review logoLots of outstanding soulful and afro house tunes await you in this weeks loaded update...enjoy !!

Soul Slayerz & Pam Weathers "Circles" (The Remixes)(KeeSoul Music Promo)

One of 2020's top soulful house tunes returns in stunning new remixes by no means to be missed: Jon Mavek contributes a mellifluous deepened rendition, Sphiwe Cas-Miz servers an enchanting verily soulful rework, Zona Soul (Tayo Wink) delivers sun drenched afro/latin infused interpretations, from Hakeem Syrbram comes a stripped-back truly hypnotic 'Bassapella Keemix', and finally we have the extended version of the original and two previously unreleased mixes by Soul Slayerz. An essential purchase...

Wipe The Needle featuring Alex Lattimore "Wait" (Zepherin Saint Remix)(Makin' Moves Promo)

In November of last year, we introduced you to the glamorous "Wait" by Wipe The Needle (Lee Gomez), now this gem laced with the inimitable deeply rooted of Alex Lattimore returns in an undoubtedly superb truly blissful re-imagination by Zepherin Saint who combines Alex Lattimore's beautiful vocals with tantalizing galactical pads and smooth yet spell binding rhythms.

Koffee Paige (The First Floetress) & Hippie Torrales "Funk the formula" (What Is Hip Records Promo)

Legendary American DJ/producer Hippie Torrales joins forces with the verily versatile Koffee Paige (The First Floetress) for "Funk the formula" a sure-fire dance floor weapon featuring the one-of-a-kind spoken word poetry of Koffee Paige and enticing keys over intriguing funked-up rhythms. The alternate 'Hippie Torrales Mix' gives the track a fervid tribalistic feel, while Jose Burgos contributes an utterly hypnotizing afro house workout .

Carmen Brown "Just breathe" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

D#Sharp Records are back on Spirit of House with not only one but two fabulous new releases. First up we have "Just breathe" by Carmen Brown whose unmistakable emotive vocals truly shine on this smooth and melodious yet compelling production by Joe Flame. Next to the original version, the release includes an eclectic truly stellar selection of remixes by Joe Flame himself, Anthony Boyd, Blizzard Beats, Geoffrey C and DJ Gary B all adding their beloved signature touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the dance floor.

Toni Bowens "Love and be loved" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

The second new release from D#Sharp Records for this week is "Love and be loved" produced by Joe Flame and performed in grand style by Toni Bowens. Most definitely, the deep captivating rhythms together with the dreamful melodies and Toni Bowens incomparable sultry vocals will make you yearn for more... Not to forget to mention Joe Flame's dazzling organic rework fueled with heavenly keys and Blizzard Beats luxurious jazzed-up interpretation giving the track a silky smooth deepened feel.

Wheeler del Torro featuring Sidney Washington "If only you could see me" (Coflo Remix)(Dog Day Recordings Promo)

Forthcoming to up-and-coming Dog Day Recordings is the utterly mesmerizing Coflo remix of "If only you could see me" a wonderful song produced by label head Wheeler del Torro which features lyrics written and performed by Sidney Washington. Indisputably, the downright enthralling afrocentric rhythms together with the enchanting melodies and the eminent vocals of Sidney Washington will cast a spell on you...

ZiyawakaZitha "Mantentelazane" (Remixes)(Antidote Music Promo)

The original version of "Mantentelazane" was released on ZiyawakaZitha's excellent "All areas EP" released in spring of last year, now this wicked afro house track returns in slammin' remixes by Parcel (SWZ) who delivers a downright inebriant afro house banger sure to take over dance floors by storm and Slotta who serves a splendid broken beat flavored interpretation that is truly unique and sophisticated.

Mike Dunn "Natural high" (Remixes)(Glitterbox Recordings Promo)

Last fall, Chicago house music legend Mike Dunn made his Glitterbox Recordings debut with "Natural high" a fervid dose of vintage Chicago house music goodness. Now the track returns for more dance floor domination in form of these uber cool re-imaginations by Italian duo Dirty Channels and London based Riva Starr both keeping vibe funky and sexy while injecting their distinctive touch.

DJ Octavio Cabuata featuring Aurson "I got power" (Pasqua Records Promo)

We are closing this week's update with this expertly crafted soul oozing gem coming to Pasqua Records in a couple of weeks. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "I got power" by DJ Octavio Cabuata with smooth yet thrilling deeply groovin' organic rhythms leading the way for sumptuous keys, lovely flute and the fantastic vocal stylings of Aurson will send shivers down your spine...

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