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Groove Junkies "In the Zone (Album Sampler Part 1)" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Groove Junkies - In the Zone (Album Sampler Part 1) The wait for the Groove Junkies' re-designed debut artist album titled "In the Zone" will soon be over, featuring selected songs from the original album concept, brand new productions as well as updated versions of selected classics. Two samplers will precede the albums May release, with the first one including a chunky afro-tech re-rub of the title track that is a sure-fire winner. The utterly soulful "Far away" features heartfelt vocals by TC Moses and glorious keys by Cory Allen, while "The white light" continues the soulful path with a smooth afro-soca groove that is topped with the unique haunting vocals of Alexander Sky and lush chords. Finally the 2002 debut MoreHouse release "Inside my soul" featuring amazing vocals from Solomon Henderson returns in a masterful, Philly soul inspired incarnation. This sampler will make you yearn for the full album...

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Terry Hunter featuring Celeste Alexander "Nasty bitch" (Unreleased Mixes)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Vick Lavender's main version was released back in November of last year through T's Box Records, now he brings us the unreleased mixes on his own Sophisticado imprint. "Nasty bitch" sees Vick Lavender and Mike Logan on keys at their best, once again blessing us with their vintage orchestration and production, with an exceptional guitar by Gerry Johnson added which takes the track to the next level. Also included is a DJ tool for the creative ones among us.

Ananda Project featuring Heather Johnson & Terrance Downs "Kiss kiss kiss" (Frankie Feliciano Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Ananda Project's 2004 classic "Kiss kiss kiss" which features angelic vocals by the one and only Heather Johnson returns in brand new delightful mixes by Frankie Feliciano who takes this beautiful song to higher grounds with his smooth mixes oozing with melodious keys and chords, letting you choose between the deeply thumpin' 'Classic Vocal' and the more laidback 'Ricanstruction Vocal'. Except the full release to include the original versions as well as the original remixes by Eric Kupper and Sir Piers.

Nicc Johnson featuring LT Brown "Love for now" (DCS Trax Records CD Promo)

Back in December of last year we gave you a preview of this massive release when we reviewed the "DeepCitySoul VIP Sampler", now Nicc Johnson's "Love for now" is here in its full glory. Featuring outstanding vocals by LT Brown, "Love for now" in its original form is a deep peak time anthem full of contagious synths.  The Layabouts deliver a luscious deep interpretation that has anthem written all over it, while DeepCitySoul serve a supa soulful jazz-funk drenched version. Next are Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart with their organic jazzy rework, followed by Park Street's fiercely thumpin' workout. Deep Josh's mix is a feel good anthem perfect for the bigger floors. Completing the package are a dark dub and dubstrumental of the Layabouts remix.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Out the door" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

With the marvelous "Out the door", Wil Milton and Rodney Carter present a more than worthy follow up to their recent musical gem "Future in our music" (both taken from the forthcoming album "Reincarnation"). This song combines deeply felt, meaningful vocals by Rodney Carter with lush chords and a smooth yet infectious tribal flavored backing. The alternate mixes are built around a simple yet very effective, deeply thumpin' backdrop which together with the vocals and chords creates a relentless feel.

Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin "Fire" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin return to ReelGroove to follow up their success of the "Jazz in the House" EP with "Fire", the first single taken from their forthcoming album "Ain't nothing but House Music". "Fire" features David A. Tobin's unmistakable vocals, with the 'Original NY Edit' being a deep and groovy tribute the underground sounds of New York, while the laidback 'Bar Groove Edit' is smooth as silk. Abicah Soul turns the track into a soul oozing underground anthem laced with exquisite keys, while Groove Assassin contributes a stompin' dub guaranteed to rock the main room as well as a cool DJ tool.

Colin Sales featuring Diana Waite "Show me" (Universal Media Records CD Promo)

Colin Sales and songstress Diana Waite team up for the feel good affair "Show me", a soulful funk drenched production featuring sensual vocals by Diana Waite alongside warm keys. The 'Mango Street Connection Main Mix' uses a stompin' groove as playground for the vocals and compelling keys, while the 'Groove Cocktail Remix' is a resistless deep house rework. Lastly, there is the mesmeric electrofied 'Minimal Dub'.

Exclusive Preview: Pepe Bradock "Deep burnt" (Deep Character & M.A.D. Boss Edit)(CD-R)

In 1999, KIF Records released the three tracker "Burning" by Pepe Bradock including "Deep burnt" which nowadays is considered a seminal classic (lesser known may be the fact that it samples Freddie Hubbard's "Little sunflower"). Now this timeless piece of music returns in a splendid edit by Deep Character (aka Fabry Diglio, DaSoul and Alessando Bracale) and M.A.D. Boss who add wicked twists and turns in the right places to make it sound fresh while keeping the spirit of the original alive.

