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DJ Spinna "In the distance" (Tribe Records Promo)

Legendary DJ Spinna truly graces us with the jaw-dropping "In the distance" just released on Tribe Records. Most definitely, DJ Spinna is on top of his game here, delivering a towering slice of dance floor goodness inspired by the glorious 90's guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor thanks to the inexorable deeply groovin' rhythms, tantalizing synths and uber cool vocal snippets.

Rona Ray "Mona Lisa" (Brukel Music Promo)

Once again, Brukel Music bless us with an outstanding soulful gem produced by soulful house maestro Kelvin Sylvester and performed in grand style by Rona Ray. Most definitely, the timeless "Mona Lisa" will send shivers down your spine through the masterly orchestration and the one-of-a-kind sultry vocals of Rona Ray, letting you choose between a vibrant disco/funk infused interpretation and an enchanting sun drenched rendition.

Soulface featuring Unqle Chriz "Let's give it a try" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Critically acclaimed acclaimed Vibe Boutique Records continue to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with their latest offering "Let's give it a try" by Soulface and Unqle Chriz. Without question, the smooth yet intriguing organic musical backing together with the entrancing keys and the inimitable heartfelt vocals of Unqle Chriz will cast a spell on you...

Nicolas Bassi featuring Sh'Kye "Lose control" (Bassi Digital Promo)

Watch out for this indisputably phantasmagorical collaboration by Bassi Digital label head Nicolas Bassi and US vocalist Sh'Kye entitled "Lose control". To cut right to the chase, "Lose control" is a glorious soulful production oozing with the unmatched vocal stylings of Sh'Kye, sumptuous keys, dreamful pads and a contaminous organic backdrop sure to get your groove on.

Nathan Adams X George Lesley featuring Jonny Yeoman "Salted caramel" (Tribe Records Promo)

Tribe Records have a beauty in their hands with this soulful summery gem by Nathan Adams and George Lesley featuring saxophonist Jonny Yeoman. To make a long story short, "Salted caramel" which combines the  the unrivaled deeply felt vocals of Nathan Adams with the sublime saxophone of Jonny Yeoman, exquisite keys and gentle rhythms is sheer musical bliss...

Neil Pierce featuring HanLei "Wonderful you" (Rhemi Music Promo)

Coming soon to Rhemi Music is "Wonderful you" by label owner Neil Pierce which features HanLei (aka Hannah Khemoh and Aleysha Gordon) on vocals. Beyond doubt, this disco infused jam with an infectious funked-up backdrop leading the way for bodacious keys, enchanting strings and the the incomparable vocals of HanLei will set the dance floor on fire. Completing the package are two fervid dubs oozing with a downright enthralling vibe.

The Journey Men featuring Mike City "For the culture" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)

The latest offering from Good Vibrations Music is the uplifting "For the culture" by UK production/DJ duo The Journey Men (Ben Coppin & Miggs Harris) and renowned singer Mike City, a track guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy through Mike City's unmistakable deep rooted vocals, luscious keys, dreamful chord progressions and the irresistibly thumpin' organic backdrop.

Reggie Steele presents Kischa Link "Lovin' you" (Makin' Moves Promo)

New Jersey native Reggie Steele is back on Makin' Moves with  the unadulterated underground-esque "Lovin' you" featuring the one and only Kischa Link on vocals. To make it  short, "Lovin' you" which uses a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing as foundation for the beautiful emotive vocals of Kischa Link and mellifluous melodies comes highly recommended.

Bonus Review: Various "Fizzikx presents Abstract Jazz Journey Vol. 3" (NiteGrooves Records Promo)

The third installment in the beloved "Abstract Jazz Journey" series has been compiled by Northern English DJ/producer/remixer and musician Joseph Kirk aka Fizzikx who was heavily influenced by the sounds of jazz, r&b, and soul. Not less than twenty-five tracks are included, four of which are previously unreleased, of which our favorite is Fizzikx's glamorous interpretation of the Kimara Lovelace classic "Magic of love". Many seminal tracks from an illustrious list of artists such as Masters at Work, Kerri Chandler, Stephanie Cooke, Kenny Bobien, Michele Chiavarini, DJ Kawasaki, Ananda Project, Heather Johnson, DJ Spinna, Nick Jones, Boyd Jarvis, Guri Guri Boys and many more can be found on this compilation, and finally there are two continuous mixes from Fizzikx included.

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