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Woods & Luyo featuring Marica "Night train" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Woods & Luyo featuring Marica - Night train What a beauty we have here !! Jack Woods (Torsten Stenzel) and Luyo DJ (Federico Luyo) present "Night train", a truly soulful production oozing with delicious melodies, using a funk soaked backdrop as playground for sultry vocals by newcomer Marica and lush keys. Ray Paxon adds his signature deep hypnotic touch to the track (those wicked synth melodies are the real deal), while DJ Ermi delivers a laidback rework built around a deep percussive groove and warm keys. Tony Records are back stronger than ever...

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Diva Down Entertainment featuring SuSu Bobien "Praise always" (Remixes)(Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Back in 2008, the original mixes of this uplifting gospel house anthem written by Dewey Andrew and performed by the legendary SuSu Bobien (background vocals by Dawn Tallman) saw the light of the day, becoming an instant favorite with any lover of soulful house music. Now this timeless production returns in fresh mixes by DJ Rork, Gregory Del Piero, Mr. Fuzz, Spiritual Blessings and Steve Paradise who all add their unique soulful touch, taking the song and its inspirational vocals to the next level.

Circle of Funk featuring Natasha Watts "Connections EP" (Slapped Up Soul Records CD Promo)

The "Connections EP" features two incredible songs written by house diva Natasha Watts which are produced by the Circle of Funk crew (Lee Robinson, Blackjack, Paul Stephenson and Andy Caulfield). Natasha Watts impresses on both songs with her unmistakable sensitive voice, with "Soulstream" being on a boogie-esque tip featuring gorgeous keys and chords over bumpy backing, while "Be gone" oozes with old skool flavored synth melodies perfectly arranged over a thrilling backdrop.

Exclusive Preview: Black Tulip "Song of love" (D-Reflection Remix)(TINK! Records CD Promo)

Here we go with an exclusive preview of this wonderful remix by Dennis 'D-Reflection' Molema of "Song of love" by Black Tulip, a groovy smoothly stompin' soul-funk drenched affair featuring wicked guitar hooks, glorious keys and killer vocals. To be released soon on brand new dutch label TINK! (Tomorrow is Now Kid!) Records.

Incognito featuring Marcellus Oneina "One in a million" (Exclusive SoSo Deep Records CD Promo)

Stephen Rigmaiden and Nacho Vega join forces as Incognito to present this cover version of the Aliyah (r.i.p) classic "One in a million". Their interpretation is deep and mesmerizing, featuring deeply felt vocals by Marcellus Oneina alongside luscious synth melodies over resistless deeply thumpin' rhythms.

Exclusive Preview: Teresa Jenee "Freedom" (Spellband Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Jennifer Hudson "Don't look down" (Spellband Remix)(CD-R)

Spellband are back on Spirit of House with two brand new house remixes. They take on "Freedom" by Teresa Jenee, a name you might not yet be familiar with (check the original version out here), and on "Don't look down" by Jennifer Hudson (from her brand new album "I remember me"). Both songs are given a soulful yet infectious four-to-the-floor makeover guaranteed to please the soulful heads.

Exclusive Preview: Rooted Soul "In a different tone" (Spiced Music CD-R)

We are proud to present you this exclusive by Sithembiso ' Rooted Soul' Gosa for you, a production taking you on a journey to deepest imaginable grounds. Deeply stormin' rhythms are laced with delectable keys and chords - so simple yet so extremely effective in causing a stir on the dance floor.

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