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Nick Jones Experience "Metamorphasis EP" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

Nick Jones Experience - Metamorphasis EP It has been quite a while since we've heard from the Nick Jones Experience, now he is finally back, presenting the delectable "Metamorphosis EP" which features a selection of wonderfully orchestrated soul-jazz flavored tracks which bring back memories of the times when music was recorded in the studio with live musicians (and not just created on the computer or laptop at home in the bedroom)... For those not yet familiar with with Nick Jones' earlier material, some of his classics tracks are included in this release.

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Various "Darkness EP" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

This wicked six track collection takes you on a journey to the darker side of deep house... Included are the floaty "Red leaf" by DJ Da, the techier "Travel underground" by Converge+, the minimalistic "Lost particles" by Masahiro Suzuki, the down-tempo spaced-out "I left my soul on planet (space station)" by FCKS off shoot Dopeus, the tougher "Perspective" by G.IL.V - and finally the choice pick for the soulful heads: Kerri Chandler's mix of "Awareness" by Ananda Project which features lascivious vocals by Mia Tuttavilla and moody melodies over relentless dark rhythms.

Blast from the Past - WMC 2004: Kosmik DJ "Spirit of luv" (CD-R)

To this date, "Spirit of luv" by Kosmik DJ has not been released, its a production built around a really deep groove, driven by a deep rumbling bassline, topped with a killer organ solo and laminar keys - the kind of sound that can only emerge out of the New York underground. The dub strips it down to the deep groove with its deeply rumbling bassline.

Blast from the Past - WMC 2004: Patrick Green featuring Big Brooklyn Red "Sexual healing" (CD-R)
Blast from the Past - WMC 2004: Patrick Green featuring Nicole Henry "Nite life" (CD-R)

To the best of our knowledge, these two marvelous productions from Patrick Green never saw the light of the day - we are sure you agree with us they deserve to be released... First Patrick Green teams up with Big Brooklyn Red for a delightful four-to-the-floor interpretation of Marvin Gaye's timeless "Sexual healing" classic oozing with a masterly vocal performance. Next is "Nite life", a wonderful collaboration with singer Nicole Henry featuring sensual vocals and luscious keys over a laidback funk drenched backdrop.

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