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Smith Hall featuring Veronique "Love's call" (Mixmode Records CD Promo)


Detroit based Mixmode Records presents the adorable "Love's call" produced by Delano Smith and Derwin Hall, featuring an uplifting vocal by songstress Veronique over a truly deep yet soulful backing that is enriched with sweet percussion elements, wonderful synth melodies and jazzy keys. Pirahnahead smoothes down the vibe a bit and injects the track with infectious funky flavas, which together with the jazzy keys and atmospheric melodies create a resistless feeling.

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Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint "Circles" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

"Circles" was originally promoted last September and was due to be released by Raw Records, but things changed and now the track will get released by the brand label Tribe Records (complete with vocal and instrumental mixes). "Circles" is produced by Zepherin Saint and features newcomer Nathan Adams who impresses with a soulful, passionate vocal performance on this deep house gem that is laidback yet mesmerizing at the same time, with the gorgeous keys, haunting synths and vocals perfectly arranged over the deep percussion enriched backing groove, altogether creating a relentless feel. One not to be missed.

Demarkus Lewis featuring Demetrius Price "Truth" (SoulStar Records CD Promo)

Demarkus Lewis teams up with singer Demetrius Price to present the truly deep and soulful "Truth" featuring gorgeous synth melodies, wicked keys and heartfelt vocals by Demetrius Price. The 'Main Pass' is a deeper than deep affair built around a thumpin' groove, while the 'Deez Ugt Mix' is on a groovier tip. Remixes are courtesy of Harley & Muscle who add their distinct deep and laidback touch to the track, while From P60 (aka Zoltan Nagy) delivers a deep hypnotic soul-tech reworking.

Harold Brandon "Who Loves You EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

The "Who Loves You EP" by Harold Brandon features three marvelous tracks to choose from, including a formidable remix of the magnificent "Happiness" by DJ Quad who turns the track into a deeply rumblin' affair spiced with phat keys. "Anjo de mim, I'm not alone (who loves you)" features Ivan Lins and is beautifully orchestrated including jazzy piano, classic strings and lovely guitar over a deeply stormin' yet soulful backing. Carl Bias is featured on "Depth charge" which is included here in the 'Magic Flute Mix' that is all about the exquisite flute, paired with lovely snyth melodies, all nicely arranged over a deeply groovin' relentless groove.

Natalie Cole "Livin' for love" (Geoffrey C Mix)(CD-R)

Another year, another WMC - another remix by the mighty Geoffrey C!! We are proud that he keeps up the tradition of serving us with one of his slammin' remixes. He takes on "Livin' for love" by Natalie Cole and reworks the track for the soulful dance floors, letting a deeply thumpin' yet soulful groove together with lush synth melodies, groovy keys and Natalie Cole's unmistakable vocals spread an uplifting feeling.

Various "Purple Music Miami Sampler 2009" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Purple Music is among the many labels that present a Miami sampler showcasing some of their future releases. First up is the "Pump up the jam" influenced "Mo' butter" by Jamie Lewis featuring juicy vocals and spoken words by Kim Cooper, jazzy sax and catchy synths over a stompin' groove. Studio Apartment team up with Mr. V for "I want U 2 move", a slightly dark track on a techy edge featuring wicked spoken words by Mr. V alongside massive atmospheric synths. Christian Hornbostel & Alfred Azzetto team up for "84 King Street", an homage to the good old funky Disco vibes (I leave it to you to identify what classic they sampled). Roberto De Carlo and singer Colin Corvez take on the timeless D'Train anthem "You are the one for me" and present their respectful 21st century interpretation, while "Change is on the way" by Justin Michael & Born to Funk features jazzy piano, cool keys and passionate vocals by Maiya over a funk soaked groove. As a bonus, you get the wonderful 'Jamie Lewis Sex on the Beach Mix' of Cerrone's "Tattoo woman" and a previously unreleased chilled Jamie Lewis remix of Cerrone's "Music of life".

Various "WMC 2009 Sampler" (One51 Records CD Promo)

We haven't heard from One51 Records for about a year, but gladly they return with this sampler of forthcoming material. First up is the beautiful laidback Latin house production "Havana" by Ayce DJ and Karlito, featuring dazzling vocals by Paul Lee, followed by Richard Earnshaw & Danny Jones who are back as One51 to present "Together as one" in the 'Flute Dub', a fiercely thumpin' affair featuring captivating keys and magnificent fluty play by Mart Winning. The other tracks come from Lefthander who teams up with singer Pouyah on "Breaking new ground", with the Undertone remix being on an old school UK garage tip. Closing is Lefthander's chilled broken beat tinged "Drifting away" which features soothing female vocals and gorgeous guitars.

Various "WMC 2009 Sampler" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Duffnote join the illustrious list of labels with this sampler to let us know what's to come later this year. "Hold on" featuring the one and only Stephanie Cooke on vocals on an infectious production by B-Ayce (Ayo 'Ayce' Oyerinde & Ben Epstein) which features uplifting vocals and wicked keys over a soulful funk drenched backing. Tony Vass presents "Fly me higher" featuring beautiful vocals by Roxane Lebrasse over a retro-esque 80's styled Disco-Funk groove. "Soulmate" by Mr. Moon & Angel D is on a laidback tip, featuring r&b styled vocals by Michael Flaming and subtle guitars over a smooth groove. The Stereo Mutants deliver a deep track with "Turning around" loaded with great atmospheric synth melodies and haunting vocals by Neve. Last but not least, White Soul Project present the charming "Give in" featuring sexy female vocals alongside classic strings and melodic keys over a smooth funk oozing backdrop.

