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Robert Owens "Deep down" (The Deep Mixes)(Underground Collective Records CD Promo)

Robert Owens - Deep down Back in 2008, Future Vision released this tribute to Ron Hardy, featuring the legendary Robert Owens on vocals. Underground Collective have picked the track up and deliver a massive package full of slammin' remixes by San McCabe, Souldynamic, Smash Hunter, DJ Romain, DSF & DJ Dino and Yohan Esprada who all keep the spirit of the original alive while adding their distinct deep touch to it. A magnificent addition to the timeless original mixes by Ron Trent.

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Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "LickQuid lyfe" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

"LickQuid lyfe" is the latest deep house gem by Wil Milton and Rodney Carter that is laced with outstanding vocals and melodious keys and chords, while the thumpin' backdrop creates an addictive feel. The pulsating 'LickQuid Lyfe NYC' mixes are full of positive energy, while the 'Deep' mixes relax the vibe for a late night / early morning play. Jose Carretas contributes a marvelous remix to the package which oozes with lush keys and a smooth yet captivating percussive groove.

Exclusive Preview: Michele McCain presents Marivent Soul "All I can do" (BKR Bootleg Mix 2010)(Marivent Music International CD-R)

Here we have an exclusive mix of "All I can do" courtesy of BKR aka DJ Benjamin (Benjamin Kristof Rakun) that won't be part of the official release. This version is as deep as it gets and truly remorseless, using a ruff underground-esque groove as playground for Michele McCain's fabulous vocals and masterful jazzy piano.

John Beltran "I see you" (FastFWD Records CD Promo)

"I see you" is a wonderful song by John Beltran featuring heartfelt vocals and grand keys over a laidback percussively bouncin' groove. Jeremy Ellis adds an outstanding rhodes solo on his 'NuJazz Remix' remix to take the song to the next level. Rob Slac's remix is a sublime journey through deepest spacey territory, while Sandman & Riverside serve a slice of finest deep house on a percussive jazzy tip.

Bah Samba featuring Tasita D'Mour "Live in the summer" (The Souldynamic 2010 Remixes)(Favouritizm Records CD Promo)

"Live in the summer", last years summer anthem by Bah Samba which features the one and only Tasita D 'Mour on vocals, gets revived by Italian duo Souldynamic whose refreshing mixes feature jazzy saxophone and luscious keys alongside the sexy vocals over a contaminous yet soulful backing. The deepened dub mixes heat things up with killer keys and an infectious bass driven groove.

Sakura & Co. "Rejoyce" (Sean McCabe 4 Floor Dub)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Earlier this month, we reviewed the masterful Sean McCabe remixes of "Rejoyce" by Sakura & Co. This week we've got an additional dub - the fierce old school tinged '4 Floor Dub' - which is reminiscent of early Kerri Chandler stuff. A pumping backdrop leads the way for a killer piano hook and the spiritual gospel tinged vocals - mayhem on the dance floor guaranteed.

Heather Johnson "The Sweetest Gift Sampler" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

You can find six out of the nineteen tracks featured on Heather Johnson's forthcoming "The Sweetest Gift" remix album on this EP (the original versions of the songs can be found on her "Happiness" album). Included are a glorious Alix Alvarez remix of "Million miles", celestial Steal Vybe remixes of "Jazz (sunday morning)", the brand new "Love is beautiful", Hoshiko's cosmic electronic remix of "Destination" and finally Tomo Inoue's wonderful laidback interpretation of "Home". We can't wait to hear the other tracks of the album.

Deep Keys featuring Andrea Love "The best of me" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

You might remember this smooth latinesque tribal stomper by Swiss production group Deep Keys which features passionate vocals by Andrea Love and killer guitars by Sacha Hunger from its inclusion in the Panevino Music "Miami Sampler 2010". The single releases comes complete with deep mixes by Danny Clark & Jay Benham fueled with phat keys over an electrifying backing and funky mixes by Jonathan Meyer perfect for the main rooms.

Soulmagic vs. Imagination "New dimension" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Initially reviewed in April, this one is finally available on official promo now. Back in December 2008, we gave you an exclusive preview of Soulmagic's (Morten Trust & Mikkel Wendelboe) take on the Imagination classic "New dimension", a cheeky and dirty makeover with the electronic backdrop creating a relentless vibe. Now fresh mixes are available, with Soulmagic serving an uber cool 'Classic Mix' which oozes with soulful jazz-funky vibes from beginning to the end, while Jay-J's rework is on a deep, irresistibly thumpin' tip featuring wicked keys and chords. Lastly Shane D takes the track to the main room loaded with electronic synths over a heavily stompin' groove.

Beppe Gioia "Danielle EP" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

What an incredible EP this is - from the beginning to the end, the nine tracks let you enjoy Beppe Gioia's distinctive arrangement and orchestration, fusing jazz, funk and soul elements with infectious yet smooth four-to-the-floor grooves. The result are truly unique and refreshing tracks destined to send the crowd into a frenzy whenever they are played. Highly recommended.

Jamie Lewis "Flashback Album Sampler" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

This sampler features five previously unreleased productions and remixes taken from Jamie Lewis' album "Flashback". First up is a peak time remix of his 2002 anthem "The light" featuring Michelle Weeks, followed by a soulfully bumpin' remix of "Wedding crashers" by Best Men DJ's featuring Seven & Nefew. "Believe" is a funk soaked feel good anthem featuring vocals by Lisa Millett & Tanja Dankner, while the 'Album Version' of "It's on your face" by Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford is a delightful mid-tempo soul-funky rework. Lastly "Stay" is an uber cool disco-funk flavored affair using the Earl Young invented 4/4 drum pattern to full effect.

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