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MuSol & Central Avenue featuring Pete Simpson & Natasha Watts "I believe" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

MuSol and Central Avenue - I believe "I believe" is a massive collaboration between MuSol and Central Avenue featuring outstanding vocals by Pete Simpson and Natasha Watts. The original version is on a magnificent Disco-Funk soaked tip, reworked by Central Avenue into a fierce yet smoothly thumpin' affair on the 'Soulful Remix', while the 'Club Mix' powers the vibe up for peak time action. Dutchican Soul deepens the vibe on his atmospheric version, while Roed Svensk relaxes the feel on his groovy take. Next is DJ Rork's super cool funk fueled interpretation oozing with classy keys and organ rides. Lastly White Caviare turn the track into a big room favorite.

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Christos Kedras "Choice" (Kapa Music Records CD Promo)

With "Choice", Christos Kedras presents the follow up to his smash hit "Sweet temptation" which continues to rock the dance floors across the globe. Featuring vocals from D. Booker and spoken words from David Skulski, "Choice" comes your way as a bumpin, old school tinged house stomper featuring a mean piano hook in the original version, while the 'Big Room Mix' is a pumped up techy edged affair for peak time action. John Cutler goes as deep as it gets to give the track a hypnotic yet dramatic sounding that is absolutely resistless, whilst Graham Sahara serves a synth heavy bouncy groover spreading a feel good vibe. In the end, there is the laidback and sexy Marconi De Morais interpretation oozing with jazzy piano and a mellow percussion enriched backing.

Justin Imperiale featuring Davina "Movin' on" (Part Two)(Cabana Records CD Promo)

Here we go with fresh mixes of Justin Imperiale's wonderful "Movin' on" which features songstress Davina Bussey. Jihad Muhammad relaxes the vibe on his deep'n'mellow remix, letting the sultry vocals, gorgeous synth melodies and jazzy keys create a dreamy feel. Todd 'Djed' Gardner reworks the track into an infectious peak stomper featuring lush synths and chords, while Harley & Muscle complete the package with another one of their beloved deep yet truly laidback remixes.

Oscar P "Conquistadores chocolates" (Blackliquid Remix)(Open Bar Music Records CD Promo)

This magnificent Blackliquid remix has just been added to the promo release of Oscar P's interpretation of Johnny Hammond's 70's afro-jazz classic "Conquistadores chocolates". Blackliquid give the track a laidback feel, combining the haunting vocals with beautiful warm melodies, sweet percussion elements and a smoothly thumpin' backdrop.

Lem "Quiver EP" (Urbanloungemusic Records CD Promo)

Lem Springsteen, original member of the legendary Mood II Swing production team, is soon to bless us with his dreamy sounds on the upcoming lounge styled "Wonderland" album. The "Quiver EP" features selected tracks from the album as well as exclusive remixes such as the breezy mid tempo 'Brazilian Mix' of "Love at first sight" (featuring Lea-Lorien), the recently released "Quiver" or the wonderful deep and mellow Jose Carretas house remix of "Love at first sight".

Various "Purple Music Summer Box" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Purple Music present a selection of tracks perfect to celebrate those warm summer nights. "Te dire" by Afromento is a magnificent laidback Balearic tinged affair featuring heartfelt vocals by Antonio El Remendao alongside beautiful acoustic guitar and fender rhodes over a smooth backing. The Funk Ensemble turn the heat on with "Syndia", a relentlessly stompin' track driven by captivating synths and wicked guitar licks. "Heartbreaker" by Nightrhymes features passionate vocals by M. Clifford and lush melodies over a fiercely stormin' backdrop, while Luca Cassani's remix of "Amorhouse" by Amorhouse & Mr. B Project is geared toward the main rooms.

South of Roosevelt "This is how it is" (Blueplate Global Records CD Promo)

Chicago based house music collective South of Roosevelt present the groovy "This is how it is" featuring masterful rhymes by Ed Larson. The original version is built around chunky beats and a phat bassline, with the funky guitars and cool melodic keys creating a compelling feel. The 'Deeper' mixes deepen the vibe while keeping the overall feel funky. Finally, with the 'Funhouse Mix' you get some serious jackin' house laced with a cool sax hook.

DeejayKul featuring Lenny Hamilton "Change" (Remixed)(XtraSolar Records CD Promo)

XtraSolar Records present a phat remix package to DeejayKul's laidback "Change", with Lenny Hamilton providing passionate vocals. Kicking off is the previously reviewed, deeply groovin' Gregory Del Piero remix featuring beautiful synth melodies over an old school flavored, funked-up groove. More retro flavored mixes are coming from Alex Martin, Soulfeenix and Mr. Rox who keep the feel smooth and laidback while all adding a unique touch to the track. The Soultechnic version goes deep and atmospheric, while lastly DeejayKul's 'DJK Retrofuturistic Mix' brings back memories of the timeless, ahead of its time 80's synth styled club sounds.

Various "Be Good or Be Good At It EP" (Baldeloox Records CD Promo)

Hailing from Montreal/Canada, Bacanito and Antoine Rotondo present a not to be missed slice of deep house bliss with the "Be Good or Be Good At It EP". "Latin vibe" is a latinesque production featuring a gorgeous piano and juicy chords over a subtle groove. The 'Loco Fern Percussive Mix' by Fernando Baldeo-n is firing things up by intensifying the drums and percussion elements while not letting down the latin flavors. "Living at night" is an uplifting production featuring warm keys, jazzy piano and cool guitar over a deeply stormin' backing.

Steve Paradise featuring D.D. Klein "Days in this house" (Kolonki Records CD Promo)

"Days in this house" by Steve Paradise features a marvelous vocal performance by D.D Klein alongside sublime synth melodies over a smoothly bumpin' percussion enriched groove in the original version. Phil R relaxes the vibe for a groovy journey on a deep mellow tip, while Enrico Mantini contributes a deeply thumpin' dreamy soul-tech remix. For a chunky funk soaked yet deep rework look no further than the remix supplied by The Messenger.

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