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Exclusive Preview: Montana & Stewart featuring Sofia Rubina "I need U back" (Dolls Combers Remix)(Universe Media CD-R)

Montana & Stewart featuring Sofia Rubina - I need U back After blessing us over and over with their masterful remixes in recent months, Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart are about to release their first ever original material titled "I need U back", featuring amazing deeply felt vocals by Sofia Rubina. Available for review at this time is the Dolls Comber remix, an exquisite laidback interpretation oozing with wonderful jazzy keys and melodies. Expect a vinyl release in December, with a digital release including more mixes to follow beginning of 2011.

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Exclusive Preview: Miranda Nicole "Kissing you" (Ian Friday Libation Remix)(Bamboo Sounds CD-R)

Miranda Nicole's "Kissing you" was originally supposed to be released on Tea Party Music (as mentioned in our March 29, 2009 review), but then Serge Negri's mixes ended up to be released on Bamboo Sounds past August. We are proud to introduce you to this incredible remix by Ian Friday who takes the song to the next level by combining the heartfelt vocals with trademark infectious yet soulful organic rhythm and jazzy keys. Eternal and essential.

Exclusive Preview: Jill Scott "He loves me" (CJ Giovanni Remix)(CD-R)

Between 2001 and 2003, Jill Scott's "He loves me" got bootlegged numerous times, with some of these mixes rocking dance floors to this date. Now CJ Giovanni surprises us with his fresh and soulful yet contaminous four-to-the-floor rendition that stays respectful to the original from beginning to the end while oozing with beautiful melodies.

Exclusive Preview: Junior White presents Noelle "On my way" (Shines Records CD Promo)

Junior White and Noelle continue to grace us with their delightful collaborations, with the latest offering "On my way" to be released through Gene King's Shines imprint end of the year. The sublime original features glorious chords and jazzy keys alongside Noelle's impressive soothing vocals over a laidback percussive groove. On remix duty we have Nastee Nev, Plusgroove, Suges, Gene King, Jaysun 'Jakdat' Mercedes & Louie 'Balo' Guzman and Adrian S & J-Lam all doing their magic on their track, with the result being an eclectic collection of mixes suitable for any occasion.

Marcelo Cruz featuring Natasha Koss "Soulomatik" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

"Soulomatik" by Marcelo Cruz is a truly deep yet soulful production featuring sultry vocals by Natasha Koss alongside delectable keys and chords over a thrilling backdrop. The remix is courtesy of label head Justin Imperiale who relaxes the vibe and adds a lovely afro touch for a deep and soulful journey for your body, mind and soul.

Dennis Ferrer featuring Bola Belo "Dem people go" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

About two months ago, the Kruse & Nuernberg remixes of Dennis Ferrer's afro-beat ridden "Dem people go" have seen the light of the day, now NiteGrooves drop more fresh remixes of this track originally released back in 2002. Tomo Inoue serves a deep mesmerizing interpretation bringing those beloved afro vocals and chants to full effect, while Lips & Spoiled smooth things down for a laidback afro influenced vocal ride and somewhat pumpier dub loaded with celestial synths.

Doobie J & Rob Capewell featuring Ashley Stone "Black heels" (Mutant Music CD Promo)

The soulful "Black heels" by the team of Doobie J and Rob Capewell features spirited vocals by Ashley Stone and lush keys over an uber cool funk drenched backdrop. Besides vocal and instrumental versions, the release includes classy soulful remixes by Mojito, Bassi and King of Rhodes all adding their distinct touch, while Twisted Soul Collective contribute the choice mix for peak time play.

Davidson Ospina featuring MJ White "Well of love" (Ospina Digital CD Promo)

DJ and producer Davidson Ospina teams up with singer MJ White on "Well of love", an exquisite deep house production laced with outstanding vocals and warm luscious keys. The 'Deeper' deepens the feel and gives the track a deeper more relentless feel, while the 'Strip Down Mix' is a somewhat moodier interpretation of the main version.

Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin "The Remixes: A'int nothing but House Music" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin took over dance floors by storm with their debut long player "A'int nothing but House Music", now they present an incredible selection of remixes. Not much needs to be said besides this is a truly versatile yet seminal release featuring slammin' remixes by the likes of DJ Le Roi, Danny J Lewis, Groove Assassin, Abicah Soul, Latest Craze and Soul Cola.

B-Ayce featuring Stephanie "Hold on" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

"Hold on" by B-Ayce (Ayo 'Ayce' Oyerinde & Ben Epstein) was originally featured on Duffnote's "WMC 2009 Sampler", but it has taken until now for the full treatment to become available. The fiery original featuring uplifting vocals by Stephanie and wicked keys over a soulful funk drenched backing gets accompanied by a hypnotically bumpin' stripped back remix by Richard Earnshaw, while Danny Clark & Jay Benham enter deepest grounds with their thumpin' dub workout fueled with atmospheric synth melodies.

Kid Deep "Keep it on the lowdown" (Pure House Music CD Promo)

The 1976 Boz Scagg classic "Lowdown" (from the "Silk Degrees" album) gets sampled by Kid Deep on this laidback deep house groover oozing with warm melodious chords. Various remixes to choose from, with Chris Lum serving an epic anthem featuring illustrious synths over a fierce backing, while Mike Jules version is a pumpin' affair for the main room. Lastly, Ollie Brooke contributes a set of luscious remixes  keeping the feel deep yet thrilling.

Jada Givenchy "Inspiration (heaven sent)" (Deep Sugar Records CD Promo)

The uplifting "Inspiration (heaven sent)" by Jada Givenchy comes your way in a tasty package of mixes, offering something for everyone. Lem Springsteen (of Mood II Swing) takes Jada Givenchy's beautiful distinctive voice to soulful house territory on his timeless remix, while JoVonn gets as deep as it gets on his hypnotic tech-soul dub. Next is Chris Burns with his deep sexy workout. Finally, Craig C and Da Groove Doctors take the track to the commercial oriented floors.

ThomChris "I got a Blues inside" (Push on Music CD Promo)

"I got a Blues inside" by Thom Chris is a fierce yet soulful, funk soaked production featuring delicious keys and chords alongside smooth male vocals over a irresistibly stompin' backdrop. Feel good house vibes guaranteed to get the crowd movin'.

Fleetside featuring Carolyn Harding "Movin' on" (Tall House Digital CD Promo)

In 1987, Emergency Records released the Winston Jones produced "Movin' on" which became an instant club classic thanks to the unmistakable voice of Carolyn Harding who has been blessing us with countless classics to this day. In 1998, AM:PM Records released new mixes of the song under the Prospect Park disguise by Dave Lee (best known as Joey Negro), then in 2006 Z Records released a fresh interpretation by Sessomato (yet another of the many aliases used by Dave Lee). Now brand new label Tall House Digital bring this classic back once more with a diversified selection of mixes, most notably from Groove Junkies and Ruben Mancias who transform the song into relentless four-to-the-floor gems.

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