With the Winter Music Conference just a couple of days away, the heat is on - enjoy this weeks loaded update !!

Jose Marquez featuring Kakatsitsi Drummers "Belebo" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

After delivering mind-blowing remixes for other artists of the Tribe Records family, Jose Marquez makes his debut on the label as a producer with "Belebo" which features Kakatsitsi Drummers, one of Africa's leading traditional drumming groups with some of Ghana's finest traditional drummers and dancers in their midst. To make it short, "Belebo" is an utterly enthralling slice of afro-deepness guaranteed to put a spell on you thanks to the relentless afro-tribal rhythms, tantalizing chants and lovely flute. The 'Afro-Tech Mix' takes the track to deeper grounds, giving it a hypnotizing tech-soul feel sure to jam-pack the floor.

Various "WMC 2015 Heat!" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Right in time for next week's Winter Music Conference comes the "WMC 2015 Heat!" package from Smooth Agent Records, a truly eclectic and breathtaking five track sampler loaded with nothing but sure-fire dance floor weapons. Included are Sean Smith featuring D' Lonzo "Speechless" (Original Mix), Dovie Cote "Underwater groove" (Original Mix), Deep Monks featuring Nqobile Madlala "Unplugged" (Sean Smith's Smooth Agent Remix), Ciappy DJ "An3a's world" (DuBeep Radio Edit Mix) and Artistpure  "Maybe baby" (re:search Dub Mix). To cut right to the chase, what you get here is unadulterated underground house music guaranteed to rock the dance floor at any given time of the night...

Exclusive Preview: Various "David Harness WMC 2015 Showreel" (CD-R)

In the past, whenever David Harness handed us his WMC showreel we knew we are in for a real musical treat. No exception this year, we feel honored to have received a copy of his "WMC 2015 Showreel" full of exclusive remixes he did, some soon to be released, other likely not as they are unofficial. Included are his fabulous truly uplifting and utterly soulful interpretation of Inaya Day's "Great is the lord" (upcoming on Ny-O-Dae Music), a laidback super melodious rendition of "Whatever it takes" by The Synthetigers created together with Homero Espinoza (we suppose it will be released on Moulton Music), the incredibly infectious and mesmerizing tech flavored rework of "Robots like zombies" by The Narcoleptic (coming soon Get Up Recordings), and then we have the ones we doubt will see an official release: the masterly crafted four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of "Gratitude" by Avant, "Retrograde" by James Blake, "Get a move on" by Mr Scruff (the track that samples "Bird's lament" by Moondog), and last but not least "Nightvision" by Suzanne Vega.

Soulbridge featuring Grean Tea "After today" (HSR Records CD Promo)

The first new release from HSR Records for this week is "After today", the brand new single from Soulbridge featuring Grean Tea on vocals. A spell binding funk soaked backdrop leads the way for sweet guitars, illustrious keys and Grean Tea's unmistakable haunting vocals - undoubtedly "After today" is a slice of top-notch soulful house music. On remix duty are Guido P who drops a marvelous jazz infused interpretation fueled with grand horns and heavenly keys, and The Gabivon Brothers who deepen the vibe on their inspiring summery workout enriched with wicked guitar and luscious melodies.

Neosoul "Set free" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about the second new release from HSR Records for this week... The outstanding "Set free" by Neosoul is a beautiful laidback yet captivating soulful jewel using deep gentle rhythms as playground for sublime jazzy keys, entrancing chords and sultry male vocals. In other, words "Set free" is sheer musical bliss...

Cotterell "If I was you" (Plastik People Digital CD Promo)

With "If I was you" Plastik People Digital label head Marc Cotterell graces us with his very own and truly unique re-imagination of the Michael Watford all-time house music classic "Michael's prayer". A classic sounding 90's garage flavored backdrop leads the way for glorious keys, melodious chords and Michael Watford's unrivaled emotive vocals - to cut a long story short, this is underground house music at its best. For the creative minds, an instrumental is included in the package.

Pad Beryll & Sofia Rubina "Love 4 everyone" (Steven Stone Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

In September of last year, we've reviewed "Love 4 everyone" by Pad Beryll, a jaw-dropping collaboration with vocalist Sofia Rubina, then in January of this year followed the massive Antony Fennel remixes. Now Soul Deluxe label honcho Steven Stone has added his magical touch to the song, with Sofia Rubina's incomparable passionate being accompanied by a magnificent jazzy piano, delectable chords and a smooth yet infectious backing.

Trevor Mako "You're my only love" (LadyMarySound International CD Promo)

South Africa's Trevor Mako blesses us with "You're my only love", a marvelous soulful gem having timeless written all over. Quite simply, the sweet guitars together with the grandiose keys, Trevor Mako's refined deeply rooted vocals and the soothing rhythms are guaranteed to make you yearn for more... The 'Deep Soul Mix' deepens the vibe, keeping the vibe soulful and melodious yet turning the song into a sure-fire late night weapon.

Rasmir & Friends "The remix" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "The remix" is an outstanding collection of remixes from the likes of Charles Gatling, John 'Twirlspace' Crockett, Calvin Curlin, Joseph 'Joe Flame' Davis, DJ Soul Fleva and label head Rasmir Mantree himself all adding their beloved signature touch to selected classics from the label, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite: Charles Spann "At ease, child please" (Charles Gatling Gun Remix), Marissa Phoenix "Think about it" (John Twirlspace Crockett Remix), Naimah Dematra "I still believe" (Calvin Curlin Remix), Sage "Naked on the dance floor" (Joe Flame Davis D# Remix), Saufalia "Ova my head" (DJ Soul Fleva's Inter Mix), and finally Tia Branch "Butterfly kisses" (Calvin Curlin Sensual Remix) and "Butterfly kisses" (Mantree The Delicious Mix Revise).

Monocles & Slezz featuring Vusani "Still" (DJ Vivona Remixes)(Sunclock Records CD Promo)

"Still" by Monocles & Slezz was originally released back in February of 2012 on Vialocal Records, now Sunclock Records present dope remixes by DJ Vivona of the track. First up is his blazin' hot 'Afro Mix' which takes Vusani's beautiful tempting vocals to deepest imaginable grounds, spreading a mesmerizing vibe through the relentless afrotastic rhythms and inebriant atmospheric melodies. The hypnotizing 'Deep Remix' gives the track a more aggressive and dark feel perfect for those moody late night moments. Also included is the tried and tested remix by Vialocal from the original 2012 release.

Kym Sims "Take my advice 2015" (4th Quarter Music CD Promo)

Turn the clock back to 1992 when we were dancing to "Take my advice" by Kym Sims, produced by seminal DJ/producer Steve 'Silk' Hurley and coming complete with stellar remixes by E-Smoove and Maurice Joshua (released on EastWest Records). Fast forward to 2015, and we can enjoy brand new remixes to be released in two parts. Part one features a wonderfully orchestrated feel-good rework by Eddie Valdez spreading an uplifting sun drenched vibe perfect for the coming summer season, and a deep'n'dark dub workout by by Brandon Morales somewhat reminiscent of the legendary 'Red Zone' mixes by his father David Morales.

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