Yaow, yaow, yaow… Everyone deadlining at the same time with the aim to have everything ready at the right time, which is… next week, in case you would have forgotten!!! Same situation for us here on IDMW.Com with the last answers to the questions addressed to some of the Miami attendees on their way to our mailbox. As a result this week might be seen as the calm before the storm editorially speaking although you’re not to be left alone. We’ve provided you with a selection of the best Miami events as far as our perspective is concerned titled Miami 2006 (Best Time Out). Also in the pipeline is a feature with Ultra Nate’s guest this Friday. I guess some of you may already have an idea. On the review front, we welcome Stalwart A&R man Olivier Velay makin’ his debut with a new column titled Tried & Tested. Meanwhile our InDaMix section which will be entering its 4th year in activity right after the Miami gathering adds a bit of x-tra noise around some of the latest releases to date…


Miami, last call… All on board!!! Despite all this fuss about what has to be considered as THE event as far as the house scene is concerned, I have to say that it has become more and more difficult to make the distinction between house and many other genres we find the sources of 25 to 35 years ago. No wonder how this could be a surprise after all those reedits, remixes and reissues which have been put out over the last months. And who then would finally care as long as it has got the right vibe??? Or differently said, the soul!!! As a matter of fact, and although coming from different perspectives, it looks like the works of peeps such as Danny Krivit, Dimitri from Paris, Joey Negro and Kenny Dope on one hand, then DFA on the other could be seen as the sparkle which might well reassemble the countless families under one banner. Not to mention the contributions of the said nu jazz/broken beat/West London funksters completing the whole. That thing we at IDMW.Com consider as a whole as long as it’s groovy…

Those being fully opened to life in all aspects would know how important it is to start with the right opener. Music being NO exception as gorgeously demonstrated by a cut now fully available about which we’ve talked to you about on our last issue of the likes. In other words, Wil Milton with the vibrant atmospheric ‘Gravity’ quite reminding of Larry Heard’s previous works… Unless, could well also be inclined to start with the Ricanstruction Broken Down Mix of Myra’s ’Come To Me’ by the likes of Frankie Feliciano with that awesome Gigolo Supreme-ish trumpet part over soft keys and Latin percs, perfectly fitting with the Miami sunsets around some pool. A cut included in the latest delivery of Abstract Latin Journey by Julius Papp, in addiction to the awesome Matthias Heilbronn’s ’The Greatest Thing’ as retouched by Alberto Cabrera adding destructive keyboards which should gain the favours of the jazz headz. All of those made available (or soon to be) by our King Street/Nitegrooves friends who’ll celebrate their 13th B-day with a big party awaited at Opium Garden’s on March 25. And as if it wasn’t enough, they also deliver the right vocal cuts both with Joi Cardwell‘s ‘what It Feels Like’ remixed by Quentin Harris droppin’ a repetitive synth part over his charateristic rhythm patterns and Mink with the anthemic ‘Glory Of Life’ remixed by DFA coming out at the right time to celebrate the joy of meeting familiar faces after a too long winter. If diggin’ the grooves of the latest, then you should stick to Mary J Blige’s 'Be Without You’ although reworked on his Ext. 5AM Vocal Mix by hip hop hero Marley Marl awaited to spin in Miami alongside Franke Estevez at the Fuzion party on March 28 (Metronome).
Dope music provided as well by purveyor of the finest melodies Steal Vybe on what’s to mark their debut on French label Stalwart under the form of ‘Missing You’ featuring singer Cordell McClary. A pure slice of aural delite on its Late Night Mix Version enligtened with lush keys over an appealing vocal performance. Somehow reminding of Ron Trent rhythmically speaking but also Santana on the guitar solo. Gotta be patient though as this won’t hit the streets B4 Apr.10. Remember where you’ve heard it first!
Also awaited this year for a whole bunch of gigs are Jazzanova who’ve signed quite a curious blend on Fat Freddy’s Drop ‘Flashback’ over a weird slow house jam to be located between DFA and Musiq Soulchild, most notoriously on the ultra soulful Breathe Easy Mix (Sonar Kollektiv). On a sort of reverse way, DJ Spinna explores the nu jazz like Jazzanova did in their early days on his revamp of Ron Blake’s 'Tom Blake’ on Freestyle, meanwhile Osunlade in charge of the flipside gives it an old school African feel. Also awaited for a live performance in Florida is Peven Everett delivering the very best with the syncopated ‘Sexy One’ on Unified. On a much more abstract vein stands the latest Abicah Soul Project titled ‘Nakungi (Sequal To Diablo)’ subtly reminding of Candido’s evergreen ‘Jingo’ (Abicah Soul). Meanwhile, the so called Nephews Of Fela stay true ‘their’ illustrious uncle on the convincing ‘Mulah2/Uhuru Mash Up’ (white label).

No doubt how you’ll be exposed to Cuban music when in Miami and Matthias Heilbronn delivers the right display while retouching The Candela-Allstars ‘Brombombique’ on Candelas reminding true to the original version also available on this package. Quite interesting and also in the same vein is the debut release of Barcelona based label 2siders under the form of a shared 12’’ by the likes of Frances Faye covering Cole Porter’s classic ‘Night & Day’ and the immortal ‘Cubano Chant’ by Ben Et Sa Tumba. You may check the presentation of the 2 latest on www.piccadillyrecords.com with the addiction of always interesting reviews courtesy of shop owner Philippa. Vamos a la playa? MFSB

MINK Glory Of Life – DFA Vocal (King Street)
STEAL VYBE featuring CORDELL McCLARY Missing You – Late Night Mix (advance)
WIL MILTON Gravity (King Street)
MARY J BLIGE Be With You – Ext. 5am Vocal Mix (Metronome)
MYRA Come To Me – Ricanstruction Broken Down Mix (King Street)
NEPHEWS OF FELA Mulah2 (white)
MATTHIAS HEILBRONN Alberto’s Way Mix (King Street)
PEVEN EVERETT Sexy One (Unified)
ABICAH SOUL PROJECT Nakungi(Sequal To Diablo) (Abicah Soul)
FAT FREDDY’S DROP Flashback – Breathe Easy Mix (Sonar Kollektiv)

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