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KT Brooks and Libby Jones "You are wonderful" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Joe Flame and his D#Sharp label kick 2008 off in a big way with the incredible "You are wonderful", a masterly produced vocal production featuring outstanding vocal performances by both KT Brooks and Libby Jones. Coming in none less than six equally brilliant versions (including remixes by Jaysun and Louie Balo), "You are wonderful" is all about the spiritual vocals and the infectious grooves that create an uplifting and resistless feeling that will catch you with every listen.

Joe Rizla featuring Natasha Koss "Just one night" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla follows up the wonderful deep house vocal production "Sunday afternoon" with the next bomb titled "Just one night", again featuring Natasha Koss who delivers a beautiful sweet vocal over a deeply stormin' backing groove that is enriched with marvelous jazzy keys and chords, altogether creating an irresistible vibe. Beside vocal and instrumental versions, there is a magnificent reprise (the 'Bassapella') included in the package.

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Exclusive Preview: Dom Navarra featuring Antonio Navarra "New life" (DaSouL & Hooger Re-Touch)(CD-R)

Italy's DaSouL and Hooger present their wonderful interpretations of Domenico Navarra's "New life", giving the song a deep and laidback feeling on their main take (available in vocal and instrumental versions) created by delightful jazzy keys and a mellow yet deep backing groove. The 'Positano Bros' version is firing up things to give it a more energetic vibe while keeping things soulful and jazzy.

Exclusive Preview: Peven Everett "Feelin' who you are" (Neter S Het-Hera Blu Fix)(CD-R)

Neter S takes on Peven Everett's "Feelin' who you are", delivering a masterly orchestrated, smooth'n'uplifting interpretation that is full of warm melodies created by beautiful keys and classic strings that harmonize perfectly with the soulful vocals, all nicely arranged over a deeply stormin' groove.

Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier "Do you even know" (Remixes)(Jaffa Music Records CD Promo)

Almost a year has passed since the original release of "Do you even know", now this beautiful song is back with slammin' new remixes on Jafffa Music. Raw Artistic Soul give the track a dubby reworking on a deep, slightly dark tip featuring wicked chords that together with the vocals create a hypnotic vibe (an instrumental is included too), while Soul Harmonics deliver a soulful re-rub full of classy disco-funk flavors. Lastly Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier give it a somewhat dirty sounding on their take that is built around a chunky backing groove.

Exclusive Preview: Treena Rose "Tell me all about it" (Cubanix Winter Heat Mix)(CD-R)

The George Mena & Frankie Estevez produced "Tell me all about it" got its breakthrough at the Winter Music Conference in 2004 (released on Jellybean Soul Records), now this beautiful song gets a welcome new interpretation by Cubanix who takes it to deep yet smoothly stormin' grounds with marvelous spheric chords accompanying the sensual vocals by Treena Rose.

Miss Yvonne "Confusion" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

There ain't no stopping for Consortium Muzik as they present another wonderful release with "Confusion" by Miss Yvonne. The original courtesy of Alan Smithee In Blueblackness is a beautiful laidback affair built around a deep mellow groove enriched with melodic keys and the sweet soulful voice of Miss Yvonne. Andy Tamashi is firing things up, taking the track to deeper grounds and giving it a hypnotic feeling, while Abicah Soul contributes one of his trademark remixes to the package.

Scarpi "Your love" (Reelgroove Records CD Promo)

Reelgroove have picked up Scarpi's "Your love" from Con Brio Records who released it in 2004 and serve fresh mixes of the tune. Santi Touch delivers a sublime vocal version built around a smooth funktified groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and melodic keys, serving as playground for the sweet female vocals. His 'Electric Soul Version' is a deeper affair that intensifies the funky flavors and adds a slight electronic touch. Lastly Ridney takes the track right to the main room with his harder edged dub remix that gives the track a more progressive feeling. Also included is an unreleased acoustic version perfect for lounging or chilling that is simply beautiful.

Mustafa "Vem quente que eu estou fervendo" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

We had the pleasure to bring you an exclusive preview of this smokin' release back in October 2007, now the full package is ready to drop soon on Stalwart. The original version of the beautiful "Vem quente que eu est fervendo" is a smooth and soulful latin rock flavored track featuring a sexy female vocal. Steven Stone gives the track a smooth yet powerful latin house outfit with a jazzy touch, while One 51 (aka Richard Earnshaw and Danny Jones) uses a bumpin' beat as base for his deep and jazzy interpretation. For the lovers of warm melodic sounds, there is a laidback remix by Mankz included in the package that oozes with soul.