Lars Behrenroth presents "Various Shades Volume 1" (Deeper Shades Records CD Promo)

Deeper Shades, one of the trendsetting labels for deep house music, has put together a slammin' seven track EP featuring music from G. Family and Kagiso 'Kaygee' Pitsong (both South Africa), The Ofsetters (France), Yotam Avni (Israel), Pete Blas (Portugal), Microphunk (Estonia) and Johannes Albert (Germany). Each of these artists offers a prime example of deep house, with the styles ranging from groovy and melodious to spaced-out moods to techy and hypnotic, and even deepest afro house. A truly global journey into the various shades of deepest house. Highly recommended.

Davidson Ospina "People" (Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)

Davidson Ospina's "People" is the kind of the track you get hooked on immediately thanks to the simple yet truly effective afro-funk soaked backdrop, cool male vocals and captivating hooks which altogether create an absolutely irresistible feel. A prime time favorite guaranteed to send shockwaves across the dance floor.

Sandman featuring Jeremy Ellis "Feed your mind" (FastFWD Records CD Promo)

Sandman follows up his 2008 release "Latin fire" with "Feed your mind", a collaboration with Jeremy Ellis (also known as Ayro) who impresses with wonderful vocals on this great production featuring phat synths and keys over a fierce yet smooth backing. Jeremy Ellis himself contributes a breakbeat rhythm filled dub vocal, while John Beltran & Riverside deliver a gorgeous four-to-the-floor treatment oozing with beautiful melodies.

DJ MFR "Rome Departure: The Remixes" (Transport Records CD Promo)

Back in 2005, Transport Records released DJ MFR's highly acclaimed artist album "Rome Departure". Now, five years later, some of the album tracks get reworked to give them a second life on the dance floors. Vincent Kwok provides two reworks: a contaminous deep tech-soul take of "Do you remember" (featuring Tony Green) and the fervid bumpin' "Head to the sky" (featuring Winston) with a dubby touch. The Charles Webster remix of "Come to me" (featuring Indra Jones) is a dreamy deep house gem, while Jay-J goes for an uplifting funk drenched feel on his remix of "Take me away" (featuring D'Layna). Finally, DJ MFR reworks his own "Get on me" (featuring Indra Jones) into a remorseless peak time favorite.

Christos Kedras "Full Spectrum - The Kedras Remixes EP" (Kapa Music Records CD Promo)

DJ and producer Christos Kedras is about to release his debut album "Full Spectrum" this spring, and with this EP he gives us a taste of what is to come (expect soulful house music vibes with beautiful vocals and funky/jazzy flavors). The EP features a selection of his own remixes, including a delicious old school tinged dub of "Fly me away", an unreleased dub of his last single "Choice", the funk heavy "Lets funky" and the fierce jazzed-up "Saxy dub".

Oscar P featuring Marcus Pearson "Violet" (Open Bar Music Records CD Promo)

Oscar Poche returns with a cover of Seal's classic "Violet", co-produced by Davidson Ospina and Marcus Pearson who is also the featured singer. The original version is a deep affair with a sweet tribal edge, featuring lovely synths and heavenly vocals. Abicah Soul injects the song with his trademark soulful late night flavas, while FreshSol goes for a deep underground-esque vibe with a funky touch. Gianluca Motta's remix is a bass heavy main room hitter, while Maurice Joshua gives the track an atmospheric electrofied sounding.

Rasmir "Epiphany EP" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

The inimitable Rasmir returns with the versatile "Epiphany EP" featuring a selection of infectious tracks. "House of salsa" is a summery production featuring an uplifting latinesque instrumentation, while "Dim tum num" is a hypnotic journey through captivating deep house vibes. The title track "Epiphany" is an uber cool spoken word track built around a deep funk soaked groove, with the 'UK Mix' turning the heat up with added synths and a more energetic groove.

John Crockett "Fracture EP" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)

John Crockett's "Fracture EP" is a delightful collection of deep house tracks that are destined to take dance floors by storm. "Rumors of war" oozes with magnificent melodies over a deeply stormin' funk drenched backing, while "Promises kept" features jazzy keys and gorgeous synths over a broken beat styled groove. "Fracture" is on a techier yet soulful and funky tip, while "Night drives though snowstorms" is sure to become a late night/early morning favorite thanks to the lush keys and illustrious groove.