Here we are all going for another round with the usual hopes of a better tomorrow. Quite hard indeed not to think about all of those of us who've lost their lives or relatives in Asia, but as one time sung by Queen, show must go on. First Single of the Week and Album of The Month for 2005 are respectively the works of Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi and Louie Vega's Elements Of Life. Meanwhile, we provide you with a preview of the year to come instead of our usual weekly interview. Last but not least, expect a new version of IDMW.Com to appear one week or another as we're on our way to have a bigger server and welcome new editorialists…


Well, well, well… 2004 has come to its end and it's time to get ourselves ready to embrace a new exercise. Let us first hope that this one will be far better than its predecessor. Our first thoughts going to those of our brothers and sisters suffering at the four corners of the planet… Homeless, peaceless, healthless, and all the sorts of humans like us who've been left abandumned aside by our materialistic society. Couldn't neither pass on those who've left us last year, from Ray Charles to Ol' Dirty Bastard, James Whitehead (of McFadden & Whitehead fame), Nina Simone, Syreeta, Yavahn, John Peel and all of those we may have forgotten.

As for what gathers us here on IDMW.Com, let's hope that this year will be in the true vein of 2004 which saw real signs of improvement qualitywise and hopefully generated new search for the good.
We know how it's going to be a(nother) long way to see the music we love being recognised the way it deserves, but let me humbly remind you how it depends on each of us here. Artists, producers, DJ's, label execs, radio broadcasters and, first and foremost ; YOU as I !!!

After too many years, it's now time to stop taking everything for granted, telling ourselves that there'll always be someone to stand on our shoes doing what we're supposed to have to do and act for ourselves.
If reminding the words of many who've graced us with their thoughts, the first ones to appear are those of faith, work, dedication to what we're doing and consistancy. And these are exactly the ones we've taken for ourselves here at IDMW.Com, trying to provide you with the very best we believe in, on the best possible conditions.

As intially said since day 1, we came with the will of creating a space of free expression for the community and I honestly think we can say that we've done our part of the job, even though much remains to be done, starting with the launch of a new server allowing us to welcome you on a more spacey place.
Some of you have told us about the necessity for the scene to have a platform, then we've provided them with the hardware. But never forget that you are all individually responsible of what this space's going to become, while displaying the right info at the right time and we mean it.
Playlists, gig dates, events, material to be sent for reviews, mixes, free speeches, purpose exchanges on our various forum sections + also your feedback allowing us to stay true to your expectations… This is THE part of YOUR job and this all depends on YOU. This is the only way we're gonna show the solidarity, then the strength and the integrity of our cause, and subsequently give the proof to the world that there's definitely something valuable apart from the usual stuff on offer.

Stronger together… Make it right, make it happen !

On behalf of the whole IDMW.Com team, let me address you our best wishes of health, love and happiness for the year to come.

Frederic 'MFSB' Messent, editor

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