We’re sort of in advance for once this time in regards to our usual release schedule. This meaning that our weekly updates are to be made available within the next 24 hours or so. End of the month means the print of our 33 RPM section and this time we got enuff material to produce it. On the blocks as well, Marseille based DJette/broadcaster Céline’s latest contribution for IDMW.Com under the form of a chat with British producer Paul Murphy of Afro Art  + (for our French speaking readers) the part 3 of our focus on UK dance music’s history with the contribution of the Afro/Carribean community. As for our usual soundabytes (Single Of The Week, Vintage 12’’, Album Of The Month and Tennerz), we should get them soon back after some bug we’ve ended up discovering the source on our system. Thank you for your patience and continous support.

The least we can say about this after 2005 summer holidays is that it hasn’t been that exciting in terms of (new) album releases apart from very rare exceptions. Nothing that surprising, I’d tend to say within a period many peeps dunno what to think about, apart from the usual crap provides around. Hopefully the great return of Stevie Wonder with his first album after a 10 years hiatus should bless our hearts & souls.

Much more comps or collections of remixes around than artist albums on their own. Something also quite significant as far as the current situation is concerned. Lack of inspiration, faith… Finances ? Berlin outfit Jaazanova releases 2 albums in a raw. Firstly, the vol. 2 of the Secret Love series alongside Resoul, in a sort of post-romantic/loungey vein much more interesting than the latest beverage delivered by Stéphane Pompougnac with the help of a well know Parisian hotel ! Our Germans, true to what made their reputation whatever the subject of their selection is, show once again a real sense of aesthetics and sensitivity. Amongst the best cuts Freeform Five’s lascive ‘Slow, the heartbreaking and somehow groovy ‘Tell Somebody About Us’ by the likes of Brooks receiving the Akufen, treatment or Daft Punk’s lectrobossaey ‘Make Love’ as an happy end. This might be taken as white blues if not folk here and there (Sonar Kollektiv). The second LP sees the label headz displaying once more their abitily to relift whatever is given to them. Not that far away from King Britt in terms of eclectism and surprising combinations, seing the collective breaking at time with those famous nu jazz grooves they made themselves a reputation with, and experiment while adding tones inherited from the electro. As a result, they would eventually oppose the classicism of their rendition of MAW featuring Roy Ayers’ classic ‘our Time Is Coming’  to the dark ‘Song Of Will’ by Eddie Gale, if not their broken bleepy approach of ‘Honest’ for  Nuspirit Helsinki, which to me stands as a must of avant gardism.

Another piece of fresh air is that debut LP by the likes of a Mancunian thresome we’ve introduced you to last year right after the release of a killer groove called ‘The Mast’. In other words, RSL pursuing their revisitation of the groove with a whole bunch of live arrangements mixed with Latin influences. A collection called Every Preston Guild incl. the classic ‘Wesley’ Music’ reedited by Danny Krivit on Giant Step + the aforementioned , not to say ‘The Magic Of Spain’, which is their latest 12’’ to date. Not to be missed, indeed (Players). Respect also to the Rurals who, despite an obvious lack of support by the British press, keep on their way, with a melodic and intimate house based production as seen on Soulfields, gathering remixes and productions of’em. House but not only, as there’s also downtempo and broken beat and it’s sometimes not that far away from US label Naked Music. Cool !

Could it be that the current situation is the cause of Danny Rampling’s announced ceasation of activities by the end of this year ? We should get the response in a few days or so via a chat with the aforementioned to be published on these pages. Defected, which is probably the most productive label at the moment has commissionned the man to do a triple CD mix called Break For Love to be taken as a retrospective trip to no less than 5 decades of music (our Album Of The Month) as well as the reconstitution of a true puzzle whereas you may rebuild the various filliations. From the classic Paul Simpson’s 'Musical Freedom’ to the seminal ‘Relight My Fire’ courtesy of the late Dan Hartman and the shiny Mandy Smith’s ‘I Just Can’t Wait’ produced by… Stock, Aitken & Waterman. From the no less classic ‘Love Is The Message’ by MFSB as revamped by DJ Romain to Frankie Knuckles ‘Whistle Song’. From Sabres Of Paradise with ‘Smokebelch’ relifted by Beatless to ‘Crusoe’ by Art Of Noise. Something like a Panavision testimony left by one of the most emblematic faces that dance music has ever known. Big ups.

