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Nature Love "You turn me around 2010" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Nature Love - You turn me around 2010 Smooth Agent bless us with an incredible collection of remixes taking this wonderful song originally released end of 2006 and featuring deeply felt vocals by Nature Love to the next level. Its really hard to pick a favorite out of these marvelous mixes - whether its Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart's beloved organic jazzy vibes, Pirahnahead's gorgeously deep interpretation with a funky touch, Imaani Brown's deep melodious take built around a smooth percussive groove, Andre Harris' relentless tribal infused heater or Union Effect's (Bruce Rodgers) soul-tech rework, they are all masterfully crafted and full of soul and love for the music.

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Reel People featuring Darien "Sure" (Reel People Music CD Promo)

"Sure" is taken from Reel People's forthcoming long player "Golden Lady" and features outstanding vocals by New York's wonder-vox Darien alongside delicious latinesque guitars over a soulful yet laidback percussive groove - admirable summery vibes highly welcome at this time of the year. Frankie Feliciano contributes a sublime version based on a deeply groovin' backing and laced with exquisite keys, while The Layabouts enter deepest grounds on their fresh yet dynamic soul-tech interpretation featuring dramatic synth melodies and strings.

Wil Milton featuring Myra "Surrender" Blak Ink Music CD Promo)

Back in 2001, Wil Milton teamed up with Varne 'Fleks' Merritt and vocalist Myra for the now classic "Come to me", then in 2007 Wil Milton and Myra came back together on "One last cry". Now the two present their latest collaboration titled "Surrender", a delightful production combining Myra's sensual vocals with Wil Milton's signature infectious rhythms and delectable key work. With the package including a tasty selection of mixes to choose from, this is another essential Blak Ink Music release.

Problem Child "Lerumo kgareng" (Lembe Sounds CD Promo)

With "Lerumo kgareng", Problem Child takes us on a journey to the deepest African Jungle, letting us explore the power of the remorseless tribal rhythms and hypnotizing melodies South African house is celebrated for. Remixes by Da Capo, Punk and K-Maroo, all adding their unique touch to the track, complete the package. Don't miss out on this experience.

Libra Classic "Burning bridges" (Soul Sun Soul Music CD Promo)

"Burning bridges" by Libra Classic aka Drizzle aka Androsai aka El Classic is a fiery deep house production featuring mesmerizing synths and chords alongside wicked spoken words over a contaminous backdrop, letting you choose between vocal and instrumental versions. But the real delight here is the 'Brooklyn Deep Percapella', a luxurious and deep yet infectious affair.

Jeremy Sylvester featuring Sam Rogers "Organic deep" (Love House Records CD Promo)

With "Organic deep", Jeremy Sylvester drops a sexy deep house gem featuring mind-blowing saxophone by Sam Rogers over an old-skool flavored backing, turning back the clock to the early days of deep house, influenced by the classic Detroit / Chicago house sounds. Two versions to choose from, both equally thrilling and full of lush melodies.

Submantra "Need to Love EP" (The Sounds CD Promo)

Filippo Mistretta under his Submantra disguise presents the "Need to Love EP", a classy deep house production oozing with deeper than deep grooves and glorious melodies, coming complete with slammin' remixes by Alvaro Hylander, Dirty Culture and Speakdeep. One for the deep house headz.

Exclusive Preview: Fantasia "Bittersweet" (Gianni Junior NYC RE-Edit)(CD-R)

Gianni Junior graces us with his respectful take on Fantasia's "Bittersweet" (a marvelous r&b/soul song lifted from her 3rd album "Back to me" released a few months back in August), with his smoothly stormin' four-to-the floor interpretation staying respectful to the original to let us enjoy Fantasia's unmistakable voice.

Exclusive Preview: Fred Hammond "Keep on praisin'" (Junior White Remix)(CD-R)

Fred Hammond's wonderfully orchestrated "Keep on praisin'" (taken from his "Free to worship" long player released in 2006) is an uplifting soul/funk influenced production featuring inspirational gospel tinged vocals in its original format, transformed for the soulful house floors by Junior White who injects a 4/4 groove and lush keys to turn the song into a smooth yet fierce house stomper.

Exclusive Preview: Marvin Gaye "Heard it through the grapevine" (Matthias Heilbronn Brooklyn Soulflower Mix)(CD-R)

Here we have an exclusive holiday gift courtesy of Pata de Perro Music and Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn not to be released (its a DJ promo only). For Matty, who named his son Marvin for a reason, doing this remix of Marvin Gaye's legendary "Heard it through the grapevine" was a dream come true. His infectious interpretation is a deep and soulful underground re-rub, letting the magic of Margin Gaye shine through from beginning to the end. A classic in the making.

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