with the slamming two track "Buzz Parade EP". The title track takes you on a journey into tech flavored deep house grounds, with the groove and wicked synths building and building, ensuring everybody on the dance floor is hypnotized. The second track "Land of july" is a beautiful deep house track on a late night / early morning tip featuring atmospheric melodies over a deep yet smooth backdrop.

Soul Oasis presents Fast Vision Soul "House Freestyle" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz Records continue to release first-class house releases with their latest offering courtesy of Fast Vision Soul who present the two tracker "House Freestyle". Both "Me vs the music" and "Y o ba bu" are beautiful deep house tracks on a laidback tip and make use of a sweet percussion enriched groove and atmospheric melodies created by lush synths to spread a captivating feeling.

Luis Radio & System Error featuring Man "Mix it up" (Equal Records CD Promo)

With "Mix it up", Luis Radio and System Error go back in time as the track features various old school elements such as a retro four-to-the-floor groove, acid tinged synths, happy piano and psychedelic male vocals courtesy of Man that together create a hypnodelic feeling on the dance floor. For the purists, an instrumental is included in the package.

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