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Mmelashon "Children of the ghetto" (Maurice Joshua Digital CD Promo)

Mmelashon - Children of the ghetto To this date, Philip Bailey's timeless "Children of the ghetto" (released in 1984 on his "Chinese wall" long player) is one of my all time favorite r&b/soul productions, and now this wonderful song returns in a marvelous four-to-the-floor cover version produced by Azza K. Fingers and performed by Mmelashon who impresses with a sultry vocal interpretation, with  the masterly jazz-funk flavored orchestration making this something truly special. An essential slice of soulful house music not to be missed.

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Mojito featuring Janine Johnson "Why don't you" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

While their previous two releases still rockin' floors all around the globe, Daddy Funk drop the next bomb with "Why don't you" by Mojito featuring heartfelt vocals by Janine Johnson and glorious jazzy keys over a laidback funk drenched backing. The remixes give you plenty of choices, with Bassi serving a classic take featuring a grand piano, Doobie J going slightly more pumpin' on his summery version, Ray Paxon delivering the goods on his deep'n'sexy version, DJ Jogador relaxing the vibe on his deep soulful workout, Sole Essential going as deep as it gets on his hypnotic dub and finally Rob Hayes is blessing us with his sun drenched disco-funk dub.

Exclusive Preview: Phunk Farmers Music featuring LaTrechia Peteet "Free" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

Phunk Farmers Music follow up their recent soulful smash "Live, love, laugh" (if you missed them out, you have to check the remixes by Patrick Green, Ricci Melillo and Jonny Montana released in November of last year) with another soulful gem. "Free" features deeply felt vocals by LaTrechia Peteet together with melodious keys and chords over a smooth yet thrilling backing.

April Hill "Today" (Bombay Records CD Promo)

"Today" is one of the standout songs from "Love 360", the debut album of up and rising soul singer/songwriter April Hill, showcasing her unique vocal stylings. This soul masterpiece is taken to the next level by Chicago's J & J Soultempo (aka JayceeIndaMix and Jere McAllister) who turn out a smooth yet infectious rework featuring spell binding keys over a fiery backdrop. UK's DeepCitySoul deepen the vibe on their take, using lush chords alongside cool guitar and sax licks to give the track a peak time feel.

DJ Leandro featuring J Luv "Hear my soul" (Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

With "Hear my soul", DJ Leandro and J Luv present the long awaited follow up to their previous hit "I need you in my life". The utterly soulful "Hear my soul" is a luxurious production featuring sensitive vocals and jazzy keys over a smooth backing track. The remixes are courtesy of Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart who add their beloved signature organic jazz oozing touch, while Shane D turns the heat up on his funktified stomper. Lastly, DJ Circle takes the track straight to the main room with his energetic remix.

Lady Bird & Friends "After rain comes the sun" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Remember the Dolls Combers instrumental remix of "Confused mind" by Monsieur Cedric? Eventually, DJ Rork played the track and Lady Bird did a live performance on top of it - and everybody loved it. So they went to the studio to record it - the result is "After the rain comes the sun", a magnificent production combining the organic jazzy Dolls Combers vibes with Lady Bird's passionate vocals. Spiritual Blessings provide two beautifully crafted deep versions laced with seductive melodies, while Steve Paradise gives the track a celestial dreamy touch.

Pepper Mashay "Things U do" (3345 Music CD Promo)

Pepper Mashay joins the 3345 Music family with these floor shaking remixes of "Things U do". Chuck Love delivers a stormin' funk soaked rework spreading a feel good vibe, followed by Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart's jazz-funky gospel house version taking Pepper Mashay's soaring vocals to a whole new level. Next ill castle (Joe Castillo & William Neal) contribute an uplifting old school flavored interpretation to die for. Completing the package is the 'Funky House Mix', a jackin' dub sure to become a prime time favorite.

Exclusive Preview: Ne-Yo "One in a million" (Spellband Remix)(CD-R)

"One in a million" is an admirable mid tempo r&b production taken from Ne-Yo's 2010 album "Libra scale", reworked for the soulful dance floors by Spellband who combine Ne-Yo's unmistakable vocals and the original instrumentation with mellow keys and a contaminous percussion enriched backing. One sure to please all the ladies...

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