The final update for 2015 is here, we hope you enjoy our selection of the latest in soulful house music...

Shino Blackk "Love reign" (Blackk Rip)(Face The Bass Records CD Promo)

The next release on Face The Bass Records will be this phantasmagorical four-to-the-floor re-imagination of Jill Scott's wonderful "Love rain" (originally released on her 2000 debut album "Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1") by up and rising Shino Blackk. To cut right to the chase, this unique utterly entrancing fusion of Jill Scott's inimitable vocals with fervid old skool inspired underground-esque rhythms and tempting keys is guaranteed to cast a spell on you...

Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis featuring Hanz Litz "Beautiful life" (Mark Di Meo Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

In spring of 2011, we were celebrating the marvelous "Beautiful life" by Diephuis (Barend-Jan Beljaars) which features legendary house music diva Stephanie Cooke on vocal duty, now this timeless production returns in breathtaking remixes by Mark Di Meo. Most definitely, these fresh interpretations give the song an inspiring deep soul infused feel, with thrillingly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for inebriant melodies and Stephanie Cooke's unmistakable vocals. Completing the package are Manoo's stellar 'Flute Mix' and Jose Carreta's dazzling 'Alternative Son Liva Vocal Remix' from the original 2011 release both featuring magnificent flute play by Han Litz.

DJ Bongz & Sobz with Mpumi & Brenden "Ofana nawe" (Sobz Remix)(Soul'O Music CD Promo)

The original version of "Ofana nawe" by DJ Bongz (Bongani Dlamini) and Sobz (Sonwabile Gxabana) is one of the most played songs on South African radio in 2015, now Sobz is gracing us with a splendid remix which combines the awe-inspiring emotive vocals of Mpumi and Brenden with grand jazzy keys, celestial chords and gentle yet spell binding afro-tribal rhythms, altogether spreading an infectious feel you can't resist to dance to.

DJ Le Baron  featuring Tommie Cotton "Summer in love" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Swiss DJ/producer DJ Le Baron (Marco Barone) makes his debut on HSR Records with "Summer in love", a splendiferous collaboration with vocalist Tommie Cotton. "Summer in love" is a gorgeous sun drenched affair using a dulcet yet captivating backing as playground for illustrious keys and the beautiful seductive vocals by Tommie Cotton. The energetic 'Club Mix' is the perfect choice for prime time play thanks to the mercilessly pounding rhythms and catchy piano hooks.

Leo Lippolis featuring Natasha Watts "Live your life" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, Italian DJ/producer Leo Lippolis and singer Natasha Watts joined forces for a collaboration entitled "I need you" which was released on the "GFK Miami Sampler 2015", now they are back with "Live your life", a superb production spreading a glamorous uplifting feel through the warm organic backing, sublime keys and Natasha Watts incomparable haunting vocals. On remix duty are Guido P who contributes a fabulous interpretation oozing with his beloved soul/funk infused touch, and Earl TuTu & John Khan who serve a smooth yet vibrant workout built around fiercely thumpin' rhythms and tantalizing synth melodies.

Andrew Robinson vs. The Wisemen featuring Johan Greaves "Musikin (shine)" (Mi Casa Records CD Promo)

Canada's Mi Casa Records return in proper style to Spirit of House with "Musikin (shine)", an uplifting truly soulful production by Andrew Robinson and The Wisemen which features the deeply felt vocals of Johan Greaves alongside glorious keys and heavenly chords over an enthralling truly contaminous backdrop. In other words, "Musikin (shine)" is s slice of top-notch soulful house music...

Realm of House featuring La Nena "Afro" (Arawakan Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of Realm of House and vocalist La Nena comes the wicked "Afro", beyond the shadow of a doubt this absolutely irresistible afro-deep production is guaranteed to jam-pack the floor and send the dancers into a frenzy thanks to utterly hypnotizing tribaltastic rhythms, luscious melodies and the enchanting sultry vocal stylings of La Nena.

Various "Best of 2015 Compilation" (Ewonder Records CD Promo)

Ewonder (Eric Frazier) and his label Ewonder Records have being going from strength to strength this year, just think of the massive singles "One groove", "She makes me say" and "Cold winter" both featuring JD Smoothe and "Life is funny" featuring Celli Pitt. This "Best of 2015 Compilation" features a selection of mixes from these singles as well as some of the labels classic releases such as "Tryin'" by Tracey Everano (in the Jus-Ed remix) and "I am free" by Dawn Tallman (in Josh Milan and Jovonn remixes). Put differently, this is a truly splendorous compilation showcasing the many faces and successes of Ewonder Records...

Kim Jay "Feel like makin' love" (Kingdom Records CD Promo)

"Feel like makin' love" is a song composed by singer/songwriter Eugene McDaniels which was originally recorded back in 1974 by soul legend Roberta Flack. Since then, the song has been covered many times, coming soon on Kingdom Records is this outstanding jazz infused four-to-the-floor interpretation produced by Jerry C King and Tommy Thumbs which is performed in grand style by Kim Jay whose incredible deeply rooted vocals are accompanied by a masterly orchestration composed of beautiful flute, adorable saxophone, delectable jazzy keys and a gentle organic backdrop.

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