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Karizma "A mind of its own" (R2 Records Digital Download)

Image "A mind of its own", the highly anticipated album of rising star Karizma, finally saw the light of the day a couple of weeks ago. Being a founding member of the Basement Boys, Karizma has been around for quite a while now and has developed his own sound ever since, refusing from be categorized into genres as both his productions and DJ sets prove. The album continues what the previous single releases started, with Karizma exploring new grounds and putting the result together in a way that will rock the party. Digital Download available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Exclusive Review: Darren Campbell "Be around" (Sounds of Subway Records CD Promo)

Darren Campbell takes on Michael Watford by using the acapella of "For you" and combining it with a New Jersey styled groove and wicked keys, with the result being a deeply thumpin' affair. No definite word yet if there will be full release or not - we will keep you informed.

WMC Fallout: Studio Apartment "Sax track" (New World Records Japan CD-R)

Beside the two slamming vocal procutions "Found him" (featuring Monique Bingham) and "Something between" (feauturing Deborah Bond), Studio Apartment also have some heavy hitting tracks to drop soon. "Sax track" features an outstanding saxophone solo over a deeply rumblin', percussion enriched beat, with clever keys intensifying the relentless feel of the track.

Glenn Underground "Mental fusion" (Different Soul Records Digital Download)

Glenn Underground, one of the true legends of house music, presents the beautiful instrumental track "Mental fusion" that has been available on vinyl since late 2006, and now it is also available as digital download from Dancetracks Digital. "Mental fusion" is a typical Glenn Underground production featuring a wonderful arrangement of smooth beats, sweet percussion and wonderful keys that give the track a true jazz vibe. Laidback jazzy house grooves as Glenn is beloved for.

United People of Zion featuring DKP "Pure surprise" (SoWhat Records CD Promo)

The original version of "Pure surprise" is a beautiful neo-soul production, featuring a passionate vocal performance by DKP. UPZ's house interpretation is a cool and stylish affair that is spreading an uplifting summery vibe. Alex Senna provides the remixes, spicing things up with a deeply stormin' groove that has an old-school vibe to it that is enriched with melodic keys and a beautiful guitar. His 'Latin Bossa Mix' takes it downtempo and gives it a wonderful latin sounding.

Exclusive Review: Unknown "Women in love" (Paul G Remix)(CD-R)

The artist of this beautiful track remains unknown for the moment, but we do know for sure that it is Paul G who has given the track a smooth reworking, taking it straight to the soulful orientated dancefloors with its deep and smooth groove that serves as playground for the sweet vocals, wonderful keys and great strings that give the track a classic feel.

Exclusive Review: Logical Groove featuring D'Layna "My house" (Pablo DJ Remix)(CD-R)

While "I feel" (to be released by ProgCity Deep soon) is still hot since debuting at this years WMC, Logical Groove do not sleep and work in the studio on more slammin' tracks. "My house" features D'Layna who provides an unplifting vocal over an irresistible funktified groove that is enriched with a catchy piano and lovely guitar that altogether create a feel-good vibe on the dancefloor.

Kiko Navarro "Leave something here" (Swank Records CD Promo)

"Leave something here" is taken from Kiko Navarro's "Perceptions of Pacha" album and comes complete with a remix by DJ Fudge. "Leave something here" is lively jazz-funk production flavored with disco-ish strings, with the passionate vocals being accompanied by a beautiful instrumentation. DJ Fudge's reworking is absolutely relentless and turns the song into an incredible disco-houser , with a fiercely stormin' groove serving as base for the instrumentation and vocals.

Shik Stylko & Matt Caseli "Me sorprendiste" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Matt Caseli team up with production duo Shik Stylko for "Me sorprendiste" (spanish for "You surprised me"), a summery track that comes with a spoken and sung male vocal over a feel-good backing groove that is enriched with a catchy piano. Staffan Thorsell & Georg Neufeld deliver a groovy dub that is on a more laidback vibe, while Shik Stylko's stompin' dub is sprinkled with electroey keys. The Kings of Groove (aka Franco de Mulero and Ferry B) come up with a deeply thumpin' interpretation with clever keys. The package also includes an instrumental of the original and a spokenapella.

Soulfood featuring Deby "Don't be blue" (AX Music Records CD Promo)

Soulfood (aka Franco Martinelli and Massimo Sottini) present their latest production "Don't be blue" on their own, brand new label AX Music. Featuring a sweet'n'sexy vocal performance by Deby, the uplifting "Don't be blue" comes in a variety of flavors. The 'Vocal Mix' is a groovy affair featuring wicked keys over a stompin' groove, while the 'Soulful Mix' is on a smoother tip that relaxes things a bit, giving it more of a laidback feel. The 'Original Instrumental' uses a deeply thumpin', percussion enriched groove as base for a jazzy-funky instrumentation.

Ellectrika "Sunflower" (Elation Records CD Promo)

The second release on this London based label (we wrongly credited them being from Scotland when reviewing their first release "Just friends" by Soul Kitchen backi n february) is courtesy of the japanese production team Orienta Rhythm, and is presented in a collaboration with french label BS Traxx. Their version is a funked-up affair on a classic tip that with a jazzy edge that is spreading an uplifting feeling and features a soulful female vocal. Mix2Inside rework the track into a laidback piano driven affair, while Blind Sensation give it an electro reworking perfect for the main rooms. Lastly there is Fabrice Protec makeover that adds a retro disco vibe to the track.

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