Defected itself and US label Soulfuric are far from being new ;  remember Simon Dunmore, then being head of AM:PM licensing the numerous works (productions & remixes) of Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy ! Not that surprising then to find them altogether doing each a CD mix with the addiction of Swiss label Purple Music honcho Jamie Lewis. All of’em in full effect on a feria of pumping house soulful and festive called WaxWars. Amongst the not to be missed cuts, the boiling ‘The Way You Love Me’ by Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz, Which I incendatlly happened to listen for the very first time last March in Miami without knowing what it was at the time, widely inspired by Teddy Pendergrass. The killing ‘Changes’ by Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Haze and the shiny ‘Swimming Places’ by the likes of Julien Jabre, on Dunmore’s mix. The timeless ‘Back Together’ by Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll, a cover version of the most wanted  ‘Runaway Love’ by Bobby D’Ambrosio featuring Lasala and the unmissable ‘I Shall Not Be Moved’ by Underground Ministries featuring Kenny Bobien, sur Tappert’s set. Then the fonky ‘Not Too Shabby’ by Cerrone, the captivating Michelle Weeks with ‘The Light’ and the directive ‘Keep On Giving’ by Mankz featuring Tina B on Lewis’s selection.   Well done folks !

Nuttin’ to do or so few with the volume 2 of the Klubb House series given to Jonny Williams. A collection of abstract filtered funk/disco quite energetic indeed, although with both linear selection and mix quite reminding of where Nervous was at on its latest month, while championing a whole bunch of meaningless tracky house tunes. Not that much of interest as far as we’re concerned to the sole exception of the vocoderised ‘Sweat’N’Wet by Duffe ! Much more interested in revenge by some stuff coming from the North – Glasgow – with Soma label’s retrospective of the year 2005 simply titled Compilation 2005 despite a real electroïd filliation. Cuts to be checked with care incl. the emotional and lascive ‘Tokyo Glitterati’ by Vectors Lovers as an opener, the ambient techno vibrations of ‘This World’ by Slam retreated by Whighnomy Bros full of breakdowns, the fonky ‘Under A Werewolf Moon’ courtesy of Silicone Soul. This + the addiction of an CD mix given c/o Lars Sandberg aka Funk D’Void.

Mix of genres, colours, fragrances on those pages you’re now familiar with. So why not then a mix of generations ? The proper of indamixworldwide.com, as well Impulsive – Revolutionary Jazz Reworked‘s qui seing new peeps – Sa Ra, RZA, Mark De Clive-Lowe, DJ Dolores, Boozoo Bajou, Kid Koala, etc – revitalising the elder (Charles Mingus, Chico Hamilton, Dizzie Gillespie, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders or Yusef Lateef). For those in search of those surprising experiments and without a doubt for some of you right here (Impulse). So long. MFSB

RON HALL & THE MUTHAFUNKAZ featuring MARK EVANS The Way You Love Me’ from WAXWARS (Defected)
MANDY SMITH I Just Can’t Wait – Cool & Breezy Jazz Mix – from DANNY RAMPLING BREAK FOR LOVE (Defected)
PHAROAH SANDERS Astral Traveling – Boozoo Bajou Remix – from IMPULSIVE! REVOLUTIONARY JAZZ REWORKED (Impulse)
RSL Inside Looking out (Players)
NUSPIRIT HELSINKI Honest – Jazzanova Remix from JAZZANOVA THE REMIXES 2002 – 2005 (Sonarkollektiv)
DAFT PUNK Make Love from SECRET 2 (Sonar Kollektiv)
THE RURALS Walk South Central – from SOULFIELDS (Pêng)
SLAM This World – Whighnomy Bros & Robag Wruhme Bukkelfipps Remix – from COMPILATION 2005 (Soma)
DUFFE Sweat’N’Wet – from KLUBBHOUSE 2 (Slip’N’Slide)

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