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Brazilian Soul Crew "Tema do Brazil" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Image With "Tema do Brazil", the Brazilian Soul Crew (Claudio Mansur, Edground & AZee) presents a wonderful production full of uplifting emotions oozing with soulful vibes created by a marvelous orchestration that includes lush atmospheric synth melodies, beautiful piano and flutes alongside gorgeous xylophones over a smooth groove.  The 'Espritual Dub' is heating the vibe up with its sweet tribal groove. The remixes are courtesy of Anto Vitale who injects the track with mesmerizing synth chords and a fierce drum driven groove to create a more intense yet very soulful feel.

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DJ Meme Orchestra featuring Rachel Claudio "Any love" (Part 2)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Part one of DJ Meme's cover of the timeless Chaka Khan "Any love" classic has been rockin' dance floors worldwide, and part two is set to do the same thing with brand new slammin' remixes. Jamie Lewis reworks the track into a cool affair built around a relentlessly stompin' groove and featuring great keys, while Dimitri from Paris' smooth funk oozing remix kicks off with a beautiful reprise like intro and is on an old school tinctured tip. Lastly the legendary Tom Moulton contributes a resistless ten minute long interpretation to the package that takes you back in time.

Terron Darby featuring Big Brooklyn Red "Don't waste my time" (Aqua-Booty Records CD Promo)

Aqua-booty are best known for their great events (for example their WMC  parties), lesser known is the fact that they had a few records released back in the mid 90's. Now they return in fine style with the Terron Darby and Matt 'Dirty Turk' Agostini written and produced "Don't waste my time" featuring an uplifting vocal by Big Brooklyn Red over a smoothly bouncin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and chords. The dub by Terron Darby and Cosmo is a spiced up affair perfect for peak time action thanks to wicked synths and an deepened backing used.

Sun Singleton "Ready" (Opolopo & Version3 Remixes)(Stilnovo Music Records CD Promo)

"Ready" by New York songwriter and vocalist Sun Singleton gets remixed by Sweden's Opolopo who delivers a magnificent soulful house version oozing with its retro soul/funk/club flavas that is guaranteed spread a feel good vibe on the dance floor. Version3 (Stephane 'Blissom' Lefrancois & James Chapple) rework the track into a mid tempo gem featuring phat atmospheric synth melodies over groovy beats.

Spencer Gray "Dreaming in color - Remixes" (Loveslap! Records CD Promo)

Loveslap! present an exclusive four track sampler featuring remixes of the forthcoming "Dreaming in Color" album by Spencer Gray, the team of Marc-Alan Gray and Charles Spencer. The sampler gives you a sneak preview of what the album will offer: a variety of styles, including steamy broken beat as it can be heard on Galaxy Groups' remix of the Terrence Downs featuring "How do you", deep mesmerizing afro house with seductive vocals by Sylvia Gordon on the Casamena re-touched "(Dream) in color", electro influenced tracks such as "Over tonight", or sublime house as was their debut "Pillow talk" (with Heather Johnson contributing sultry vocals) which is also included in Asad Rizvi's chunkier remix.

Hanna Hais "I say gole" (Atal Records CD Promo)

"I say gole", the latest offering from Hanna Hais, is offered by Atal with a tasty selection of mixes. First up is Chicago's Rafael 'Lego' Rodriguez who turns out a beautiful remix featuring a lovely sax and lush keys over a smooth yet resistless percussion enriched groove, letting you choose between vocal, dub and reprise versions. Boddhi Satva gives the track a deep hypnotic afro-tech tinged makeover, while Haldo serves a summery interpretation featuring spacy keys and synth chords over a contaminous groove. Finally there is an electrofied Dutty Boyz remix perfect for the main rooms.

Weysa Dya "Connected minds" / "Deep house meditation" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

"Connected minds" is an infectious spoken word house track featuring lyrics by Weysa Dya over a funk tinged, smoothly thumpin' groove courtesy of DJ Buzzard that is enriched with warm melodic chords and phat synths. Jakdat (Jaysun Merced) turns the track into a resistless, heavily stompin' dance floor corker (vocal and dub included). You also get the previously unreleased Jakdat remix of "Deep house meditation" which features freaky synth melodies alongside Weysa Dya's spoken words over a tribal-ish beat.

Exclusive Preview: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell "Ain't no mountain high enough" (Dasoul & Fabry Diglio Re-Touch)(CD-R)

What a surprising find by DaSoul and Fabry Diglio as this duet by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell was released back in 1967 by Motown on an album titled "United" (the pair released two follow up albums: "You're all I need" in 1968 and "Easy" in 1969, with the later one causing controversy as for most part it was actually Valerie Simpson but credited a Tammi Terrell). The original from 1967 is a typical Motown 60's r&b/soul production, respectfully reworked by DaSoul and Fabry Diglio, with a smooth groove, funky as hell bassline and fantastic jazzy keys added. Simply wonderful.

