ImageSpirit of House is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with the Phil Kullmann (Raw Artistic Soul), a rising star in the house music scene. He is a produer, remixer, live artist and DJ.

The second Raw Artistic Soul album "Your got rhythm too" will be released on April 16th on GoGo Music (see our review here).

ImageBelow is an exclusive interview with Copyright whose "Defected in the House - Miami 2007" mixed compilation will be released by Defected at the beginning of march.

ImageSpirit of House is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Darryl James, a legendary DJ, producer and remixer out of New York, USA.

A biography can be found on page two, a discography on page three of this article.

ImageSpirit of House is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with the Audiowhores, one of todays hottest production and DJ teams that just started their own label Tempogroove.

ImageBelow is an exclusive interview with Dimitri from Paris whose "In the House of Love" compilation has been released a couple of weeks ago.

ImageBelow is an exclusive interview with Simon Dunmore, head of Defected Records.

ImageBelow is an exclusive interview with Gary Pine who was working with The Wailers back in the days. Now he teams up with Bob Sinclar for "Love generation", a tune that is set to rock the dancefloors all over the world, released on Yellow Records / Defected Records.

You also find a bio of Gary Pine below.

WacksideIntereview with Wackside taken by Thomas Fath.

Boris DlugoschBoris Dlugosch is one of the busiest German remixers and DJs around. He is hard to catch and talk to, but due to the nice help of his booking agent Mona Rennalls in Hamburg, I was able to set up a date with him in Frankfurt/Main. He just dj-ed the night before at U 60311, one of Frankfurts hot-spots right now and was on his way to Mallorca a couple of hours later, but took some time off to talk to me.

Louie VegaOn Ocotber 9th, a party held at the Ruby Club in Zurich/Switzerland with DJs Stephan Mandrax, Mike Levan and Little Louie Vega. Also scheduled was DJ Gregory from France, but he was unavailble.

José, the Manager of the Mad Club in Lausanne, brought Louie Vega over to spin both at the Ruby on Friday as well as the Mad Club (in Lausanne/Switzerland) on Saturday.

Before the event, we had the opportunity to ask Louie Vega some questions at the hotel room.

David MoralesDavid Morales, the DJ, the producer, the legend - he seems to be a myth and many stories are told about him, lots of rumours and gossip. Who is the man, who did such sensational remix-work as the mixes of "Lemon" for U2 or "You're making me high" for Toni Braxton? The list of the remixes he did, would be way to long to be published here and there are already other places, where the music-lover can have a closer look at Senor Morales incredible work.

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