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KC Jackson "All things praise" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

With only two releases out yet, Grooveland Music has already gained lots of respect in the community thanks to their addiction to quality music. Their third release is courtesy of young producer KC Jackson who presents a beautiful song with preacher vocals over a percussion loaded, funktified groove. e.deep delivers a soulful interpretation that uses phat beats and a rumbling bassline topped with jazzy keys and a magnificent saxophone. The Beat Brothers (J Wagner & Wander A) use great guitar licks and spacey keys to give the track an old school funky and laidback feeling, while Bradford James' reworking is on a deep and moody tip featuring jazzy keys that give it a relaxed feeling.

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MAW featuring Vitker Duplaix "The real world" (MAW Records CD Promo)

It has taken a long time for release #100 on MAW Records to get released (selected DJ's have been in possession of it for over a year), but now Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales and 'Little' Louie Vega decided to release this collaboration with Vikter Duplaix that is all about the killer beats and Vikter's marvellous vocal performance. Osunlade provides the remix, adding the unique Yoruba Soul vibes to it that give the track a more laidback feeling. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

2 Brothers of Soul featuring Aqeel 72 "Holidays (nu viaje)" (Delecto Records CD Promo)

Spain's 2 Brothers of Soul (aka Miguel Serra and Ruben Alvarez) present the lovely "Holidays (nu viaje)" which featurees soulful vocals by Aqeel 72. The main version and accompanying dub will bring summery vibes to the dancefloor with their warm and melodic instrumentation, while the Stereo Mutants use a smooth afro beat as base for their chilled, guitar flavored interpretation. Piers (one half of Stereo Mutants) comes up with a beautiful laidback reworking, while Cronic turn the track into a deep electronic affair.

Jesse Outlaw "Satisfaction" (Original Mix)(Seed Recordings CD Promo)

Seed Records is a brand new label who present their premier release "Satisfaction" courtesy of Jesse Outlaw, a mellow production featuring sweet percussion alongside jazzy keys and seducutive vocals over a deeply stormin' groove. "Satisfaction" is great for late nite or early morning play with its laidback feeling. Remixes of this lovely tune will follow soon.

Groove Junkies "Oh Lord 2006" (Brooklyn View Remix)(MoreHouse Records Digital Download)

The release of "Oh Lord 2006" must be considered the hottest remix package of the year, with DJ Spen, Park Street and the Groove Junkies themselves providing killer remixes. Now the package got even hotter with the addition of the remixes by Brooklyn View that take the song to deeper grounds with an afterhours styled remix that features wonderful keys alongside the preacher vocals over a smooth groove. Not to be missed.

Seminal Groove "Take me to heaven" (SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

The original version was featured on the "SoulTonic Summer Sampler" - a sublime production with sexy female vocals over a stormin' groove topped with melodic keys by the duo of Primo and Silky. Now the track gets a full relase, split into two parts. The first part includes the original alongside a pumped up, piano driven affair by Matt Caseli & Slide that will bring the hands in the air, followed by a smoothed down reworking by Euan Mitchell that gives it a deeper feeling. Part two features the 'SG Filthy Dub' which is a deeply groovin' affair with a dirty funky edge - perfect for peaktime - alongside two darker takes by Tom Noise.

Peven Everett "Cant do without" (SoulHeaven Records 12" / Digital Download)

"Can't do without" has been originally featured on SoulHeaven's summer sampler, and now it got a full release complete with new mixes. The original is on a smooth tip, featuring a beautiful arrangement of the instrumentation that give it a laidback feeling. Peven himself provides a new interpretation that spices it up using a fierce percussion enriched groove. Karizma reworks the original into a more dancefloor friendly direction by giving it a more solid groove, while label head Aaron Ross delivers a fired-up version featuring a jazzy piano and melodic keys.

Twisted Rhythm "Too late" (Solid Soul Records CD Promo)

Twisted Rhythm (aka Stewart Milne and Martin Murphy) serve a great funky disco-house track with "Too late" that will spread an uplifting and irresistible vibe on the dancefloor with its percussion enhanced, heavily thumpin' groove that is enriched with sweet female vocals and wicked keys. The dub is a great alternate version with some lovely twists and turns.

