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Soulato featuring Wayne Howard "Ain't no doubt" (The Unreleased Mixes)(Paradax Records CD Promo)

Originally released in 2003 as part of the "The 12:01 A.M. Project" release, we now get Aaron Arce's unreleased mixes. His 'Jazz Mix' addds a true jazz vibe to the song - the result is not jazzy house, it is house combined with the essence of jazz, and with Wayne Howard delivering a surpassing soulful vocal performance, this one is full of spirituality and uplifting energy. The dub is a masterpiece on its own, spiced with funky flavors it is irresistibly groovin' from the beginning to the end. Excellent release.

Deepswing & DJ Meme featuring Linda Jackson "Lift up! (your soul & your spirit)" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

Eric Wikman and DJ Meme team up for the uplifting "Lift up!" which features a powerful and emotional vocal performance by Linda Jackson that makes this a feel good song that is spreading good vibrations everytime it gets played. Deepswing's 'Original PowerHouse Mix' is a pumped up affair spiced with disco flavors, creating a relentless vibe on the dancefloor. DJ Meme's mix is on a smoother tip, featuring fender rhodes, funky guitar and orchestral strings make it an instant classic. And with Vincent Montana Jr. laying his magic hands on this mix, it's guaranteed to be timeless.

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Anane "Walking on thin ice" (Vega Records 12" / Digital Download)

New York house music veteran Louie 'Lou' Gorbea presents us a remake of the Yoko Ono classic "Walking on thin ice" with Anane providing an innocent poetic vocal performance. The main mix sticks close to the original while expanding it to turn it into a housier experience, featuring a wicked guitar and spacey keys. The dub is stripping the vocals down to let the music do the talk, while the keyapella is all about the vocals and spacey keys. Masters at Work provide a dub with a spacey broken beat feel. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Markus Enochson with Masaya "For you to see" (Sonar Kollektiv Records 12" / Digital Download)

Sweden's Markus Enochson finally released his album "Night games" (to be reviewed soon) just a few days ago, with "For you to see" being the first single lifted from it. The original version is on a broken beat tip, being a fusion of latin percussion, acid bass grooves, melodic keys and a soulful vocal by Masaya. The remixes are courtesy of Tiger Stripes who turns the song into a deeply stormin' house track with spheric keys that add a hypnotic feeling. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Exclusive Review: Larry Rauson "Afrimental" (RausonMusic Records CD-R)

The legendary Larry Rauson has been gracing us a couple of time already this year with wonderful releases. His latest "Afrimental" is no exception, as he serves a beautiful mellow production with loose vocal chants, old-school keys and jazzy trumpet over a deep, laidback groove. The 'Ancestors Dub' comes with additional moody synth lines that give it a more voluminous sound. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Oskido feat Mr. V & Miss Patty "South Africa" (Eish Records 12")

South Africa's Oskido borrow the talents of SOLE Channel's Mr. V and Miss Patty for an ode to their homeland. The original comes on a laidback tip, featuring warm melodic keys over an infectious, funktified backing groove. French house maestro Frank Roger is firing things up on his rework, turning out a percussion enriched bumpin' interpretation that is very effective on the dancefloor.

Exclusive Review: Satoshi Tomiie "Inspired" (Bocsedix)(CD-R)

Satoshi Tomiie's marvellous 1999 classic that features an impressive vocal by Diane Charlemagne has been given a splendid makeover by Bocsecrets that is based on an irresistible percussion driven groove that serves as playground for the vocal, jazzy piano and lovely strings.

Suges featuring Limore "Do with you" (Plusgroove Records Digital Download)

With "Do with you", Suges presents a soulful downtempo production that is perfect for a romantic mood with seductive vocals of Limore and sultry chords over a sexy bassline. Plusgroove deliver a laidback r&b interpretation while Eminence's remix takes the track to the deep house territory, using a smooth tribal groove as base for the vocals and harmonic keys. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Genetix featuring Shanchoy "Sunrise" (Shines Records 12" / Digital Download)

Genetix present a great release with "Sunrise", featuring a powerful yet smooth vocal performance by Shanchoy. The original version is on an uplifting tip, with the vocals, sweet percussion and moody keys beautifully arranged over the soulful groove. "Hypnotic sunrise" is slightly tougher, letting the percussion and keys enter centerstage. Jason B is on remix duty, contributing a deeper, more laidback affair that features additional keys by Martino. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

CDock "I'll keep on" (Coco Wax Records CD Promo)

Charles Dockins returned to the scene this year with an impressive amount of quality releases, of which we've picked "I'll keep on" to bring to your attention. This track will take you back in time with the classic sound reminiscent of good old disco. Gospelish vocals, a classic groove, piano and great strings add the beloved sound and feeling of yesteryear. The '4007 Style' mixes keep it on a soulful tip, while the 'CDock Style' mixes pump things up. Fabio Bacchini provides a very cool dub that takes a fresh approach on the classic sound.

Bongoloverz featuring Ursula Cuesta "La fiesta" (deVICE Records CD Promo)

The Bongoloverz return with a powerful tune that will set the dancefloors on fire. "La fiesta" is a feel good anthem featuring sexy vocals by Ursula Cuesta over a thumpin' groove, with a lovely guitar and wicked keys giving the track a summary vibe - perfect for peaktime play. The 'Balearic Mix' is smoothing things down, giving it a more laidback feeling that makes it the choice for early morning play. The package also includes both drum tools and spokenapella.

Dave Storm as Blonde Bond "Music is everywhere" (Cabrio Records CD Promo)

Taavi Tuiska aka Dave Storm delivers "Music is everywhere" as Blonde Bond, featuring vocalists Helen Surje and Gary Evans. The track is a deeply rumblin', funktified monster that is driving from the beginning to the end, with laminar keys and catchy vocals on top of a fierce groove. DJ Meri (one half of Rulers of the Deep) provides a remix that adds some extra electro flavors to the track.

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