Dawn Tallman "Who can I run to" (Thick Records CD Promo)

When you listen to Dawn Tallmann's "Who can I run to", let yourself be taken back to the time when soul and funk where a fundamental part of dance music (nowadays most often simply categorized as Disco). Indeed, this rework of the 1979 classic by The Jones Girls will bring back memories from this time, with the stunning vocals by Dawn Tallmann and the fierce funk soaked groove creating a relentless feeling. And then there is the 'Vicious Dub' which will hypnotize you instantly. Not to be missed!!

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Exclusive Preview: Jsoul "You are" (Martin Faltin Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Dennis Taylor & India T "Should I" (Martin Faltin & Jersey Soul Remix)(CD-R)

Swedish producer and DJ Martin Faltin impresses us once more with his latest offerings. First up is a remix of Jsoul's beautiful r&b song "You are" (from the album "Love soldier") built around a groovy, laidback backdrop that serves as playground for the magnificent piano and the sensitive vocals. Next is a wonderful interpretation of "Should I" by Dennis Taylor & India T where Martin Faltin teams up with Jersey Soul (Dave Lalla & Big Logan) that will blow you away with its heartfelt vocals and stylish instrumentation nicely arranged over a smoothly stormin' groove.

Wil Milton presents Lauren "This is your time" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Summer 2003 saw the release of Wil Milton's now classic "I'll never know" through WestEnd Records, featuring hypnotic vocals by Lauren. Now she returns with "This is your time" where she once again teams up with Wil Milton, blessing us with her outstanding vocals which are masterly backed by Wil Milton's smooth yet captivating rhythms, enriched with lovely orchestral strings, lush chords and beautiful rhodes. The 'Gravity NYC' mixes fire the vibe up for intensified dance floor action with a funk drenched groove and lovely jazzy piano. Check the 'Wil's Solo'd Out' version to enjoy the full bliss of the piano and rhodes.

Roasted Soul "Reach out" (Coffee'N'Creme Records CD Promo)

With "Reach out", Roasted Soul present a funk infused production that is oozing with silky vocals and delicious keys which together with the mesmerizing backing groove spread an uplifting feeling. Mystery & Matt Early intensify the vibe on their west coast tinged rework that has a classy, old-school flavored jazz-funk touch to it, while their 'Broken Beat Remix' takes the track to broken beat territory. Finally there is a marvelous reprise version included in the package. Sure to heat you up in those cold winter months ahead...

Marquito "Around love" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Listen once to "Around love", and you will be caught immediately by this uplifting production courtesy of Swiss producer Marquito. "Around love" features passionate vocals courtesy of Xavior AbduAbasi alongside lush keys and lovely strings over a smooth yet irresistible funk spiced groove, altogether spreading a feel good vibe on the dance floor. Panevino (Sandro Endrighetti & Renato Abate) take the track to deeper grounds on their remix, using spacy synths and a drifty groove to create a mesmerizing feel.

DJ Dervish & Charlie Edwards featuring Patricia Golly "Lonely people" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

"Lonely people" by DJ Dervish & Charlie Edwards is all about powerful female vocals courtesy of Patricia Golly over a fiercely stompin', funk soaked backing groove that has rocked dance floors across the planet since being featured on Duffnote's "WMC 2008 Sampler". The Groove Junkies rework the track into a peak time gem on a deep and dirty tip that is perfect for the bigger rooms thanks to the raw groove and cool synths used, while Richard Earnshaw adds his signature bumpin' touch, taking the track into a more soulful yet infectious direction featuring captivating keys and chords.

Various "Revisited Volume 1" (Junior Boys Own Records CD Promo)

Junior Boys Own kick off their brand new "Revisited Series" where today's leading producers and DJs rework classics from the label catalogue. On the first volume, Marlon D & George Mena take Roach Motel's "The night" to the deep NY underground (two different mixes included), while Livio & Roby serve a deep hypnotic dub version. Dixon contributes a lovely afro-atmospheric flavored mash-up edit of "3rd eye" by Men with Sticks, while Motor City Soul get electronic on their remix of Black Science Orchestra's "Save us". The same track gets also touched by Ashley Beedle who turns out a great Disco spiced version. Lastly there is the '2008 Edit' of "New Jersey Deep" by Black Science Orchestra.

Craft B featuring Nica Brooke "Summer voyage (cover me)" (Amber Muse Records CD Promo)

Latvian lads Craft B present the powerful "Summer voyage (cover me)" that is spreading summery vibes on the dance floor through the fierce funk infused groove and uplifting keys, with Nica Brooke contributing sweet vocals. Beside vocal versions by Craft B and DJ Rudd, there is an instrumental version (actually titled 'Original Mix') and a fierce dub by Christian Hornbostel spreading a feel good vibe - hands in the air guaranteed.

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