To celebrate the new look of Spirit of House, we bring you a XXL update this week... enjoy !!

James John & Deon Nathan "Over & over" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

DJ/producer James John joins forces with vocalist Deon Nathan for a truly amazing slice of soulful heaven entitled "Over & over" with a gentle yet spell binding organic backdrop leading the way for heavenly keys and Deon Nathan's unrivaled sensual vocals. Scott Wozniak contributes a glorious funktified workout fueled with a grand piano, and completing the package is Suges with his breathtaking utterly mesmerizing deep house re-imagination oozing with tantalizing ethereal melodies and captivating rhythms.

RescuePoetix "Humanity" / " Feast of gods" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Spoken word artist RescuePoetix is on a roll at the moment, with her latest offering being this fabulous two track release on CyberJamz Records. Both tracks feature her one-of-a-kind seductive vocals stylings, with "Humanity" being an utterly deep truly hypnotizing affair combining the vocals with ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms and dreamy atmospheric melodies, while "Feast of gods" uses a warm organic percussive backing as playground for the vocals, lush chords, classy sax and sublime jazzy piano.

Mustafa "Sunny" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

"Sunny", a song written by Bobby Hebb back in 1966, is one of the most covered songs, with hundreds of versions released throughout the years (including a very popular 'Euro Disco' version by Boney M in 1976). Now Mustafa graces us with his own interpretation which is the first single taken from his brand new album "Bossa Soul Sessions". The masterly orchestrated 'Original Mix' is on a wonderful bossa nova tip and features passionate vocals by Dilma Oliveira and a cool rap by Robson 'Perna' Drumond. The 'Latin Rework' stays true to the original yet the gives the song a fervid lain flavored feel. Lastly, Mustafa teams up with Franke Estevez to deliver a truly uplifting four-to-the-floor version.

Miguel Migs featuring Martin Luther "Let it play" (Soul Heaven Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of Soul Heaven Records comes this wicked track taken from Miguel Migs soon to be released long player "Dim division". "Let it play" is an infectious yet soulful deep house production oozing with his celebrated sound, not to forget to mention the beautiful soothing vocals of soul singer Martin Luther. The 'Salted Vocal Mix' intensifies the vibe for maximum dance floor impact, and finally there is the stripped back spacious 'Salted Dub' perfect for those deeper moments of the night.

DJ Vivona featuring Juliet Annerino "One touch" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ/producer DJ Vivona together with up-and-rising songstress Juliet Annerino presents "One touch", a sure-fire prime time favorite thanks to irresistibly pulsating rhythms, luscious keys and chords and Juliet Annerino's enticing vocals. Jon Cutler turns the track into a hypnotizing deep somewhat dark affair, next is DJ Vivona's 'Cruel Mix' which gives the track an exhilarating after hours feel, and last but not least Sossa delivers a deep haunting rework laced with celestial melodies.

Hoodtones Klan featuring X-Mile "Karolina" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

"Karolina" by Zimbabwe's Hoodtones, one of the standout tracks from the "Dance Africa" compilation released by Khaya Lyf Records earlier this year, gets a well deserved full single release complete with a selection of stunning remixes. The original version is smooth as silk, with thrilling yet dulcet deep rhythms leading the way for the sultry vocals by X-Mile and the illustrious keys. The likes of DJ Tumza, Dee Navaro, Tristy Desoul, Deep Cartel and L.I.s (Lifes Institute of Sound) contribute the remixes, all keeping the vibe deep and soulful, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Sabell featuring Bims "Take me out" (FOMP CD Promo)

Sabell return to FOMP with "Take me out", a beautiful song built around deep gentle rhythms, luscious keys and deeply felt vocals by Bims - unquestionably this soulful gem is guaranteed to put a spell on you. UK's Beyond Tone and Italy's Mepiha are the chosen ones to deliver the remixes, adding their individual touch and taking the track to deeper utterly hypnotizing grounds yet keeping the overall vibe soulful.

