As promised as done with September seing not the return of Jamiroquai's famous 'Space Cowboy'!!! But the long awaited resurrection of the column which would give its name to our venture back in the daze!

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How'R U doin' up there??? Here we go then with the relaunch of our generic column, provided, as recently said by SpiritOfHouse head, Michael Fossati, with tons of good vibes around…

Could it be that we've entered a new cycle musicwise? Well I'd be very much tempted to say YES. And the reason to this should blow the heads of everyone there. In other words, with digitalization havin' allowed to put out music at much lower costs as opposed to manufacturing vinyls, more and more references have been dropped on the market, makin' the competition even harder with those willin' to have their names taken off the hat in the obligation to have quality on offer. And, as countlessly said on these pages, what is quality if not the reunion of elements such as the ability of designing atmospheres, havin' sense and entertaining, this most likely being at the source of the emotion???

Much as been said as far as house music is concerned, in terms of lack of lyrics people can relate to, but also in regards to its concept, often seen as too much predictable, with many people jumping on the same wagon. Well, those last weeks/months look like havin' shown the debut of a change as illustrated by numerous contributions such as Robert Owens's should it be alongside Ron Trent on 'Movin' On' (Need2Soul) or DJ Spen on 'A Greater Love' (MN2S), but also Terisa Griffin with the Terry Hunter produced 'Wonderful' (Soul Heaven), The Super-Phonics 'Dial L For Love' (Favouritizm) and Jihad Muhammad featuring Lorraine Reid's 'Open Your Eyes' to name but a few…

Ready to have the fire burning is London pair aka The Jinks with a whole bunch of things under their belt, beginning with the official release of the unmissable 'Like Music' (our current Single Of The Week as a matter of fact with an interview to follow this Friday, lucky ones!!!) featuring vocalist Zodiac being a pure slice of deep soul over a destructive groove on UK label MN2S. And as it wasn't enough the boys unleash their new Jinks Inc label with the sultry 'Up 2 You' featuring the exquisite Lady Alma on top form and a party to take part this Saturday at London's Industry. I wish I would have been there…
UK again headlining with the evergreen Brand New Heavies and the entertaining 'Let's Do It Again EP ' delivered in 2 # packs totalizing no less than 13 remixes!!! The first impression left being that they've managed to have a bit for everyone. From the Brit soul/funk headz with the Tom Moulton rework of 'All Fired Up' to those into the most progressive forms of (uptempo) R&B with the Philippians approach delivered on the title cut. But also the ones looking for more in yer face bits with the techy rendition of the latest courtesy of Jan vs Players Please. This coming in addiction to the Calypsoid remixes of Kenny Dope wearin' his characteristic electrifying approach. As for the pack 2, it goes on a more old school jazz vein from the beginning til the end with contributions from Tom Moulton + Neil Case and Wayne Jobson under the Bass over Babylon guise droppin' reggae/dub flavas on 'Get Used To It' with a preference going for the spacey Bass over Babylon Groove Remix (Delicious Vinyl).

Is this (modern) funk, lectrogroove or eventually dub??? Who cares, as long as it gets to the grips. Upcoming Berlin producers, Viermalair should no doubt make 'mselves a whole bunch of nu fans including NYC Deepspace maestro François K with the hypnotic Posh Remix of 'Beachwalker', not to mention the poppy dark 'Intrudeep', meanwhile 'Deep Motive' should tickle the curiosity of those in search of atmospheric vibes (Styledriver rec./Promo).

Camio Recordings drops another piece of art courtesy of Toronto-based producer Lonewolf alongside singer Claude Bain adding a touch of modern blues to the whole seeming like a modern rendition of funk on its original version, with Panevino giving it quite an interesting interpretation on a deep jazzy house tip over a rumbling phonky bassline. And as if it wasn't enuff, the story continues in the most brilliant way for the label with the awesome Groove Assassin 'Like What You Do' featuring Pete Simpson delivered in various veins, from label head Jonny Montana on a downtempo R&Bish tip to the Latin flavoured Dom Navarra's rework and… first on the list nu comer M-Sol finding the ideal combination on his vibrant reconstruction putting Simpson's vocal contribution into a heavenly environment.
I guess like most of you, I came to feel some instant inclination while first coming to hear of Tortured Soul a few years ago. Well, the effect remains unchanged as time goes as far as one of those rare live bands around are concerned with John-Christian Ulrich singing like nobody else and although their latest offering on Delicious Vinyl has been around for some time, can't resist mention it for those who may have missed it. A four tracker featuring the current 'Why' enlighted by the Midas touch of DJ Spinna scoring another masterpiece and a more intimate version of the evergreen 'Fall In Love' as redefined by TS themselves.
Quite an interesting gem which we've recently been graced with is the Spiritual Blessings rework of Patrick Dream featuring Roy Davis Jr's 'Feet Don't Fail' developpin a friendly Latin-jazz atmosphere around a solid groove (Mixed Signals Music). Another of our absolute favourite this Summer is Latvian outfit Craft B featuring Derek Conyer much responsible of the massive 'Sundancin'' on its instrumental version sounding like a modern version of the very best of the Garage/Jersey sound some 15 years ago!!! (Amber Muse/Promo). True to who they are, the Mood II Swing pair come up with another of those bouncing grooves which have been for much in their reputation along the years by the likes of 'It's Gonna Work Out' featuring Lauren. And if ever no surprising in terms of concept, at least a solid synth driven phonky jam (Strictly Rhythm).

