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Wil Milton & Rodney Carter introduce Butterfli Gypsi P "Gypsy love" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter introduce Butterfli Gypsi P - Gypsy love With "Gypsy love", Wil Milton and Rodney Carter present up and coming star Butterfli Gypsi P aka Patty Moreno Fletcher who impresses with a sultry vocal performance on her debut release. The 'LickQuid NYC' mixes are on a sweet'n'deep tribal-esque tip, with celestial keys accompanying the vocals. The resistless 'Deep Gypsy' mixes take the track to deeper territory, featuring gorgeous keys and chords over a somewhat raw old-school inspired groove.

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Exclusive Preview: Various "The Urban Hang Suite - Remixed, Reworked, Remastered" (DCS Trax Records CD Promo)

This aptly titled release features six different tracks that are all graced with the unmistakable deep sound of DeepCitySoul, showcasing their versatility and love for the different genres of house music. From their soulful vocal remix of "Where U wanna be " by Universe Project featuring Miss Broadway, over the uplifting production "Feel it" featuring singer Zahra, their rather minimal dub of Keith Thompson's "Love is addictive", the old skool tinged "The power" to the "DCS theme" and their truly deep slightly broken beat styled dub of "Trenchtown" by Heath Hunter featuring Steve & Damian Marley - these tracks are guaranteed to take dance floors by storm.

Black Coffee featuring Zonke "Garden of Eden" / "Trip to Lyon" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Black Coffee is beyond doubt one of the driving forces of the current South African house movement that is invading the world... With such hits as "Turn me on", "Juju" or just recently "Superman" he took dance floors by storm, and this release confirms his dominion. Two tracks are included, with "Garden of Eden" featuring sensual vocals by Zonke over his inimitable relentless yet hypnotic rhythms and chords. The remixes are courtesy of Ralf GUM who turns the track into an organic, musically rich affair, and Sai & Ribatone whose interpretation is on a wonderful mellow broken beat vibe. Also included is the fiery "Trip to Lyon" taking you on a deep mesmeric journey.

Exclusive Preview: Doobie J featuring Diana Waite "Release yourself" (Coco De Mar Remix)(Daddy Funk Records CD-R)

The next release for Daddy Funk Records will be Doobie J's "Release yourself" featuring highly talented vocalist Diana Waite, currently available in the uber cool 'Coco De Mar Remix' which features luscious keys and chords alongside sensitive vocals, all perfectly arranged over a deep'n'smooth yet infectious backing. Certainly we are looking forward to the full project.

Monday Michiru "Nexus Remixed - The Xtrasolar Treatment" (Xtrasolar Records CD Promo)

Xtrasolar Records present a beatuiful diversified selection of remixes of songs from Monday Michiru's "Nexus" album which was originally released back in November 2008 through Pony Canyon Records in Japan. A total of fourteen remixes of "Epiphany", "Your eyes", "Genetic imprints" and "Sand of time" by the likes of AtJazz, Monodeluxe, Gregory Del Piero, David Federmann, Villa Gombao, Soultechnic, DeejayKul, Soulfeenix, Alex Martin and Toni Rox are included, offering something for everyone.

One51 "Together as one" (One51 Records CD Promo)

Six years ago, Richard Earnshaw and Danny Jones delivered their first collaboration as One51 titled "Si weka" which was released on SoulFuric Deep. About a year ago, they presented "Together as one" (featuring vocals by BK and flute by Mart Winning) on the "WMC 2009 Sampler", and ever since we've been awaiting the full release... Here it is now in its full glory, kicked off with the lively afro-jazz infused 'TAO Jazz Mix', a marvelous summery version. Next is the 'TAO Club Mix' perfect for peak time play thanks to the bumpin' backdrop and lush keys, followed by the fiercely thumpin' 'Flute Dub' which has been a DJ favorite since its inclusion on One51 Records' "WMC 2009 Sampler".

Dolls Combers & D'Flower "Grand piano" (Open Bar Music Records CD-R)
Davidson Ospina featuring Rainy Payne "Night vission" (Ospina Main Mix)(Open Bar Music Records CD-R)

Open Bar Music have many goodies to come in the near future, and from all the tasters they sent out we have picked out two. The first one is "Grand piano" from the "Keep Jazzy House Alive EP", a release that sees the Dolls Combers team up with D'Flower to present uplifting jazzed-up house vibes. Second is the hypnotic "Night vission" by Davidson Ospina, a track built around a deep relentlessly thumpin' backing reminiscent of Lil' Louis "French kiss", phat keys and spoken poetry by Rainy Payne.

Andy Holder presents Carl Stanley "The Saxful Soul Project" (Sofitone Records CD Promo)

Andy Holder returns with the delectable three track release "The Saxful Soul Project", featuring marvelous sax play by Carl Stanley and spoken vocals by Andy Holder himself. "Saxful soul" is a laidback production featuring jazzy sax, great piano and melodious synths over a smoothly thumpin' backdrop, followed by the fierce yet soulful "Saxful Funk" that oozes with delicious funk flavas. The latter gets remixed by label head Patrick Green who throws in an extra does of jazz on his bouncin' rework.

Luxe "Simple attraction" (Hippie Torrales & Menakeys Remix)(Quark Records CD-R)

Hippie Torrales and George Mena team up to rework "Simple attraction" by electronic/pop formation Luxe into a smoothly thumpin' four-to-the-floor affair that can't deny its pop roots while the funk soaked backing and wicked keys give it a classic yet laidback NYC feel. A cool rework with crossover appeal that should score big.

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