There ain't no stopping of soulful blissfullnees... read on and enjoy..

The Moodyfreaks & Donald Sheffey "Yes they do" (Soulful People Records CD Promo)

"Yes they do" is a collaboration between South Africa's The Moodyfreaks and singer Donald Sheffey, and Soulful People Records can be proud of being the ones releasing this gem. "Yes they do" is laidback and soulful yet infectious, featuring the unmistakable vocals of Donald Sheffey alongside glorious keys over a spell binding backdrop. The 'Mummified Deeper Dub' deepens the vibe and puts celestial synth melodies center stage, while the 'Club Mix'  introduces a grand piano and uses a fiercely thumpin' backing to turn up the heat.

Markus Lerch & Markus Welter "Watch out" (Deeptown Music CD Promo)

Swiss label Deeptown Music which brought us the timeless classic "I get deep" by DJ Le Roi & Roland Clark is about to be re-launched, and their first release is "Watch out" by Markus Lerch & Markus Welter, featuring passionate vocals by Sybille Faessler. The original vocal and instrumental mixes are the ones for prime time play or even for the big rooms with their trancey synth hooks and driving rhythms, while the Rawsoul Orchestra (aka Mirco Esposito) remix oozing with a delectable old-school disco-funk flavor is the one for the soulful heads.

Tikyo featuring Andrea Love "Love will bring us back" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)

Originally featured on Solid Ground's "Summer Sampler 2011", the marvelous "Love will bring us back" by Tikyo is getting a well deserved full release, letting us enjoy Andrea Love's incomparable vocals in their full glory. The original is a smoothly stompin' affair combining the deeply felt vocals with luscious keys and chords, taken to the next level by Carlos Vargas whose masterly interpretation features stellar jazzy keys and horns over a laidback percussive backing. Last but not least, Ian Friday (whose version was featured on sampler) adds his beloved signature organic touch to the track. Another essential release from Solid Ground not to be missed.

Caviar featuring Ronnie Canada "Never stop lovin' you" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

Caviar's "Never stop lovin' you" was originally released in 1983 on Miami based Survivor Records, it resurfaced in 2009 when the band's album which was recorded in 1982 finally saw the light of the day. Now Daddy Funk are about to bring the song which features an amazing vocal performance by Ronnie Canada to the dance floor, with Booker T kicking things off with his Philly-Disco soaked interpretation. Rob Hayes graces us with an old-school soul-funk flavored rendition of the song, while Terry Lex delivers a classic soul drenched version built around a pounding backdrop. Next is Seb Skalski who gives the track a classy groovy touch on his 80's inspired remix. But this it not all as there is a sax laden peak time dub by BB White and a catchy feel good version by Soul Cartel & Saxy Mr S.

Exclusive Preview: N'Dambi "Take it out" (Manousos Vocal Remix)(CD-R)

This week, we want to introduce you to one of the many great reworks that Manoli Manousakis has sent us in the past few weeks. His respectful interpretation of N'Dambi's wonderful "Take it out" (from her 2009 "Pink Elephant" album) is on a deep organic four-to-the-floor tip, with the vocals and original instrumentation being accompanied by lush synth melodies. More to come in the near future...

Marlon D & Mena Keys "Abu dhubi" (Underground Collective Records CD Promo)

The dynamic duo of Marlon D and Mena Keys (George Mena) follow up their highly acclaimed "Sparks EP" with another slice of dance floor heaven. "Abu dhubi" is a thrilling deep house production built around fiercely stormin' percussive rhythms which are topped with a killer combination of jazzy keys and phat synths and chords, altogether creating a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to.

Lonya & Ilya "Spring reign" (Adaptation Music CD Promo)

The latest release by Adaptation Music took us by surprise, but we have to admit it was a truly welcome one... Asymmetric Soul's Lonya teams up with Ilya and vocalist Meital De Razon to present the spellbinding "Spring reign" fueled with alluring synth melodies and sexy vocals. Included is a selection of wicked multifaceted remixes by the likes of Bertrand Dupart, Fabian Argomedo, Van Bellen, S.K.A.M and The Antidotes taking the track to the next level, giving you the choice of different styles such as deep house, afro-deep, progressive and more.

Martin East Project featuring Lisa Donnelly "Wisdom of a million years" (Kapa Music CD Promo)

Here we have the brand new project of Martin East who teams up with singer Lisa Donnelly for "Wisdom of a million years" which is sure to score big with the variety of slammin' remixes included. First up is he original, a beautiful drum-less song featuring heartfelt vocals alongside classy strings and delicate keys. On the remixes front, we would like to draw your attention to the afrocentric tribal-beat driven remix by Groove Assassin laced with grand synth melodies and to South Africa's Snow who delivers a deep afro-beat workout featuring a wicked organ solo. The package gets completed by Martin East's organic afrotastic interpretation of the original, a big room remix by Dave Doyle and electrofied mixes by Andy Caldwell.

Carlo Fanni featuring Tanya Louise "Clap your hands" (Solar Sounds CD Promo)

Italian producer Carlo Fanni joins forces with American soul singer Tanya Louise on "Clap your hands", a captivating production guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe thanks to warm melodious keys, sultry vocals and a fierce funk drenched backing groove. Mojito & DJ Wisp serve a classic old school tinged version, Mikki Funk & Chris Angel get raw and jazzy on their gritty underground-esque workout, and then we have mixes by Placidic Dream, Prodigal Sons and Yohann Levem destined to take over the bigger rooms.

Ben Hur featuring Jocelyn Brown "Friends always" (Paolo Zampetti & Steve Paradise Mixes)(Bacci Bros Records CD Promo)

Jocelyn Brown has inspired multiple generations with her unrivaled voice for the last three decades, and whether you listen to one of her timeless classics such as "Somebody else's guy" or "Picking up promises" or this more recent project with Ben Hur titled "Friends always", you instantly are blown away by her unique vocal stylings. Paolo Zampetti & Steve Paradise have taken on the song and deliver three wicked versions for the soulful heads, letting you choose between two equally great soulful funked-up vocal versions and a jazzed-up dub featuring a killer sax.

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