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DaSouL, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D Boss featuring William Scott "Moon in Taurus" (Remixes)(City Deep Records CD Promo)

DaSouL, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D Boss featuring William Scott - Moon in Taurus (Remixes) Last years massive "Moon in Taurus" is back stronger than ever with this package of slammin' remixes. First up we have Halo and Jamie Thinnes teaming up with Rocco for a journey through celestial deep house, with an infectious yet smooth backdrop leading the way for marvelous synths and chords and the outstanding vocals by William Scott. William 'Reelsoul' Rodriquez adds his trademark delightful touch to the track, with the dub putting the keys and chords center stage. Beppe Gioia gets raw and dirty on his remorselessly stompin' dub that oozes with beautiful melodies, followed by Darryl James whose interpretation is on a relentless underground tinged tip, with lush keys from his long time partner Fred McFarlane.

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Exclusive Preview: SoulBasics featuring Kyla Sexton "Rest your mind" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Here we have something a little bit different from Grooveland Music, but once you hear this beauty by SoulBasics you'll understand why the label signed it - "Rest your mind" is a wonderful piece of music that will stand the test of time. Featuring a masterly orchestration and outstanding vocals by Kyla Sexton, "Rest your mind" is available in a marvelous neo soul version, as splendid jazzy jam and up-tempo jazzy groover.

Dionne Mitchell "U got me babe" / "Turn up the heat" (Krackle Music Records CD Promo)

After being the featured vocalist on Fanatix' "Open your eyes" and John Oudo's "It's alright", Dionne Mitchell will release her debut solo album through brand new UK based Krackle Music Records later this year. The first release from the album features "U got me babe" and "Turn up the heat", on both of which she impresses with wonderful multifaceted vocals, whilst the music is built around an afro-funk core which is served in different flavors ranging from funk to deep house to broken beat. Simply delicious.

Exclusive Preview: DeepCitySoul "Unearthed EP (Rare & Unreleased)" (Soul Free Records CD Promo)

Brand new label Soul Free Records kick off strong with the "Unearthed EP" by DeepCitySoul (Owen Taylor and Matt Mckillop), featuring four previously unreleased tracks which showcase the variety of styles of this production duo. Their recent smash "Groove school" is included here in a previously unreleased remix by the Elevate Brothers, a full on funky affair. "Red shoes (never lie)" brings serious deepness to the dance floors, while the edgy "Straight to hell" is a somewhat techy affair featuring wicked keys. Finally, under their Dropfunkdialect moniker, they present the jazz-funk jam "Straight line".

Exclusive Preview: Friskybeat "I believe" (Deeper Remix)(CD-R)

Back in August 2007, we gave you an exclusive preview of "I believe" by Friskybeat aka Luis Machuca. Now this deep house gem returns in remixed form taking it to the next level, driven by thumpin' beats which are topped with luscious keys and celestial synth melodies that make this track a perfect choice for late night / early morning play.

Keith Thompson - Davidson Ospina - Oscar P "At midnight" (Thompsonic Records CD Promo)

T-Connection's "At midnight" is an all time classic from 1978 released on the legendary T.K. Disco label. Singer Keith Thompson teams up with Davidson Ospina and Oscar P for a contagious remake on a funked-up house tip that is guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe on the dance floor. Greg Stainer deepens the vibe on his dubbed-out, fiercely thumpin' rework. More mixes to follow.

Jellybean featuring Carla Prather "Secrets & lies" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

For the first time ever, legendary producer and DJ Jellybean Benitez and Chi-Town songstress Carla Prather join forces to present the uplifting "Secrets & lies". Carla Prather impresses with a deeply felt performance, whilst the percussion laced backing is smooth and groovy yet captivating, enriched with melodious keys on the original mixes. Soctt Wozniak contributes a sublime deep house rework fueled with classy electrofied synth hooks, while Guy Robin relaxes the feel on his delicious laidback interpretation.

Exclusive Preview: Craig David "One more lie (standing in the shadows)" (Bobby & Steve Remix)(CD-R)

This remix by Bobby & Steve of Craig David's new single "One more lie" - which is heavily influenced by the Four Tops classic "Standing in the shadows of love" -  has classic written all over it thanks to the virtuoso funk oozing backing that serves as playground for Craig David's superb vocal, lovely guitar and delicious keys. The result is uplifting and contaminous yet soulful, just the way we love it.

Brown Billy "House music is not dead" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

"House music is not dead" brings back those raw deep underground sounds that built house music back in the day. Brown Billy (aka Anton Mitchell) is behind this heavily stompin' production which features spoken poetry and a killer organ solo. The remixes are courtesy of label head Sean Smith, Johnny Fiasco and Jason B who all add their unique touch, letting you choose from different flavors.

MoD & Staffan Thorsell featuring Simon Green "Brick house" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

MoD aka Juan Sunshine and Staffan Thorsell present a modern funk soaked disco-house cover of the timeless Commodores classic "Brick house" from 1977, featuring an outstanding vocal performance by Simon Green alongside phat keys and chords. The pumped dub comes with additional catchy synths and spicy filter effects to send the crowd into a frenzy.

DJ Uncle Milty "The ode to Lillian" (Whitebeard Records CD Promo)

"The ode to Lillian" is a wonderful production by DJ Uncle Milty that is oozing with soulful vibes from beginning to the end, fueled with warm melodious keys and chords, with the highlight being a masterly performed violin courtesy of Jeff Yang. The package also includes an 'Instrumental' which drops the violin and a fired-up remix by Joshua(IZ) who takes the track to deeper grounds and gives it a tech flavored feel.

Soulmagic "We love this music" (Purple Tracks Records CD  Promo)

Since the last Winter Music Conference we wait for "Get your thing together", but in the meantime lets enjoy another Soulmagic (Morten Trust and Mikkel Wendelboe) production titled "We love this music". This is funky house at its best built around an ass shaking groove, enriched with an infectious guitar, killer keys and vocals from Sabrynaah Pope (RIP). The 'Deep Mix' deepens the vibe and adds a techy edge to the track.

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