Roy Ayers "Chicago" (Groove Assassin Remix)(CD-R)

Groove Assassin has made many of his remixes available for free download on his website, to grab them while you can. Lots of great stuff to be found, amongst them is Roy Ayers's "Chicago" released back in 1992 that has been given a respectful reworking for the soulful dance floors that keeps the jazz-funky flavors of the original alive while firing things up with a solid four-to-the-floor groove.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama & Mario Pagliari "Love EP" (CD-R)

Spirit of House head Michael Fossati was handed a CD-R of this track back in 2004 at the Winter Music Conference, but unfortunately it never got released. Now almost four years later, the track resurfaces and will hopefully get a proper release. The beautiful laidback "Love EP" by Italian producers Mario Pagliari & Mr. Mama is based around a deep yet smoothly thumpin beat that is enriched with dreamy keys reminiscent of the Pat Metheny Group classic "This is not America" alongside sweet and sexy female vocals.

Gonfish present "The Deep N Groove EP" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

The next release on SofiTone Records will be an EP courtesy of Gonfish (aka Jesus Gonsev and Javi Lopez) titled "The Deep N Groove EP" featuring four tracks all destined for late night / after hours play with their deeper than deep grooves and melodic chords and keys that create an intense vibe on the dance floor, while always oozing with soulful flavors that give the tracks sort of a laidback edge.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "Standin'" (Taka Boom Remix)(Slaag Records CD-R)

Eddie Nicholas returns on Slaag Records with the self written "Standin'" which we present exclusively present to you in the Taka Boom remix which is a fierce affair built around a stormin' groove that gives the track an irresistible vibe, with the wicked synths and great chords together with Eddie Nicholas passionate vocals adding a hypnotic touch you can't resist to dance to.

From P60 featuring Virag "New way" (Remixes)(Pesto Music Records CD Promo)

Last year's "New way" by From P60 which features a sexy vocal by Virag is getting a second life in form of this phat remix package. First up is Subsky who reworks the track into a deeply groovin' affair enriched with lovely chords and keys. Next is Christian Paduraru who contributes a deeply rumblin' interpretation that comes complete with spaced-out synths giving it a slight ambient touch. The Mulder adds a dub to the package that cleverly samples the beat from The Bucketheads' classic "The bomb" and uses wicked chords and old-school acid elements to create a hypnotic feeling. JP & Chris Mil's remix is a tougher affair destined for the bigger rooms, while Cooccer gives the track a deeply thumpin', slightly electrofied laidback sounding.

Exclusive Preview: The Suges "We belong to the night" (ToT's Joyous 83 West Mix)(CD-R)

The Other Timmy (aka ToT) is blessing us with a hotter than hot mash-up of The Suges' "We belong to the night" in its 83 West remix with the Quentin Harris take on Leela James "My joy", with the result being an absolutely irresistible track that will take dance floors by storm.

Zweiklang "Outro lugar" (Part 2)(MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

Zweiklang's "Outro lugar", the debut release of MusicPlan Records, is finally here with part two that brings you fresh mixes courtesy of label head Fabio Tosti who is firing up things to give this slammin' latin house track a stompin' feeling that is guaranteed to keep the crowd moving. His 'Peak Time Mix' puts the beats to center stage to let them create a more intense vibe. A very handy 'DJ Tool' completes the package.

Rasmir featuring Jose Casado "En La Casa" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

With "En la casa", Rasmir once more surprises us with a wonderful production where he explores new grounds and brings fresh vibes to the house music community. "En la casa" is a smooth latin house track built around a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, lovely guitars and a fantastic piano solo alongside a wicked spoken word courtesy of Jose Casado. The 'Freestyle Mix' is a stripped down alteration of the main version, while both the 'House Mix' and 'Late Nite Mix' replace the latin elements with classy synths and fierce grooves.

Exclusive Preview: Masters at Work "La India con la voe" (Mr. Mama DNY Remix)(CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama takes on the 1997 Masters at Work latin house classic which features the incomparable India on vocals and reworks it into a deeply thumpin' tribal house affair that creates a hypnotic feeling on the dance floor with the resistless tribal beat and cleverly used vocal samples. One to watch out for.

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