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Mustafa featuring Flexie Muiso "Let it rain" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

Mustafa - Let it rain "Let it rain" by Mustafa is a wonderful deep affair featuring passionate vocals by Flexie Muiso and gorgeous keys over a smooth percussion enriched groove. The 'Afro Jazz' mixes are more laidback, featuring jazzy keys and sax over an Afro drenched backdrop. Hedi Benromdan gives the track a deep smoothly stompin' outfit, while Ezel goes for a deep groovey rework with lush melodies. Rafael Yapudjian and RyB team up for a deeper than deep version on a mellow tip, and Hard Mix! inject the track with sweet Brazilian sounds. Sunlightsquare contribute a warm melodic deep house take, while lastly Frisco takes you back to the 80's with his synth fueled rework.

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Junior White DJ "It's calling you" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Next Dimension Music present the deep and spacey "It's calling you" courtesy of Junior White DJ, featuring soothing vocals by Noelle, jazzy keys and atmospheric synth melodies over a deeply stormin' groove. Bradford James goes as deep as it gets on his remix keeping the feel atmospheric, with Trinidadian Deep taking that mix to the next level with added percussion and variations of the synth melodies. Finally, Logic Fusion Orkestra give the track an ambient soundscape on their deep celestial dub.

Exclusive Preview: The Jackson 5 "Want you back" (Darren Campbell Remixes)(CD-R)

Once again, Darren Campbell brings that unmistakable, ruff'n'tuff sound from the mid 90's back with his remix of the Jackson 5 classic "I want you back" from 1969, pitching up the vocals to match them with the bumpin' backdrop and wicked keys. Beside the main version, both a vocal and instrumental dub (for those not liking the vocals) are included in this promo release.

Blast from the Past / Exclusive Preview: Jay Williams "Sweat" (JoJo Flores Therapy Edit)(CD-R)

In 1990, Big Beat Records (responsible for such classics as "Make my body rock" by Jomanda, "Definition of a track" by Precious or "Open your eyes" by Marshall Jefferson presents Truth) released the underrated, Nelson 'Paradise' Roman produced "Sweat" by Jay Williams, a deeply thumpin' track featuring Jay Williams' heartfelt vocals and contaminous synths. We've got an exclusive re-edit by JoJo Flores of this track for you - it's a "Blast from the Past".

Exclusive Preview: Chicago Soul Underground "Sax just sax" (CD-R)

Last years "WMC 2008 Sampler" by Chicago Soul Underground (DJ Pap & Matthew Kerr) included the beautiful "Sexy McSax" that gets deep and features sensual female vocals together with a beautiful jazzy saxophone and lush keys to create a sexy, laidback feeling. "Sax just sax" is an instrumental take of the track dropping the vocals to let the sax and keys do the talking, with overall feeling being slightly deeper.

Soulstar Syndicate featuring SuSu Bobien "For all you do" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

Soulstar Syndicate follow up their 2008 summer smash, teaming up with the one and only SuSu Bobien who blesses us with an outstanding gospel-esque vocal on "For all you do". The disco-funk flavored original version is full of energy yet keeps the feel soulful, while Claudio Di Carlo delivers a slammin' remix featuring a killer piano over an old-school tinged backing. Akri Jr. gets all funky on his smoothly stompin' interpretation, and for a fierce yet deep tech-soul version look no further than the Izzy Stardust remix. The package also includes remixes by Samir Maslo, Leggz & Robinson, Playmaker, Soul Buddha vs. Bionik Phunk and Jorge Martin S who all take the track to the bigger rooms.

Various "The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 3" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Salted Music present an eclectic selection of lovely tunes with the third volume in the "The Flavor Saver EP" series. Miami's Andre Chibale contributes the summery and uplifting, Latin flavored "Salsa training" featuring great piano and jazzy sax, while Joe Pompeo's "Can U feel it" is a captivating funked-up groover with a jazzy edge. "909" by New Mondo takes you back in time with the warm, atmospheric synth pads and the deep groove influenced by the early 90's sound, followed by the elctrofied "Lost without (your touch)" by Jeff Daniels featuring Kym & Lex on vocals.

Roberto De Carlo featuring Joshua "Never forget" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Swiss DJ and producer Robert De Carlo blesses us with the uplifting and soulful "Never forget" which is spiced with exquisite funky flavors and features a heartfelt vocal by Joshua and beautiful keys over a warm, organic groove. Ralf GUM's remixes take you on a mesmerizing journey into deep orbital territory, with a smooth percussive backing leading the way for captivating keys and chords. His dub builds and builds up for a spaced-out climax as if there would be no tomorrow. Jay-J relaxes the vibe on his truly groovey yet slightly electronic remix, followed by Dalminjo who contributes a deep, bass heavy late nite gem featuring infectious synth melodies.

Kenny Bobien "Never again" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

The silk and smooth "Never again" was originally produced back in 2002 by Big Moses (aka Moise Laporte) and features the unmistakable falsetto voice of Kenny Bobien over a deep funk drenched groove that is enriched with beautiful melodies. Tomo Inoue is firing things up on his pumpin' remix using dramatic synths and classic piano, with his dub being on a deeper more hypnotic tip.

Fabio Tosti featuring Donald Sheffey "One generation" (Music Plan Records CD Promo)

Fabio Tosti teams up with singer Donald Sheffey for the feel good "One generation", a funky as hell production that keeps on groovin' from the beginning to the end, with Donald Sheffey's wicked vocals being accompanied by catchy synth hooks on the 'Happy Hour Party Mix'. The 'Generation Funk Mix' and 'Generation Dub Mix' lay the emphasis on the funk elements, while the 'Pumpin Mix' adds cool synths and a hot piano to generate a more intense feel.

Enrico Mantini featuring Lucy Clarke "Love is real" (Remixes)(SweetLeaf Records CD Promo)

The original version (reviewed back in early March) of the Enrico Mantini produced "Love is real" features sweet vocals by Lucy Clarke over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with old school tinged percussion, while the melodic synths emphasize the deep feeling. The track got remixed by Phil R who relaxes the vibe and uses warm keys and chords to take the track to laidback grounds, and by Phunk Investigation who go big room on their progressive remix.

Colin Sales "The Global Groove EP" (Universe Media Records CD Promo)

Colin Sales presents a multi-faceted release with "The Global Groove EP" including the laidback "You" which combines a smooth backdrop with gentle rhodes and great jazzy horns. The 'Deep Dub' darkens the vibe to give the track a deep hypnotic sounding. "Don't laugh" is an edgy tech-house track, taken to the big rooms on the 'Asylum Mix'. "November" is a somewhat tougher deep house track featuring lush melodies over a chunky groove, while "Whisky jam" is synth driven deep house on a thumpin' tip.

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