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Roland Clark and Steal Vybe "See the light" (Steal Vybe Records CD Promo)

"See the light" is the kind of song that catches you with the very first listen thanks to the the incomparable voice of the legendary Roland Clark on this deeply groovin' Steal Vybe production that is beautifully orchestrated with wonderful keys and a great vibraphone. The alternative mix takes it as deep as it gets, letting the beats rumble while the spherical keys create a frenzy. Lastly the 'Morning Dub' puts the instrumentation center stage, just using the chorus from the vocals. Simply gorgeous!!

Matthias Heilbronn featuring Keith Thompson "Rock the castle" (Pata De Perro Records CD Promo)

For the first time ever, Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn and Keith Thompson team up on the wonderful "Rock the castle", an infectious production featuring a wonderful vocal performance by Keith Thompson. The 'Soulflower Mix' is on the soulful side combining socca with a smooth house groove, while the 'PDP Mix' gets more techy with its electronic elements. The dubs and beats take the track to another level, inviting you to play around with them.

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Javier Varez "A deep Eemotion EP" (EM Records CD Promo)

EM Records strike again with a great deep house release, this time courtesy of Javier Varez. The title track "A deep emotion" is a deeply rumblin' track featuring warm melodic chords, with Enrico Mantini providing the lovely 'Ibiza Sunrise Mix' which has a nice kickin' beat alongside catchy synths. "Bizarre devotion" is a mellow affair built around a smooth broken beat featuring spherical keys, while "Colera inactiva" is a deeply thumpin' track with laminar keys. Lastly there is "La eterna espera", a groovy track topped with wicked chords.

Spin Science "Myth EP" (Cabrio Records CD Promo)

Cabrio Records next release will be the "Myth EP" courtesy of Spin Science that brings you three lovely deep house tracks are all built around truly deep grooves that will send shockwaves to the dance floor, making the crowd shake their limbs to the groovy beat and warm melodic keys. While "Myth" and "Half man half amazing" are two powerful and irresistible tracks, "So smooth" relaxes things for the more laidback moments.

Demarkus Lewis "J'adore" / "Free bassin" (Swank Records CD Promo)

Demarkus Lewis presenting two lovely productions on his debut release for Swank Records. First up is the old-school flavored deep house track "J'adore" coming in two variations. The main version is a smooth melodic affair that gets taken to deeper grounds on the vintage version that replaces the melodic keys with catchy synth lines. Next is "Free bassin", a journey into broken beat styled retro space-funk vibes.

Bliss "Begin" / "Life" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

Japanese production duo Bliss return to NiteGrooves with the faster paced "Bliss" which features a soulful vocal by Juju and jazzy synth elements over a smoothly pumpin' beat. The dub is a darker affair perfect for peak time play that takes it to a deeper level. For something special check the bonus track "Life" which is built around a light breakbeat and features a beautiful trumpet alongside classic strings and jazzy keys that altogether create a laidback feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Listen "Beyonce" (Phil Hooton Remix)(CD-R)

There are already a couple of remixes of Beyonce's "Listen" out there (by the likes of Blaze, Sensei and Grand High Priest), but this one here by Phil Hooton stands out as it takes the song to a whole new direction with jazzy piano, lovely keys, classy horns and Beyonce's incomparable voice all arranged nicely over a smooth backing groove.

Melchyor A "Hot buttered" (Swank Records CD Promo)

France' rising star Melchyor A presents his debut for Swank with "Hot buttered", a massive jazz-funk production featuring sexy female vocals alongside great horns and jazzy piano over a funktified backing groove. The 'Groovin Drum Mix' adds a proper house beat to turn it into a groovy old-school flavored funky disco-house track. DJ Rico smoothes things down on his take, giving it a more laidback vibe.

Exclusive Preview: Rasmir featuring Eddie Nicholas "Got to find" (Mantree Records CD-R)

Rasmir Mantree teams up with Eddie Nicholas for this slammin' track that is built around a smooth yet deep tribalish groove that gives the track an irresistible vibe, with Eddie Nicholas' vocals and the warm melodic keys giving the track a soulful touch. The dub strips part of the vocals and takes things slightly deeper.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Dope" (CD-R)

After the massive "Unfixed", Mr. Mama sent us another hot production directly from the studio titled "Dope". This track is old-school flavored jackin' house with a heavy bassline and jackin' beats leading the way for wicked keys. "Dope" is not just the title, dope is also what this track is for the dancers as they can't resist to shake their limbs to it.

Exclusive Preview: Crystal Re-Clear "I'm dancing "(Timmy Vegas Remix)(Tony Records CD-R)

We are proud to be able to give you a sneak preview on the upcoming release on Tony Records. Timmy Vegas takes on the highly anticipated "I'm dancing" by Crystal Re-Clear and delivers a soulful, old-school flavored reworking that features an outstanding live horn section alongside absolutely incredible breakdowns and great latinesque jazzy piano. A review of the full package will follow soon.

Roed Svensk featuring Nicole Tyler "Bring it to the table" (MoD Records CD Promo)

After the massive "Body language", MoD Records serve their next bomb "Bring it to the table" by Roed Svensk who teams up with singer Nicole Tyler who provides a soulful vocal performance. The original is a funkily groovin' affair featuring melodic keys alongside a lovely saxophone. The package features various dope remixes: the Stereo Mutants deliver a deeply rumblin' broken beat styled interpretation alongside a thumpin' 4/4 dub with great keys. Label head Juan Sunshine contributes a fierce 'MoD Remix' that features wicked keys, while Ruben Alvarez delivers a powerful dub with catchy keys perfect for peak time play.

Nic Vautier "Sala" (Maz Lunden Mixes)(Jaffa Music Records CD Promo)

Maz Lunden takes on "Sala" by Nic Vautier, turning out a summery latin flavored main take that features a catchy piano alongside a lovely guitar and passionate vocals over a smooth yet fierce backing groove. The dub takes the track to different grounds with added electronic elements that make it the choice for peak time play and the bigger rooms.

Florian Kruse "Thoughts" (HEYA HiFi CD Promo)

HEYA HiFi continue to explore the soulful grounds of electronic dance music, with their latest discovery being Florian Kruse who presents three lovely tracks on this release. The title track "Thoughts" is a techified track that keeps things on a warm an minimalistic side, while "Let us say yeah" drops the tempo for a dirty, electrofied disco sounding track. Lastly there is the relentless "Can I have it?", a deeply thumpin' track featuring wicked old-school flavored synth lines.

River Ocean featuring India "Love & happiness (yemaya y ochun)" (2007 Remix)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD)

One of the most memorable classics in house music history (courtesy of a certain 'Little' Louie Vega) gets a second life on the resurrected Strictly Rhythm label (which released the original back in 1994). These new versions courtesy of Masters at Work (aka 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales) don't stay to far from the organic tribal vibes of the original ones, slightly updating them by giving them a more electronic touch while preserving the irresistible tribal vibe. With lots of DJ tools and some of the original versions included, this release has got something for everyone.

Exclusive Preview: Luis Machuca "Dub believe" (CD-R)

"Dub believe" by Luis 'Friskybeat' Machuca is pure deep house madness, driven by thumpin' beats that are topped with wonderful laminar chords and melodic keys that make this track the perfect choice for late night / early morning play.

Exclusive Preview: Scott Grooves "It doesn't have all to be techy" (CD-R)

We've been sitting on this one here for quite some time, so it is about time this beautiful track by the very talented DJ and producer Scott Grooves gets the proper respect it deserves. As the title suggests, there ain't no techno here, its all about a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and a lovely guitar that altogether create a hypnotic feeling that will take dance floors by storm.

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