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Various "Miami Sampler 2009" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Image For all those that decided to skip this years Winter Music Conference in Miami, this eight track sampler will bring the sun to your heart and make you forget that summer is not yet here (in fact here in Switzerland it feels more like winter right now...). Gotta Keep Faith Records have put together a wonderful summery selection of some of their future releases, including the likes of Spiritual Blessings, Uncle James, Keith Thompson & Licksamba, Alex Garcia, Neil Hodgson, Deep & Soul Project, United Soul and Bloompocket. Judging by these tasters, things are looking good for Gotta Keep Faith.

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Exclusive Preview: Miranda Nicole "Kissing you" (DJ Serge Negri Remix)(Tea Party Music Records CD-R)

Here we've got an exclusive sneak preview of an upcoming release on Tea Party Music. "Kissing you" got reworked by DJ Segri Negro into a truly deep laidback affair featuring the outstanding vocals of Miranda Nicole over a laidback organic backing that is enriched with sweet percussion elements, gorgeous piano and lush keys that altogether create a captivating feeling.

Various "Distar Miami 2009 Sampler" (Distar Records CD Promo)

Italian based Distar Records present their upcoming releases on this Miami sampler, including two mixes of their current single "Let the music" by House Bros, a brand new 'Philly Edit' of Arduini & Pagany's 2008 summer hit "Show me how good" featuring Vale Ducros, a new laidback version of Carlos Rubio's Philly-Disco reminiscent "Una familia" and the brand new Disco stomper "Disco juice" by Soul City Groovers. The other five tracks in the package are on an electronic tip, perfect for the bigger rooms.

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "WMC 2009 Sampler" (CD-R)

For the second year in a row, Filta Freqz (Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique) present a massive CD full their productions, with some of the material exclusively reviewed  here on Spirit of House in the past few month. You'll get more of their resistless funk soaked productions on this sampler guaranteed to rock the dance floors, but there is much more to discover: sweet Balearic vibes on "Midnight sun", the Latin drenched "La casa", Disco-tech on "Trip wire" or the beautiful laidback "Is this for real" featuring vocals by Juliette Louise.

Exclusive Preview: Chellena Black "Sweet freedom" (Paradax Records CD Promo)

Paradax Records presents the infectious, old school rooted "Sweet freedom" by Chellena Black. The main vocal version is courtesy of Estranjeros, featuring heartfelt vocals, lovely synth melodies, killer keys and beautiful jazzy sax over a deeply thumpin' backing. Soulato deepen the feel on their dub and add some funky flavas to create a deep resistless gem that is set to cause a stir.

Spiritchaser featuring Robina "Rain down" (Guess Records CD Promo)

"Rain down" is Spiritchaser's first vocal production since 2006, featuring sultry vocals by songstress Robina. The 'Original Mix' is a smoothly bumpin' affair featuring stylish synth melodies alongside the vocals, while the dub goes deeper and has a more atmospheric feel to it. The electrofied 'Club Mix' is the pick for the main room with its catchy synths over a heavy ruthless backing. Slipping into their Orekid attire, they turn the track into an enchanting Balearic tinged affair on a laidback down tempo tip.

Rasmus Faber featuring Linda Sundblad "Always" (Farplane Records CD Promo)

"Always" is taken from Rasmus Faber's debut album "Where we belong" and features Linda Sundblad, with the original version being all about the soulful vocals and heavenly strings over a loungey backdrop. Rasmus Faber himself reworks the track into an uplifting affair oozing with soulful and sunny vibes, while Studio Apartment serve both a deep melodic interpretation as well as a deep techified remix. The Ananda Project remixes keep the vibe of the track uplifting and summery while at the same time having a nice deep feel to them.

Jeremy Sylvester featuring Xtabel "Dreams are like angels" / "Destruction" (Love House Records CD Promo)

Jeremy Sylvester presents a massive two track release, with both tracks featuring vocals by Xtabel. "Dreams are like angels" is on a fiercely stompin' tip featuring catchy synths and cool spoken words. The 'Miami Dream' mixes have a slight dirty edge to them, with the relentless percussion enriched groove and dreamy synth melodies creating a mesmerizing vibe. "Destruction" features sexy vocals over a deep captivating groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys.

Galaxy Group featuring Capitol A and Carla Prather "Out of control" (Part One)(Loveslap! Records CD Promo)

Galaxy Group (Antoine Green and Charles Spencer) follow up their club anthem "Don't play" with another bomb titled "Out of control" featuring vocals by Capitol A (aka Antoine Green) and Carla Prather. The funked-up original keeps on groovin' from beginning to the end, with Carla Prather's sublime vocals and Capitol A's spoken words being accompanied by lush keys and chords. Asad Rizvi delivers an infectious remix built around a deep tech-soul groove, with the moody keys and chords intensifying the vibe to the max. More mixes by Domu and 1200 Warriors to follow.

Busy People "Change your ways EP" (Sunshine Enterprises Records CD  Promo)

You should head straight away to the remixes of "Someday" by Isoul (aka Volcov) who turns the track into an irresistible deep house gem featuring contaminous synth melodies over a deeply rumblin' somewhat techy backing. Both the vocal and dub versions are equally great and spread a hypnotic vibe on the dance floor. Also worth checking out is Just One's remix of "Get out" that is on Detroit-ish tech-house tip.

J.O.B. "Hold on" (Alf Tumble Remix)(Stockholm Beats Records CD Promo)

Alf Tumble (of SUMO / Bangana) takes on "Hold on" by J.O.B., with the result being absolutely relentless, with a deeply thumpin', afro tech flavored groove serving as playground for wicked synths and uplifting vocals. The dub is a slightly stripped down affair spreading a more intense, hypnotic feeling.

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