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Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham "Little W.12th St." (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham - Little W.12th St. Ralf GUM and GoGo Music once again hit the mark with their latest release. Ralf GUM and Monique Bingham got together to present the follow up to last years number one soulful anthem "Kissing strangers", and the result is the mind-blowing "Little W. 12th St.", an eclectic soulful yet contaminous production with outstanding vocals and a blissful jazz-funk orchestration. Ralf GUM's 'Deeper Dub' is sexy and hypnotic - and then of course deep as hell, just the way it got to be. Next is a sophisticated laidback interpretation courtesy of DJ Spinna creating an epic soundscape through the celestial melodies. Finally you get a deep and groovy dub by Benny Pecoraio that is guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Exclusive Preview: DeepCitySoul "Earthy angel" (DeeCeeEss Records CD Promo)

DeepCitySoul - Earthy angel Both DeepCitySoul and DeeCeeEss Records are getting stronger with every release, and you surely will agree after listening to this masterpiece. The uplifting "Earthy angel" features outstanding vocals by Jonathon Allen and Darren Ellison, jazzy keys and classic brass over a contagious funktified house groove. The 'ZEP Mix' is deeper and gives the track a more laidback feel. Both Guy Robin and Sir Piers deliver soul drippin' interpretations you can't stop to listen to, while Dropfunkdialect go funky on their broken rework. Finally, Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri together with sax player Fabrizio Scarafile take the track to deeper eclectic grounds. This one got timeless written all over it.

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Exclusive Preview: Latasha Jordan "Shame" (Neter Supreme Summer '09 Re-Split)(CD-R)

Neter Supreme is blessing us with his old school tinged take on Latasha Jordan's "Shame", bringing back memories of the timeless Disco classic by Evelyn 'Champagne' King from 1977. Its all about the percussion fueled sweet tribal groove, the unforgettable guitar and sultry vocals, with the result being a modern Disco gem full of energy yet soulful and classy.

Asia Lynn "Feel the music" (JazzLoungerz Digital Records CD Promo)

Smoking debut for JazzLoungerz Digital with this wonderful release showcasing the highly talented Asia Lynn. "Feel the music" is soulful and groovy, featuring an outstanding vocal performance by Asia Lynn over a deeply thumpin' groove courtesy of JazzLoungerz & Blackwax that is enriched with lush keys and chords, altogether creating an uplifting feel. A label to watch out in the future.

Andy Compton featuring Diviniti "In time" (SHE Records CD Promo)

SHE (Soulful House Experience) deliver the much anticipated follow up to their debut release "What am I to do" by DJ Jori. "In time" is a collaboration between singer Diviniti and producer and DJ Andy Compton. The original is a luscious down tempo lounge affair oozing with gorgeous melodies and intimate vocals, given an irresistibly bumpin' up-tempo feel on a slight electronic edge by Richard Earnshaw. The Rurals relax the vibe for a soulful funk drenched journey, while Bazil's remix is deeply thumpin' yet smooth and soulful. Lastly SHE's own Graham Cordery presents a sleek interpretation filled with delicious melodies.

Mustafa featuring Carlene Graham "Energize" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

Mustafa returns with the delightful "Energize" featuring masterly performed vocals by Carlene Graham over a smoothly bouncin' funk tinctured backdrop that is enriched with sweet percussion, marvel§ous jazzy sax and exquisite melodies. Rafael Yapudjian and RyB team up to take the track to deepest grounds, letting the somewhat acidic keys create a mellow feel. AphroDisiax transform the track into a soulful broken beat monster, while lastly Robert Rivera turns the heat up with a stompin' groove and phat keys and hooks.

Ronnie Canada "Strung out" (Daddy Funk Records CD  Promo)

Ultra massive follow to the world wide smash hit "Going through the motions", with Ronnie Canada once more impressing with a powerful yet heartfelt vocal performance with a message. Plenty of mixes to choose from, with Tony Loreto & Jacko pulling out all the stops on their ruthless remix featuring captivating things. Trak Godz (DJ Romain and Pat Bedeau) give the track a raw underground feel with keys to die for, while Black Sonix goes hypnotic on his tech flavored take that goes as deep as it gets and features a freaky sax solo. Fresh contributes both a deep NYC styled vibe and a cool jazzed-up interpretation, followed by Daco & Ian whose remix is a soulful and sexy UK Garage take. Finally Soulful Bros let the track spread an uplifting and soulful yet funky feel.