Forgetting about the dancefloor pressure for a while and drop the tempo with US hip hop duo Panacea teaming with Raheem DeVaughn on the attractive 'Flashback To Stardom' as remixed by the hyperactive DJ Spinna, somehow reminder of Raphael Saadiq's approach, not to say London's famous Yam Who… (Rawkus).

Chicago vet, Glenn Underground makes his debut on UK label Need2Soul with the abstract 'Jive Assing' carrying those elements which have been for much on the man's reputation, while blending fragments of jazz with elements inherited from African rhythms with lush synths arrangements. The dub version, on a more directive mood over awesome percs, completing the package alongside the as subtle 'Manzana De Mi Vida' on a slightly funkier mood. Damned, luv dis !!! NYC label King Street looks set to mark the spirits this September with an impressive list of goodies beginning with the much in demand Dennis Ferrer havin' his 'Touch The Sky' featuring Mia Tuttavilla retouched with an extreme maestria by Spiritual Life head Joe Claussell transporting it into new territories where atmospheric hypnotism unless being the contrary seems like the KEY word for more than 11 minutes!!! Another true gem receiving the remix treatment on that same label is Jephte Guillaume presents AK's 'Shining Your Way' in a classy way by Blaze and Jihad Muhammad.

Ready to rock the floors, is France's DJ Gregory with the hypnotic nu lectrofunk/discoish 'You Are My Friend' dubbed with… a bit of vocals but not too much!, as the opener of the Back 2 Fundamentals comp awaited at the beginning of 2008 on SSOH Music which includes tracks by the likes of Franck Roger, Dimitri from Paris and David Duriez to name but a few. Meanwhile, the hypnobalearic 'Elle' on its original version made available for its rerelease on Defected is dubbed with a rework of Germany's famous Âme givin' it a frenzy lectromagnetic sounding with a bit of acidic twist. Copyright completing the package putting the whole into a Calypsoïd driven beat on their reedit. The quite in view Hanna Haïs could fairly well conquer the mainstream market with the festive 'Jungo' massively reworked by Brazilian upcoming producer DJ Mémé melting elements of his native country's rhythms with bangin' synth FX although leavin' a bit of space for deep jazzy vibes on the introduction (Atal Music)

I'm not ashamed admitting that I only recently came to get in touch with US producer, Rasmir (Mantree), after havin' my curiosity tickled by a couple of reviews courtesy of IDMW Swiss correspondant Michael Fossati. Being provided with a whole bunch of goodies by the man himself, I can confirm how he looks like havin' many tricks on his bag, the latest being the deep dark rumbling 'Living My Life Without You', with spoken words displayed over hypnotic lectrotechfunk elements creating a dark atmosphere, somehow reminding of the 1998 released 'Are You Looking For Me' by Underground Sound Of Lisbon on Twisted America (Mantree Records). No doubt how Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer's collab on 'Sandcastles' opened a new path for interesting not to say intelligent deep lectrotechy vibes on da floors. The story being continued with Swedish producer Tiger Stripes and his latest offering soon to be released on King Street under the form of a 4 tracker entitled the 'Safari EP' including the seducing Latin influenced 'Spirited Away' which might fairly well push further the series in the genre. But… wait a minute, King Street has another fatal weapon by the likes of the rockin' 'Begin' by the likes of Japanese outfit Bliss featuring female singer Juju standing as a brilliant synthesis of atmospheric disco/jazz/funk vibes on an uptempo vein enlighted by a couple of breakdowns and incredible arrangements. Speak soon and remember : support the artists/the DJ's/the producers you love with buying their music, going to their events and spreading the (right) word. Peace, y'all!

GROOVE ASSASSIN featuring PETE SIMPSON - Like What U Do (Girl) (Camio/Promo)
DENNIS FERRER featuring MIA TUTTAVILLA - Touched The Sky (Different Take by Joe Claussell) (King Street/Promo)
THE JINKS featuring ZODIAC - Like Music (MN2S)
DJ GREGORY - Elle (Âme Remix) (Defected)
CRAFT B featuring DEREK CONYER - Sundancin' (Original Instrumental) (Amber Muse/Promo)
GLENN UNDERGROUND - Jive Assing Dub (Need2Soul/Promo)
VIERMALAIR - Beachwalker (Posh Remix) (Styledriver rec./Promo)
LONEWOLF featuring CLAUDE BAIN - Big Tune (Panevino's Jazzy - Jazz Remix) (Camio/Promo)
PATRICK DREAM featuring ROY DAVIS Jr - Feet Don't Fail (Spiritual Blessings Remix) (Mixed Signals Music)
THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES - Let's Do It Again (Kenny Dope Remix) (Delicious Vinyl)

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