review logoWe bring you the heat for the summer with this jam-packed update... enjoy !!

Ronnie Herel featuring Omar "A night we dream of" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

DJ/producer Ronnie Herel returns to Quantize Recordings with "A night we dream of" a collaboration with Bit Soul legend Omar. Without any doubt, "A night to dream of" oozing with the unmistakable deeply felt vocals of Omar, sublime mellifluous melodies and deeply groovin' broken beat flavored rhythms is sheer musical bliss... Courtesy of DJ Spen & ReelSoul come a lively soulful house rendition enriched with a vibrant organic backdrop, sumptuous keys and celestial pads.

Teddy Douglas featuring Carmen Brown "Time waits for no one" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Don't miss out on the dazzling "Time waits for no one" the second single taken from Teddy Douglas celebrated "Baltimore Philadelphia International' album project. This scintillating remake of the Jean Carne classic features an awe-inspiring rendition of the lyrics by Carmen Brown, with this package loaded with mind-blowing remixes by Emmaculate who serves a glamorous soul/funk/disco infused rendition, Geoffrey C who delivers an inspiring uber soulful yet enthralling 4/4 rework compete with fierce dubs, and finally you also get the previously unreleased 'Organ Mix' by Teddy Douglas himself.

ReelSoul & Tasha LaRae & DJ Spen "Rock with you" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Available now through Quantize Recordings is this fantastic four-to-the-floor remake of the all-time Michael Jackson classic "Rock with you" produced by ReelSoul and DJ Spen. Unquestionably, Tasha LaRae's eminent rendition of the unforgettable lyrics together wit the keyboard wizardry of ReelSoul and the gentle yet captivating organic backdrop make this a highly recommended soulful gem.

The Journey Men featuring Mike City "For the culture" (Sean McCabe & Black Sonix Remix)(Good Vibrations Music Promo)

Back in August of 2018, we introduced you to the uplifting "For the culture" by UK production/DJ duo The Journey Men (Ben Coppin & Miggs Harris), now the track laced with the unmistakable deep-rooted vocals of of Mike City returns in summery truly jaw-dropping remixes by Sean McCabe & Black Sonix sure to send shivers down your spine through the smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing and the enchanting melodies.

DJ Disciple featuring Lin Njoroge "It's all going according to plan" (Shino Blackk Remix)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)

Forthcoming to Catch 22 Recordings is this super dope remix by Shino Blackk of "It's all going according to plan" by DJ Disciple featuring Lin Njoroge. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this sure-fire dance floor bomb using downright inexorable afrotastic rhythms as foundation for Lin Njoroge's unique truly amazing vocal stylings and inebriant melodies will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Shredder SA & Mr Norble Guy featuring Tsimo "Tonight" (Union Records Promo)

South African producers Shredder SA (Humbulani Rasil) and Norble Guy (Humbulani Rasil) make their debut on Union Records with "Tonight" featuring vocalist Tsimo. To cut right to the chase, "Tonight" is top-notch afro house music oozing with the beautiful enticing vocals of Tsimo, sublime jazzy keys, melancholic pads and smooth yet hypnotically thumpin' rhythms.

Chris Deepak & Precious James "Bo bo bo" (NiteGrooves Records Promo)

Greek DJ/producer Chris Deepak teams up with vocalist Precious James for "Bo bo bo" to be released through renowned NiteGrooves Records in the coming weeks. To make a long story short, "Bo bo bo" is a magnificent sun drenched afro infused production with intriguing percussive rhythms leading the way for lush jazzed-up keys, celestial chords and the inimitable tempting vocals of Precious James.

Cafe 432 featuring Joy Malcolm "Why?" (Cafe 432 Bump Remix)(Soundstate Sessions Promo)

End of 2020, Cafe 432 (aka Jonsey and Kevin McPherson) graced us with the wonderful soulful and estival production "Why?" laced with the amazing passionate vocals by songstress Joy Malcolm, now right in time for summer the track is back in a brand new enthralling 'Cafe 432 Bump Remix' where Joy Malcolm's incredible vocals are accompanied by chunky rhythms, grand horns and luscious keys.

Poppa Ras "Call me, don't text" (Mantree Records Promo)

There ain't no better way to close out this weeks update than introducing you to the brilliant "Call me, don't text" by Poppa Ras. Without question, Rasmir Mantree has been pulling out all the stops to bless us with nothing but the best in unadulterated underground house music, with the deep downright resistless rhythms together with the phat keys, uber cool saxophone and the unmatched spoken poetry sure to cast a spell on you.