Looks like this incredible Indian Summer which we’ve had, much reminding of what to expect in NYC at this period of the year, has now come to a definitive end over there. Mind you, X’mas is less than 2 months ahead and we’ll be entering our third year of activity by the end of this month, meanwhile it’s becoming slowly time to think about what is to be remained out of 2005 ; your opinions, as usual being more than welcome on our forum.

As for this week’s menu, we’re very much on the (nu) groove tip both with the column of the likes as our current issue courtesy of Irie and a tribute to Berlin outfit Jazzanova following the release of the latest Remixes compilation. Meanwhile our French speaking visitors are to be delivered the last part of our focus on the History Of Dance Music as seen from UK…

Nu Groove

And here we are, back in full effect after a long summer break… with a bag full of new exciting ideas, goodies and memories.

So first of all let’s big up the firing Co-Op crew (IG Culture, 4Hero, BITA, Uprock massive Domu, Phlash, and all) from West London who tore up Notting Hill Carnival once more this year. Wishing them a happy 5th birthday celebration (to be held at Cargo, London November 18th) and many more to come!

Back in Paris, a much younger team starving like Marvin deserves all our support too. Talking about J.A.W., a fresh and vibrant collective who -after their first party with Kid Sublime/ Rednose Distrikt (Kindred Spirits from Amsterdam) this summer- have created the sensation of October by bringing for the very first time in France the man himself, the legend of house music from Chi-town…Mr Fingers aka Larry Heard!

Also in our French capital bigging up the brand new residency for Jayromefrom Shade Of Soul @ Djoon… the two first ones offered us 4Hero and Kaidi Tatham….hold tight. And also @ Djoon (on Sunday early evenings) a long overdue big shout out to Greg Gauthier, Amnaye and the Dance Culture team (and the numerous guests like Timmy Regisford andOsunlade)… not forgetting the fantastic house dancers! Unbelievable scenes on the dancefloor ! It’s a must that you reach out and see for yourself if you haven’t been yet !

On a more trendy, 'disco chic' kind of vibe (but with a serious underground and cutting edge agenda), we wish the best to Respect and D-I-R-T-Y teams. They just took over Le Milliardaire, an old hoochy bar near the posh area close to the Champs-Elysées. And judging by their line-ups, they ain’t mucking about: DJ Deep,Gregory, Daniel Wang, Todd Terje,Romain BNO, Solo, Patrick Vidal, Al Kent ...just to name a few !

Except Thierry Ardisson and his old court of Palace nostalgics, who said Paris was dead ? Not totally yet… we are still standing tal !l! And to rest my case, one last starry night you really have to attend is the almighty UR tour (Underground Resistance) with our very own ardent Defender of the D, Laurent Garnier + Los Hermanos and Galaxy 2 Galaxy Live !!! Those techno headz who were at the timeless UR night for Rex Club’s 15th birthday know, it’s gonna be very special!

So straight to the point: right now, what are the tunes that make us go …rewind !? The obvious one that springs to mind gotta be the first 12" offering from the Co-Op label… the infamous return of Likwid Biskitt : the evil combination between IG Culture and Kaidi Tatham. Be it the tormented "Inner War" or a red hot one spelled "Herbs & Spices" with a strong nod to Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters’ jazz-funk classic "Chameleon", this is pure twisted broken mayhem with sheer class and singularity, needless to say they are the true innovators of our era among many dull imitators.

Meanwhile tha Shocka… Mister Kaidi also contributes to the much awaited team effort of his heartical musical family, the insatiable Bugz In The Attic (for V2 next year). And if you love this artist like we do, you can even check his page on the fast growing mypage.com community...

Big as well in his own league, but also with a slight odd edge…this time on a moody and reflective tip à la Herbert, we have to give respect to the ever elusive work of a man named Pepe Bradock. His version of an already quite introspective spoken word piece "I Am Your Mind" by Roy Ayers takes you deep deep deep inside. Mine oh mine what a brilliant collaboration! This number surpassing the other remixes (bit more obvious but quite good though) from Mr V, Kenny Dope, Spinna, Osunlade et all on BBE records.

And from the new to the old, this is how we taking it nice and smooth…to the sound of two superb jazz (soul and more) compilations from Gilles P.

On Luv And Haight/Ubiquity, Gilles Peterson Digs America is all about the Brownswood Basement selection: uncovering too much gems to mention, from the epic 15 mn deep jazz odyssey by The World Experience Orchestra "The Prayer" to the sultry rare soul of Dorando "Didn’t I" or the folky funk-rock slide guitar cover of Stevie’s "Higher Ground" by Ellen McIlvaine etc… And on Ether’s BBC Sessions, you can find the best of all the exclusive jams recorded at the seminal Maida Vale studios for his Worldwide show, from Bilal to Peven Everett, 2 Banks Of Four and much much more…as they say on the brand new GP fans site, brownswood.co.uk ...unteachable.

And we couldn’t end this one love/nu groove edition without paying our tribute – once again and for ever ! - to the incredible brothers, Larry and Fonz Mizzell. Their genius producing unit Sky High making a stunning come back with a track aptly called "N R Time" to remind us they are still some of the real unsung Dons of this thing we called groove from the 70’s till now. And if you don’t know get to know all the beauties (with Donald Byrd, Bobby Humphrey, Gary Bartz and so on) assembled on their new self titled Mizzells compilation on Blue Note records. Until next time, loving you and leaving you with the good words of D-Train... Keep on, gotta keep, keep, keep, keep on ! IRIE

WALTER MURPHY Afternoon Of A Faun (white)
ROY AYERS I Am Your Mind - Pepe Bradock Rework (BBE)
DJ FUDGE & MANI HOFFMAN Chasin’ Love (Kif)
GREEN PICKLES Feedback (Sound Signature)<
HOPPER ? (Twisted Funk CDR)
GOLDIE Latin Skin (Metalheadz)
MIZZELLS NR Time (Blue Note)
BEMBE SEGUE Da Mind - Live @ Jazz Cafe (CD-R)

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