Luka featuring Jackie Queen "No limit" (We Go Deep Records CD Promo)

Anthony 'Luka' Kasirivu's "No limit" takes you on a truly unique journey to deepest territory, with Jaquelyne 'Jackie Queen' Kwenda's sensual vocals being accompanied by deeper than deep rhythms and moody synth melodies. Both Jonny Miller and Pablo Martinez keep the vibe deep yet give the track a much warmer truly rich feel complete with illustrious keys - these delightful remixes are guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Terrence Parker featuring Merachka "Open up your spirit" (Defected Records CD Promo)

Defected Records have picked up Terrence Parker's stunning album "Life on the Back 9" from Carl Craig's legendary Planet E label and will re-release it soon, complete with bonus tracks and remixes previously available on vinyl only. The first single release from the album will be "Open up your spirit" featuring sultry vocals by Merachka. The 'Deeep Detroit Heat Remix' is a perfect example of the classic soulful house sound Detroit is famous for, the 'Bangin Piano Remix' introduces classic piano chords and a stompin funk soaked backdrop, and finally the 'Merachka Kreep Into Your Spirit and Open It Up Remix' strips things back with 303-esque acid lines and thumping kick-claps.

Pad Beryll & Sofia Rubina "Love 4 everyone" (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Pad Beryll has been on hiatus for quite a while, now he is back stronger than ever with "Love 4 everyone", a jaw-dropping collaboration with vocalist Sofia Rubina. "Love 4 everyone" is all about Sofia Rubina's emotive vocals, the gorgeous keys by Daniel Rieser and the smooth yet captivating funk drenched backing - in other words, soulful house music at its best...

DJ TooNice "Higher EP" (Smooth Agent Africa CD Promo)

Up-and-coming South African DJ/producer DJ TooNice presents the excellent "Higher EP" through Smooth Agent Africa. Three equally wonderful productions are included, two of which feature beautiful female vocals - Leko on "Higher" and Zuri on "Asisekho lapha" - while the third track "Can you feel it" is a mind-boggling instrumental. Common to all three tracks on the EP are deep'n'gentle yet thrilling grooves and phantasmagorical melodies.

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

"Saturday" by DeeJay MiMMo & Roland Clark returns in a brand new interpretation by House Bros & Underdeep Inc. who combine Roland Clark's one-of-a-kind vocals with an infectiously stompin' funk soaked backdrop and enchanting keys and chords (Deep Deluxe Recordings CD-R). "Temptation" by Steven Stone & Nicole Mitchell is back for another round of dance floor action in a fervid remix by Piers Kirwan who lets Nicole Mitchell's unmistakable spoken words and vocals shine on his dazzling workout laced with inebriant keys and vibrant rhythms (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo).

From Carlos Francisco comes "Afro Jamaica", an utterly infectious fusion of afro-deep with sounds from the Caribbean - drop this and watch the dance floor erupt... Included is a wicked remix by Chris Udoh who gives the track a more tribal-esque feel (Una Mas Recordings CD Promo). Next is the truly ingenious "Sakura EP" by Yusuke Hiraoka which features four blazin' hot deep house tracks created with traditional Japanese instruments. Not to forget to mention the stellar Detroit treatment of "Japanese Garden" by Malik Alston (Smooth Agent Tracks Records CD Promo).

Pure dance floor magic is "Organic" by Spellband - not much needs to be said or written besides the screaming Hammond organ and the ruthlessly pulsating rhythms are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Rightside contribute a splendid interpretation oozing with a gorgeous warm and organic vibe. Also included are two dub versions for the creative minds (Double Cheese Records CD Promo). Yet another dance floor weapon comes your way in form of "Can't get enough" by Doc Link - quite simply this is one of those tracks you can't resist to dance to thanks to the relentless funked-up groovy loops, straight-on chunky beats and cool vocal toppings( Metro Trax Records CD Promo).

The inaugural release for brand new Southern California based label Butter Factory Records is the tantalizing "Give it to me" by Julz Winfield, a deepalicious tech-soul track laced with ethereal melodies and enticing male vocals. ReelSlick aka the duo of William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez & Richard 'Slick DaDa' Lopez rework the track into a glamorous rich organic affair (Butter Factory Records CD Promo). Next we have "Tukumba" by  Joy Marquez, John Corba & Hot TuneIK featuring Kato Mars - what you get here is a truly mesmerizing slice of deepalicious tech-soul somewhat reminiscent of the unforgettable Kraftwerk sound from yesteryear (Deploy Records CD Promo).

We are closing this weeks update with an absolutely massive release by South Africa's King P Soul entitled "Stolen Love EP". Five tracks are included on this truly eclectic afro-deep EP, showcasing the many different flavors of underground house music the motherland has to offer as well as King P Soul's love for earthy beats and drums. Jam-packed floors guaranteed... (Face The Bass Records CD Promo).

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