Darren Campbell "For lost friends (everybody be somebody)" (MixTheGroove CD Promo)

Darren Campbell is about to start a production series aimed to the underground named Sounds of Subway. The first in this series - "For lost friends (everybody be somebody)" - is a perfect showcase for this ambitious project, as it has a true old school underground vibe to it that will bring back memories of the good old house sound from the early 90's with moody drums and lush keys. Only a dub is available for the moment, but when hearing it you will beg for more.

Lil Devious "Tonight" (Double Shock Records CD Promo)

The latest release for Double Shock Records comes courtesy of Lil Devious who presents "Tonight" which features a sweet female vocal. The 'Elektro Organik Remix' features a wicked funky guitar and deep bassline alongside melodic keys over a thumpin' groove. Richard Earnshaw uses a smoothly stompin' groove as base and adds some disco flavors to the track. The 'Playmaker Sweden Remix' is an electro house affair, while the 'Lil Devious Dub' is great for peaktime play with its breakdowns and builds.

Master Kev & David Vibes Tobon featuring John Crockett "Twisted" (Code Red Records CD Promo)

A former "Pick of the Week" in july, we have to give this another shot as the final package includes some fabulous remixes. Thommy Davis & DJ Spen team up to fatten the bassline and reworks the durms, while JoVonn goes for a tribalistic, more trippy approach that is sligthly smoother. Karizma uses beats reminiscent of MAW's "I can't no sleep" to give it a relentrless tribalistic vibe, with additional keys and a xylophone solo added. Concluding the package is a synthapella. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Bryan Jones vs Fabio Bacchini "Left Hook EP" (Ringside Records CD Promo)

Ringside is a brand new label by DJ and producer Bryan Jones from Chicago/USA. The first release sees him teaming up with Italian DJ and producer Fabio Bacchini for a back-to-back EP with both offering two tracks each. It's all about slammin' funky house grooves on this release, with Bryan's productions having a Chicago flavor to it, while Fabio's productions have more of a classic disco-funk attitude to them.

Exlcusive Preview: Mr.Mama "Snake shake" (CD-R)

With "Snake shake", Mr. Mama presents a simply yet absolutely relentless track based on slammin' beats and drums that are enriched with sweet percussion and wicked keys, with some incredible vocal samples thrown in that give the track a tribalistic feeling - this one will instantly create an intense vibe on the dancefloor.

Scott Grooves "Around midnight" (CD-R)

Scott Grooves follows up last years "Journey collection (Part One)" double-LP with the hypnotic "Around midnight" that has an undeniable Detroit styling and features irresistible synth lines over a deeply stormin' groove - soulful tech house at its best.

Hanna Hais "Jungo" (ATAL Records CD Promo)

ATAL have surprised in the past already a couple of times with their innovative releases, and with "Jungo" they do surprise us again with something unexpected. Produced by Cutee B, "Jungo" features sweet and sexy vocals by Hanna Hais over a brutal pounding broken beat styled groove that is topped with laminar synth lines and acid elements - different and innovative. Give it a few listens if you're not into it the first time - it will grow on you.

Rulers of the Deep featuring Capitol A "Next sound" (ROTD Records CD Promo)

"Next sound" is the second single to be lifted from the Rulers of the Deep debut longplayer "Next evolution". It has been given the remix treatment by multi-talented Markus Enochson who reworks the track that features spoken words by Capitol A into a broken-beat flavored, rough house track with electronic keys and a massive bassline. More remixes to follow soon.

Silk Stroke "African attitude" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Newcomera Silk Stroke are hailing from South Africa and present a fierce debut release with "African attitude". The 'Hotline Mix' is a funktified and driving peaktime affair that is srue to work the crowd, with the 'For The Rainbownation Mix' smothing it down while at the same time spicing up the funky flavors and adding an extra sax. Also included is a great DJ tool that gives you the chance to play around with the vocal and percussion of the track.

Classic Reviews

KenLou "The bounce" (MAW Records 12" / Digital Download, 1995)

Classic Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales and 'Little' Louie Vega house production from 1995 showcasing their love for wicked drums and keys. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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