This week we have a special 120 minute extravaganza for you. Enjoy !!

  1. MAW featuring Vitker Duplaix "The real world" (Yoruba Remix)(MAW Records Digital Donwload)
  2. MAW featuring Vitker Duplaix "The real world" (Instrumental)(MAW Records Digital Donwload)
  3. 2 Brothers of Soul featuring Aqeel 72 "Holidays (nu viaje)" (Piers Remix)(Delecto Records CD Promo)
  4. KC Jackson "All things praise" (e.deep Soul Mix)(Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)
  5. Jesse Outlaw "Satisfaction" (Original Mix)(Seed Recordings CD Promo)
  6. Groove Junkies "Oh Lord 2006" (Brooklyn View Interpretation)(MoreHouse Records Digital Download)
  7. Seminal Groove "Take me to heaven" (Euan Mitchell Mix)(SoulTonic Records CD Promo)
  8. Peven Everett "Cant do without" (Aaron Ross Restless Soul Heaven Mix)(SoulHeaven Records Digital Download)
  9. Twisted Rhythm "Too late" (Vox)(Solid Soul Records CD Promo)
  10. Darren Campbell "For lost friends (everybody be somebody)" (Sounds of Subway Dub)(MixTheGroove CD Promo)
  11. Lil Devious "Tonight" (ElektroOrganik Remix)(Double Shock Records CD Promo)
  12. Master Kev & David Vibes Tobon featuring John Crockett "Twisted" (K2wizzleUncut Raw Mix)(Code Red Records CD Promo)
  13. KenLou "The bounce" (MAW Records Digital Download)
  14. Fabio Bacchini "Night drive" (from the "Left Hook EP" on Ringside Records CD Promo)
  15. Mr.Mama "Snake shake" (CD-R)
  16. Scott Grooves "Around midnight" (CD-R)
  17. Hanna Hais "Jungo" (Main Mix)(ATAL Records CD Promo)
  18. Rulers of the Deep featuring Capitol A "Next sound" (Markus Enochson Vox)(ROTD Records CD Promo)
  19. Silk Stroke "African attitude" (Hotline Mix)(Look-At-You Records CD Promo)
  20. Seminal Groove "Take me to heaven" (SG Filty Dub)(SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

For promotional use only. The copyright in this mix belongs to Michael Fossati.

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