Not that much to appear on these pages these days doesn't mean that we've taken some break. As earlier said, we're currently working hard on # different fronts with the aim to provide you with an ever more performing space....


Time has come for us to enter our third year of activities and our first thoughts go to those who've contributed to help us becoming who we are today. In other words : the members of our team for their continuous effort and of course you for your regular visits. Those last months/years have seen drastic changes as far as the circulation of the information is concerned, but also the way to get it with an ever growing amount of you getting it via Internet as opposed to the traditional formats and more precisely the written press. This hasn't been without consequences for the latest with many titles leaving hard times. And neither for us, I'd have to say, putting us in the obligation to find the answer to a growing demand.

This said, everything has a cost and what applies to artists, producers and labels with illegal downloads cutting their incomes per 20 to 60% isn't that far away from the situation we're living nowadays here on IDMW.Com as on almost each other platform of the likes.

I still have in mind that very first time I came to see what was the skeleton of our site, conceived by the likes of my friend/partner Jean-Jérôme Lebel. We was back then in Summer 2003 and I have to say that I didn't jump straight on the wagon, wondering what we could bring and how we could do it as opposed to a reputedly professional structure and here is what we're at 24 months later with the pride of having prooved how we've been able to stay true to what we deeply believe in and who we are.

Nevertheless, time has come for us to try to reach a new step and this is something which can't be done without finances and the solutions to generate them. Not to mention the existence of appropriate structures which are about to become a reality in the days to come with the creation of a new company and the launch of our long awaited shopping department. Here, you'll be provided with a whole bunch of records covering the various aspects of the groove gathered along those last months and made available with the commitment and care which have been ours along the months as far as the treatment of the information is concerned, to be followed by a merchandising section whereas you'll be up to find our own T's amongst others. This means tons of details we currently have to sort out in order to be operational asap, then back in full effect with our usual editorial sections and, believe this or not, this ain't the smallest affair we've had to deal with since day havin'us on top of it relocated on some new HQ by the same time.

Remember how life is what we make of it and this fully applies to this site, this meaning that your contributions are always welcome.

Thank you for your continuous support ; it's what gives us the will to go further.

Frederic 'MFSB' Messent, editor

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