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Augusta featuring Sacha "See thru you" (Soulful Beats CD Promo)

Back in 2002, Virgin Canada released the promo 12" "Whatanaut:House" by Augusta (Paul E. Lopes and Patrick Paredes) which was reviewed here on Spirit of House beginning of 2003. The standout track "See thru you" which features sensitive vocals by Sacha, a cool guitar riff and gorgeous jazzy keys over a laidback yet infectious groove has been picked up by Soulful Beats who release it complete with a remix by Andre Bonsor who stays true to the original while firing things up with an intoxicating funk soaked backdrop and lush keys and chords.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter featuring Myra "If I tell you" (Blak Ink Music CD Promo)

Wil Milton and Rodney Carter present the latest chapter in the saga of paramount collaborations with the marvelous "If I tell you", an amazing production which features not only Rodney Carter but also Myra Gonzales with an outstanding seductive vocal performance over an ingenious musical backing courtesy of Wil Milton whose lush dreamy keys and smooth yet contaminous rhythms harmonize perfectly with the vocals. As usual the package comes complete with various versions to let the creative minds work the song on the floor to the max.

Exclusive Preview: Jamiroquai "Cosmic girl" (Mojito's Re-Licked Soul Mix)(CD-R)

In 1996, Jamiroquai released "Cosmic girl" which got remixed by none other than the legendary David Morales, and of course there is the unforgettable video to the song with those fancy cars (we're talking Ferrari and Lamborghini here). Fast forward back to late 2011, and Paul 'Mojito' Satchell blesses us with his fierce rendition built around a stompin funk soaked backdrop and wicked keys.

Pat Bedeau & Steve Gurley featuring Shishani "Affection" (Strictly Music CD Promo)

Emerging Strictly Music present their second release titled "Affection" by Pat Bedeau and Steve Gurley who team up with Namibian native Shishani who impresses with a silky smooth vocal performance on this slice of soulful heaven. Also featured is a selection of heavyweight remixes by the likes of Guy Robin, True2Life, Mellow Bee, Alpha & Omega and The Playerz (aka DJ Romain & Vincenzo Siracusa) who all keep the vibe soulful while adding their distinctive touch to the song, giving you plenty of choices to cause a stir on the floor.

Torin Rea & Richard Lopez "People everywhere" (Shifted Music CD Promo)

Back in 1978, the James Purdie & Skip   written "Got to keep on trying" by Tenderness was taking over dance floors by storm, but it took until 2005 when Joey Negro did a subtle re-edit until this disco-funk anthem was rediscovered. Now in 2011, Torin Rea and Richard Lopez join forces to present one of the hottest disco-funk inspired house tracks we've heard in a long long time that is so uplifting and infectious you can't get the melodies out of your head, skillfully sampling the most memorable parts from the Tenderness classic. Also included is a fierce remix by Jay-J who gives the track a more electronic edge.

Hope's Matters "Deputy of love" (Just 4 Funk Records CD Promo)

German electro-house band Hope's Matters present a fervid four-to-the-floor interpretation of the 1979 classic "Deputy of love" (originally performed by Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band) oozing with a relentless disco-funk flavored feel you can't resist to dance to. Besides the original version, you get wicked remixes by Kreap, Jeff & Jessey and Groove Assassin all adding their unique touch. Jam-packed floors guaranteed...

DJ Klaas "Klaasified Soundz EP" (Uno Mas Digital Records CD Promo)

What would this week update be without some more fresh vibes from South Africa... We are proud to present to you up and rising artist DJ Klaas and his "Klaasified Soundz EP" which features four slammin' tracks where he collaborates with the likes of Urban 79, Terrance DelSoul and Hemzin. While each of the four tracks is on a different mood, they all spread the beloved South African deep house vibe that has been taking over the world's dance floors by storm.

Patrick Bo featuring Keith Thompson "Grown Folk Music" (Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

Originally released on the "Protea EP" back in May of this year, Patrick Bo's truly deep afrocentric "Grown folk music" which features uber cool spoken words by Keith Thompson is about to get a full single release. On remix duty we have Marlon D whose deeply thumpin' tribal-ish workout gives the track a mesmerizing atmospheric touch, Keith Thompson who goes as deep as it gets on his underground-esque old-school flavored version, and finally Italy's Nightrhymes who inject a serious dose of jazz on their groovy rendition.

Joe Flame "Dreams" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

With "Dreams", Joe Flame presents a soulful deep house gem featuring his unmistakable vocals alongside melodious keys and chords which are perfectly arranged over thrilling deeper than deep rhythms. The package includes four equally fantastic yet distinct versions, all oozing with a genuine underground vibe that is guaranteed to set the floors on fire. One perfect for late night / early morning play.

Beppe Gioia & Thomas Toccafondi "Togetherness EP" (Remixes)(SofiTone Records CD Promo)

The original release of "Togetherness" by Beppe Gioia and Thomas Toccafondi dates back to fall 2008 when it was released as part of the three track "Togetherness EP", now this beautiful track gets a second life with fresh remixes. First up we have Jeremy Sylvester's contaminous workout on a classy underground-esque tip, followed by Beppe Gioia's subtle re-touch of the classic original. Last but not least, label head Patrick Green contributes a laidback version laced with delightful spaced-out synth melodies.

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