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Jonny Montana featuring Stephanie Cooke "One 4 me" (Camio Records CD Promo)

What an excellent release to be our last Pick of the Week for 2008 this is!! Jonna Montana teams up with Stephanie Cooke to bless us with "One 4 me", a groovy yet smooth production that impresses with heartfelt emotive vocals by Stephanie Cooke and a brilliant orchestration including wonderful keys by Bennett Holland and sax by Martin Seaman, not to forget to mention that out of this world organ solo. Speaking of that organ, there is a deeper take by Jonny Montana & Rob Redford that is all about the organ and vocals over a deeply rumblin' groove. Remixes are courtesy of Bittersuite who take the song to way deeper laidback grounds that has a distinct old-school touch to it, while Marlon Sadler delivers dance floor madness with his synths fueled, fiercely thumpin' version. An additional mix by Abicah Soul will be added to the package soon.

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Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "Ghumbah" (Remixes)(Mixtape Sessions Records CD-R)

The Adam Cruz produced "Ghumbah" by Eddie Nicholas' has been given a makeover by Jalal Johnson and DJ Ezel who both deliver marvelous interpretations. Jalal Johnson reworks the track into a laidback deep house affair featuring sweet percussion, jazzy piano and lovely chords that are nicely arranged over a smooth yet driving groove (that is somewhat reminiscent to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"), while DJ Ezel uses a slightly more energetic groove and infectious synths to create a mesmerizing feel.

DJ Umbi featuring Zaira "Sonidos" (Submantra Remix)(IRMA Unlimited Records CD Promo)

"Sonidos" by DJ Umbi is a classy Latin house production featuring sexy female vocals courtesy of Zaira alongside classic strings and jazzy trumpet, available to us in the wonderful Submantra remix that takes the track to laidback deep house grounds, complementing the trumpet and vocals with melodic chords and a mellow bumpin' groove to create a sweet vibe.

Doobie J featuring Dallas Ayres "If you only knew" (Citrus Sound Records CD Promo)

Doobie J returns with the beautiful "If you only knew" featuring sensitive vocals by Dallas Ayres over a smoothly stormin' backing that is enriched with lovely guitars and classic horns, collectively creating an uplifting feeling. The 'Time for a Doobie Dub' intensifies the groove and adds gorgeous synth chords, while Fabio Tosti turns the track into a peak time favorite by using a stompin' groove and enchanting keys and synths. Lastly Dom Navarra contributes a delightful laidback version using a mellow percussion driven groove and sweet chords to the package.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Oasis feat Weysa Dya "Connected minds" (DJ Buzzard Re-Thought Mix)(CyberJamz Records CD-R)

"Connected minds" is an infectious spoken word house track featuring lyrics by Weysa Dya over a funk tinged, deeply thumpin' groove courtesy of DJ Buzzard that is enriched with warm melodic chords and phat synths that altogether create a captivating vibe.

Soul Oasis presents DJ Buzzard "From The Lair Vol # 1" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

The three track EP "From the Lair Vol # 1" by DJ Buzzard brings you three great tracks that will work the dance floors for sure. "Samba caca" is an afro-samba tinged tribal house track topped with wicked chants spreading an irresistible vibe on the dance floor, while "Deep smoking buzz" features warm chords and synths over a broken beat styled deep house groove. Lastly "Hot weld" gets deep and funky, with the synths being on a soul-tech tip.

Exclusive Preview: Joey Kay "The rhythm has my soul" (CD-R)

"The rhythm has my soul" by Joey Kay goes as deep as it gets, using heavily stompin' beats and sweet percussion elements alongside cool vocal chants and wicked atmospheric synths to create a relentlessly stormin' deep house track that will send the crowd into a frenzy.

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "Espionage" (CD-R)

There ain't no stoppin' for Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique who, under their Filta Freqz moniker, present another not-to-be-missed production titled "Espionage" that is guaranteed to cause a stir thanks to the resistless funk soaked backing groove, the hip-hop styled vocals and spacy synth chords used. Those not into that kind of vocals should check the just as irresistible dub version.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Dayzee "Abstract" (CD-R)

DJ Dayzee presents "Abstract", a production that - as her previously reviewed tracks - showcases her love and passion for real authentic deep house music on an old skool tip, keeping the feel minimal yet truly hypnotizing, with the captivating beats and drums together with the phat synths creating a compelling vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Scott Grooves "Detroit 808" (Natural Midi Records CD Promo)

"Detroit 808" is the first of a three part limited edition series on Natural Midi that will combine sounds from drum machines used in the early years of house (namely the 808, 909 and 606) with current progressive sounds. "Detroit 808" takes you on a journey into deep sophisticated Detroit house with a distinct old school touch, while the atmospheric synths are guaranteed to create a hypnotic feeling. The vinyl releases are numbered and strictly limited, with the amount of the pressing to coincide with the name of the particular drum machine used (in this case here 808 copies).