Random Soul and Vincent Kwok "From Sydney to San Francisco" (Eight-Fifteen Records CD Promo)

Here we have the first of a two part series of collaborations between Random Soul and Vincent Kwok. Random Soul's main mix of "Into your mind" is on a bumpin' tip featuring crisp synths and smooth vocals by Yogi, reworked into a funked-up broken beat affair on their 'Bump Mix'. Vincent Kwok turns the track into a deep percussion driven affair on an almost tribal tip featuring intriguing keys and synths. "Got to get up" in the Random Soul is beautifully instrumentated, featuring Yogi's vocoded voice and jazzy keys over a funky as hell groove. Vincent Kwok changes the vibe of the track completely by turning it into a contaminous latinesque dance floor gem.

NiteShift featuring Daley "(Gotta) get you back" (TempoGroove Records CD Promo)

Behind NiteShift are Lee Morgan and Kev Barry who present the feel good "(Gotta) get you back" featuring breathy vocals by Daley over a powerful yet subtle funk soaked backing, with lovely guitar and neat  piano accompanying the vocals. The dub is firing things up for peak time action with a pumped up groove, great horns and jazzy saxophone, while Beaten Soul serve a deep groovy affair loaded with on a more dubby tip.

Donald Sheffey "I don't want you back" (Music Plan Records CD Promo)

Donald Sheffey follows up his previous smash "Walk out" with another sure shot winner titled "I don't want you back", a remorselessly thumpin' production on an old school tip featuring a killer piano alongside Donald Sheffey's heartfelt vocals in the 'TnT Inc. Classic Mix'. The 'TnT Inc. Club Mix' is spiced with funky flavas, making it the choice for peak time play, while the 'TnT Inc. Dub Mix' is a deep funky affair replacing the piano with wicked keys.

Wil Milton "Harp's heart" (Blak Ink Records CD  Promo)

Wil Milton continues to drop magnificent dance floor tunes, with his latest production "Harp's heart" featuring spacy synth hooks and beautiful melodies on an atmospheric edge over a relentlessly thumpin' backing, not to forget to mention the wonderful harmonica solo. The percussion driven alternate 'LickQuid Lyfe Heart' version gives the track a truly mellow feel. Also included are hard hitting beats and a delicious 'Harpapella'.

Rocco & Danny Marquez featuring Ricky Galliano "Billie jean (a tribute to MJ)" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

At the Winter Music Conference 2007, Danny Marquez dropped his bootleg version of Michael Jackson's timeless "Billie jean" (called "Mikelata" back then). In 2008, Rocco, Danny Marquez and DJ Fudge went to the studio with vocalist Ricky Galliano who turned out to be the perfect choice and he almost perfectly impersonates the legendary MJ. DJ Fudge & Danny Marquez present a resistless big room take, while Rocco goes deep atmospheric and soulful. Also included is the original bootleg mix, a deep mesmeric affair driven by spacy synth hooks.

Distant People featuring Annie Vocals "Let it rain" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Joey Silvero under his Distant People disguise presents the uplifting "Let it rain" featuring passionate vocals by Annie Vocals (aka Annette Bowen) alongside contagious piano and lovely guitar over a smoothly stompin' funked-up backing. The dub intensifies the feel thanks to the catching chords and keys used, while Dario D'Attis goes peak time with his remix fueled with electronic synths.

King DK featuring Wunmi "Sho sho sho" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

King DK make their debut on Panevino Music with the afro-latin infused "Sho sho sho" featuring afro drenched vocals by the one an only Wunmi, cool guitar and classic horns over a stormin tribal-ish backdrop. Panevino fortify the afro vibes in their remix to give the track a more hypnotic feel, while Victor Vespari relaxes the vibe on his dreamy afro interpretation. The package comes complete with a 'Stripped Club Mix', 'Latino Dub' and instrumentals of the Panevino and Victor Vespari remixes.

Ben Tom featuring Mr. V "It's a party" (Soul Selection Music Records CD Promo)

On "It's a party", Ben Tom teams up with Mr. V to present a contaminous dance floor anthem built around a ruthlessly thumpin' groove that is enriched with phat keys and chords, with Mr. V taking the track to the next level with his captivating lyrics. Juan Sanchez takes the track to the main room with heavy beats and catchy synth hooks, while Ben Tom's 'Cosmic Dub' is a deep hypnotic affair spiced with spaced-out chords. Next is Nacho Vega who deepens the vibe to the max for a moody journey, followed by the 'Roboto Mix' which gives the track an 80's feel and an electro rework by Ben Tom.

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