Neter S "WMC 09 - Edits & Re-Splitz" (Original Drum CD-R)

Right in time for the Winter Music Conference, Neter S presents a collection of fresh edits and re-splitz. Whether it is Desree's acoustic "Cool morning", Syleena Johnson's smooth "Shoo Fly", Mandisa's cover of the Chaka Khan classic "I'm every woman" - the unique drum beats he combines with those tracks take them straight to the soulful dance floors. Then on his reworks of "Stay with me" by Tamia, "Broken again" by Hill St. Soul, "In the meantime" by Howard Hewitt or "Softest place" by Xscape, he samples some of the best beats used on house track in recent time, with the results being simply breathtaking. Oh, we almost forgot to mention the old skool dreenched bonus remix of Donny Hathaway's "Little ghetto boy" that is included...

Pablo Fierro "Deep Skyline EP" (NuDeep Music Records CD Promo)

This two track EP by Pablo Fierro takes you on a trip to the deepest grounds of house music. "A coffee with Obama" is as deep as it gets, with a relentlessly thumpin' groove leading the way for mesmerizing spacy synth chords and some words from Obama, while "Will be wonderful" is built around a deeply rumblin' groove and features warm melodic keys, jazzy sax hooks and cool vocal snippets.

Tarek & Ramirez featuring Cristina Soto "Say goodbye" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Tarek teams up with Luis Ramirez and vocalist Cristina Soto to present "Say goodbye", the follow up to his Latin gem "Desabafo". The original version is on a mellow tip, built around a deep percussion enriched groove topped with sweet keys and Cristina Soto's soothing vocals. The 'Licksamba Instrumental' drops the vocals, while the 'Licksamba Dub' gets deeper and gives the track more of a techy edge. Steve SoulBasics delivers a deep latinesque makeover that spreads a sexy feeling, while Marc Coterell deepens the vibe to the max on his pounding take that features hypnotizing atmospheric synths. Wagner D's version is a four-to-the-floor edit of the original, while Luife serves a deep laidback dub featuring a lovely jazzy piano. Finally, the Brazilian Soul Crew contribute a groovy interpretation full of wonderful melodies to the release.

Kenny Carvajal "Collide" (Revival Records CD Promo)

Revival Records will soon release an EP with new music from Kenny Carvajal, with one of the tracks being "Collide", an uplifting instrumental production bringing a summery vibe into your heart and the dance floor through the smooth yet captivating groove, marvelous jazzy keys and wicked organ ride.

Ursula Rucker "Electric santeria" (FiveSixMedia Dance Records CD Promo)

World renowned poetic artist Ursula Rucker gets reworked by King Britt who takes on her "Electric santeria" and turns out an irresistible interpretation on a deep afro-tech tip full of chants, mesmerizing percussion elements and marimba. Guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor every time it gets played..

Panevino "Don't go" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Panevino (Sandro Endrighetti & Renato Abate) give us a preview of their upcoming "Don't go" single by offering the 'Main Mix', a deep production built around a driving soul-tech groove that is topped with lovely key hooks, sweet synth melodies, classy strings and heartfelt female vocals. No word yet when the final package will be available.

Various "WMC Miami 2009 - The Collection" (2Delicious Records CD Promo)

Swiss based 2Delicious Records covers a wide area of styles ranging from nu-jazz to deep house, vocal house, tech house, electro, minimal and progressive. Their Miami sampler demonstrates this diversity, with some great house tunes included as well, such as the bumpin' Richard Earnshaw remix of "Alone" by Mario Held featuring D'Argento, the deep techy "Watch out" by Mirco Esposito & DJ LeRoi featuring Sybille, the groovy funktified "Fantasy in my mind" by Mirco Esposito & Tommy Mads featuring Sybille, the old skool funk tinged "Let's start over" by Tri O Five and finally the laidback funky instrumental "Getting funky" by Mr. Moon & Wah Tony.

Various "Baldeelox Miami 2009 Beach Party Album" (Baldeloox Records CD Promo)

Baldeloox present a compilation that is your perfect companion for Miami thanks to the lovely selection of sweet and soulful tunes, including "Let's keep our love alive" by Dihann Moore, "Everything" by Dawn Tallmann, "In your arms" by Soul Collective, "Hold on" by The Wisemen featuring Johan Greaves, "Luv remedy" by the Cookie Monsterz featuring Amrick Channa, "Love's wine" by Castillo & Face featuring Jennifer Perryman or "The way back" by Evolve featuring Margo Reymundo to name just a few of them.

Various "Miami WMC 09 Sampler" (Soulheat Records CD Promo)

This must be one of the biggest Miami/WMC samplers we've ever received, featuring none less than 18 tracks that cover different styles such as deep house, vocal house, Latin and Balearic, representing what the labels stands for. Some of these unreleased tunes by Jedset, U-Ness, Paul Deighton, Marcus Pearson, LNM Project, DJ Floy, Wumm, Deemah or Samson will be released by the label as singles over the coming months. Deep, laidback, uplifting and powerful - its all included in this package offering something for every occasion, from peak time over late night to early morning play and more.

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