Logicalgroove featuring Diana Waite "Pieces" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Right in time for spring and the upcoming summer months comes this feel good production by Logicalgroove featuring soulful vocals by Diana Waite, jazzy piano and a beautiful sax over a smooth funk soaked groove. The laidback 'Live In Mayafushi Island Flute Mix' is on a lovely chilled tip, while 'Pablos Piano Trip Mix' gets deeper and puts the piano center stage. Next is the 'Pablo Dj Club Mix' firing things up for peak time play, followed by the Groove Delivers whose remix is a funkily groovin' affair. Finally Andy Roberts' hypnotic dub combines the jazzy sax with a deep tech-soul backing.

Phil Hooton presents The Brooklyn Knightz "Believe" (Vocal)(Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

A few weeks after the instrumental and dub versions dropped, the vocal version of this exquisite production is finally here. The outstanding gospel vocals of the incomparable Temple Dynasty take "Believe" to the next level, combining the masterly orchestration (which includes lush keys, jazzy flute and a cool guitar) with an inspirational message to spread an uplifting feeling.

Georgia Cee featuring Haldo "We work it out" (Proceed Records CD Promo)

What a charming production "We work it out" by Georgia Cee and Haldo is, with the 'Original Funk Mix' attracting with a mellow vibe created by a laidback funk oozing backing, sweet jazzy keys and Georgia Cee's sultry vocals. Haldo gives the track a deeper feeling on the 'Deepflor Mix', with the wicked synth hooks creating a mesmerizing yet always soulful vibe.

Muted Soul featuring Jess King "Cause I'm a woman" (Muted Trax Records CD Promo)

"Cause I'm a woman" my Muted Soul (aka Mike Dominico) features sultry vocals by Jess King over a smooth, funk soaked backing that is enriched with warm melodic keys. Next is the delightful 'SCMD Remix' where Mike Dominico teams up with Shawn Christopher to deliver a Disco flavored (think of the D-Train classic "Music" to get the idea), remorseless peak time favorite, with the 'SCMD Dub' further intensifying the vibe. Finally Valentino La Rosa's remix is a slightly tougher affair perfect for the bigger rooms with its catchy melodies.

DJ Roland Clark & Marc Marshall present Leslie Carter "Rhythm of Brazil" (Delete Records CD Promo)

What a beauty you get with "Rhythm of Brazil", written and produced by Leslie Carter, Roland Clark and Marc Marshall. In the 'DrumApella Orig Mix", "Rhythm of Brazil" features passionate vocals by Leslie Carter and a lovely jazzy trumpet over a simple yet mesmerizing latin tinged drum groove, with the 'Main Mix' adding jazzy keys, melodic synth melodies and a full smoothly groovin' backdrop, turning the track into a delicious slice of summery latin house. Instrumental versions of both mixes complete the package.

AphroDisiax "Unfinished Business EP" (Jus' House Records CD Promo)

Gavin Peters and Sy Sez are AphroDisiax who present a four track EP destined to become a DJ's delight as all four tracks are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. The hypnotic title track "Unfinished Business" features captivating keys over a heavily stompin' tribal backing, while "Keep it movin'" is a rather minimal yet ruthless percussion driven broken beat styled affair. "My getaway" features poetic spoken words by Tim M West over a deeply stormin' tribal-tech groove, followed by the late night thumper "Right beside you" featuring warm keys and spacey synth melodies.

Beppe Gioia "Congo" (Unified Records CD Promo)

Beppe Gioia's "Congo" is a beautiful deep production featuring wicked vocal chants, lovely key hooks, wonderful jazzy piano lines and great synth melodies over a soulful yet irresistible percussion enriched backdrop, altogether spreading a feel good vibe on the dance floor.

Brazilian Soul Crew "Ubatuba" (Nulu Records CD Promo)

The Brazilian Soul Crew goes deep on the interestingly titled "Ubatuba" (which is the name of a city outside of Sao Paulo). The 'Samba Jazz Mix' is deep and laidback, having a distinct jazzed-up latin/samba touch to it that will bring a summery vibe to the dance floor. The 'Afrotech Mix' goes way deeper, being on a hypnotic afro spiced tech-soul tip loaded with atmospheric melodies. Watch out for future Louie Vega remixes featuring Anane.

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