AtJazz featuring Robert Owens "Love someone" (Remix Extra)(Mantis Records CD Promo)

Here we have brand new remixes of AtJazz's massive "Love someone" featuring the legendary Robert Owens on vocals. The 'Heads Down Mix' by AtJazz is a deep mellow affair with a lovely tech-house touch, while the 'Bad Nights Sleep Remix' by Clyde is a mid tempo broken wonk-beat affair. Fireworm present the 'City Lights By Night Remix', a late night almost loungey Balearic flavored interpretation.

Castillo & Face featuring Jennifer Perryman "Love's wine" (3345 Music Records CD Promo)

"Love's wine" by Castillo & Face features passionate vocals by Jennifer Perryman and comes in a great variety of mixes. Demarkus Lewis starts things of with his deep captivating version that is all about the splendid keys and chords over a relentless groove, while Ill Castle give it the big room treatment. The 'Intensity of Sound Remix' uses acidic synths over powerful beats, while Gregory Del Piero's take is jackin' affair based on a mesmerizing bouncy groove. The 'Very Deep Piano Dub' by ThreeC is a jazz flavored deep house groover, while finally the original album version is an energy loaded jam.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "You are everywhere" (Blak Inc Records CD Promo)

Wil Milton and Rodney Carter blessed us with their wonderfully crafted productions all through 2008, and their latest "You are everywhere" is no exception. The music is deep and delicate, Rodney Carter's passionate vocals are gorgeous and Wil Milton's rhodes keys are delicious - the result is an outstanding deep house production full of great melodies and emotion. Not to be missed.

Exclusive Preview: Marvin Gaye "Mercy mercy me" (CJ Giovanni Mix)(CD-R)

Marvin Gaye's "Mercy mercy me" (from his 1970 long player "What's going on") has been given a subtle reworking by CJ Giovanni who keeps the magic of the original alive while transforming the song into a soulful four-to-the-floor track by adding a slick backing groove and cool keys and organs.

Exclusive Preview: Horace Brown "The things we do for love" (Soulmekanikz Remix)(CD-R)

"Things we do for love" is a cool r&b production taken from Horace Brown's self titled album from 1996 (now wasn't r&b better back then compared to today?) that got remixed by the Soulmekanikz into a fierce yet smooth dance floor stomper using a groovy, funk drenched backdrop as playground for lush synths that harmonize nicely with the soulful vocals.

Luallan Cardona & Matt Balzan "Friday Night Sessions EP" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Next Dimension Music has been consistent with releasing quality deep and tech house all over the year, and their last release promo release in 2008 continues this tradition. With the "Friday Night Sessions EP", Luallan Cardona & Matt Balzan present four quality deep house tracks on a late night/lounge tip that are spiced with great funky flavors, groovy beats, lush synths and atmospheric melodies.

DJ Latinmix & Zweiklang featuring Ton Hyll "Neguinha" (Solardish Records CD Prom

On "Neguinha", Miami based DJ Latinmix teams up with Zweiklang and Ton Hyll from Rio de Janeiro to present a deep dance floor burner built around a groovy backdrop that is enriched with wicked synths and catchy vocals. The 'Deep Dub' takes the track to a deeper level, while Dan Lambert's 'Lost in Space' remix turns things into a techy direction. The 'Groove Cocktail Remix' gives the track a sunny feel, while Javier Varez serves a laidback jazz soaked version perfect to chill or daydream.

DJ Chris "DJ Chris - Album Sampler" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

Soon to be released on Pino Music is a tasty eleven track album by DJ Chris (produced by Dr. Drummer and Hot Hands) that will be all about soulful disco/disco-funk influenced tracks, bringing back memories of the timeless sound that defines dance music until this day, with many (including yours truly) still in love with those timeless grooves. Four tracks are available on this promo album sampler that make us yearning for more... Disco never died, and it never will... This album is the living proof.

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