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Morra DeRey featuring Bongz Jazzman "All I am" (Part 1)(Jack 2 Jazz Records CD Promo)

South Africa's Morra DeRey presents a musical gem with "All I am", a sublime jazz-house production featuring an outstanding saxophone by Bongz Jazzman and luscious melodies over a deeply thumpin' mesmerizing house groove. Lemon & Herb relax the vibe on their deeper than deep version that combines the jazzy sax with bodacious keys, while the Brazilian Soul Crew grace us with their delicious broken beat infused interpretation oozing with grand piano and lush chords. Watch out for part two which will feature remixes by Paris Cesvette and Ja So.

Rocco "Saharian child" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

Finally the wait is over for the long anticipated release of "Saharian child" by Rocco, one of the true living legends of deep house, coming complete with remixes by Lars Behrenroth, head of Deeper Shades Records, one of the most influential deep house labels ever on which the track is released. "Saharian child" is truly innovative and features a heartfelt interpretation of ancient Arabic lyrics over Rocco's signature deep hypnotic soundscape, reworked by Lars Behrenroth who gives the track an even deeper more intense feel. For the purists, instrumental versions are included as well.

Exclusive Preview: Club Squisito featuring Barbara O'Neil "I'm flying" (Black Alley Mixes)(CD Promo)

Club Squisito are Valerio Semplici (member of the legendary Italian band Black Box) and Mirco Bertani, together with singer Barbara O'Neil the present the wonderful jazz flavored "I'm flying" (check out their original version here). Thomas Pudell (under his Black Alley disguise) takes on the track and gives it a seriously deep yet soulful makeover that stays true and respectful to the gorgeous jazzy feel of the original, with subtle chords accompanying Barbara O'Neil's sensitive vocals. Hopefully this will get a release soon...

Exclusive Preview: Kem featuring Maurissa Rose "If it's love" (Luis Radio Spellband & Raffa Scoccia Remix)(Motown Records CD-R)

In April, Luis Radio and Spellband blessed us with their remixes of Kem's "Can you feel it" and "Love never fails", now they are back together with Raffa Scoccia to take on another song from Kem's 2010 album "Intimacy: Album III", the beautiful "If it's love" featuring Maurissa Rose. The result is simply outstanding as the song is given a sublime four-to-the-floor makeover that stays true to the original while taking Kem & Maurissa Rose's vocals to the soulful dance floors.

Exclusive Preview: Mary J Blige "Be without you" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Re-Touch)(Geffen Records CD-R)

We are sure you remember the timeless Jihad Muhammad of Mary J Blige's "Be without you" (the original version can be found on her album "The Breakthrough" released end of 2005), now its time for Alex Dimitri's 2011 re-reub which takes the song to the next level, using a fiercely stormin' funk soaked backdrop as playground for Mary J Blige's unmistakable vocals - jam packed floors guaranteed...

Exclusive Preview: Ledisi featuring Jaheim "Stay together" (Martin Faltin Remix)(Verve Records CD-R)

"Stay together" is a real soul/r&b gem taken from Ledisi's brand new long player and features guest Jaheim - we do consider this one of the best duets released in the genre in recent years... Martin Faltin comes up with a respectful 4/4 interpretation built around a smoothly thumpin' backing somewhat reminiscent to Dennis Ferrer's smash "How do I let go" - the result speaks for itself...

Terisa Griffin "Please don't save me" (Maurice Joshua Digital CD Promo)

Songstress Terisa Griffin teams up with Maurice Joshua to present the incredibly soulful yet infectious "Please don't save me", a classic production featuring Terisa Griffin's inimitable vocals alongside glorious jazzy keys over a silky smooth funk soaked backing, altogether spreading a feel good vibe. Nothing more needs to be said despite this is soulful vocal house at its best.

Vasquez & Cruz "Who you wanna be" (Farplane Records CD Promo)

Vasquez & Cruz (aka Alonso Gonzalez & Joris Peeters) make their debut on Farplane Records with "Who you wanna be", an uplifting production featuring strong female vocals and lush keys and chords over a vigorously stompin' backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Matt Early who gives the track a wicked jazz-funk touch, Samson Lewis who takes the track to way deeper grounds and OBE who delivers a tougher tech flavored dub workout.

Beppe Gioia "Reflections EP" (Seed Records CD  Promo)

Seed Records celebrate their 25th release in proper style, presenting the fantastic "Reflections EP" by Beppe Gioia who blesses us with his beloved organic jazz drenched house rhythms and orchestration. Whether it is the title track "Reflections" included here in three tasty variations or the bonus track "Love train", this release is guaranteed to please any love of real house music.

The Sleeper "Drum & wild" (DCS Trax Records CD Promo)

If you're looking for serious late night vibes, this one by The Sleeper is for you. "Drum & wild" is a deep yet moody track with a slight dark edge featuring haunting synth melodies and some cool female vocals every now and then over a hypnotically stormin' backdrop. On remix duty we have Harold Heath who keeps the feel deep and moody while giving the track a groovier attitude, and Universal Solution who rework the track into a more melodious affair laced with warm keys and chords.

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