Another couple of daze B4 da big jump into the Florida gathering and its bunch of new (house) soundz ready to take the dancefloors by storm at the four corners of the globe. We talk about this B4 time this week and via its various aspects. Should it be MP3wise with a ride into, courtesy of its co-founder, Brian ‘Soulfuric’ Tappert. Via our Single Of The Week - the Blaze’s classic ‘My Beat’ revamped by S.U.M.O. - or via our editorials (The Other Side) and (In Da Mix) left respectively c/o DJ ADN and MFSB. We’ll house ya !


This time, this is it, having most of us fighting against the clock in order to have everything ready before embarking to Miami. Can’t wait to be there and see so many of my brothers (they know who they are) for a dive into aural heaven. As for what concerns us here on IDMW.Com, get yourselves ready for an unpreceeding coverage of next week’s event, with daily updates featuring profiles and interviews of some of our heroes having activities over there, previews, gossips, reviews, gallery and more TBF), meanwhile yours truly will drop some beats here and there on 03/22 and 03/26 (more info on our diary).

Tons of terrific pieces of wax on this ultimate selection before the storm, starting with the aptly named ‘Blazin’ by Japanese producer, DJ Kawasaki alongside vocalist Karin who manage to provide us with the ideal vibe for some poolside session, somewhere inbetween Blaze, Glenn Underground, Louie Vega and Joe Claussell. A true gem to be taken from King Street’s March delivery alongside killer tracks such as DJ Spen’s remixes of Kimara Lovelace’s ’Misery’ as well as Jon Cutler’s in yer face relift of Carolyn Harding’s ’Pick It Up’ to be considered as amongst the serious contenders in the days/weeks to come.

Another one of our current favourite tunes which is the sweet and subtle 280 West featuring Diamond Temple’s’Fly’ and its new versions provided by Blaze, not to mention some extra new interpretation by the likes of Felicia Temple putting the whole into another dimension full of sensuality to be deeply appreciated as well around some poolside with a Pina Colada (Phuture Sole). And the same comment definitely applies to the new versions of the Keep Hope Alive comp title track under its Roots Vocal Mix form featuring Dawn Tallman on King Street.

The ladies are most definitely back in number these days. Should it be the she of the 70’s classic ‘You Stepped Into My Life’ (Melba Moore) with ‘My Heart Belongs To You (Praise Him)’ on Soulfuric, Stephanie Cooke with the awesome Blaze produced ‘Love Will’ on West End or Sara Devine with the firing ‘Special’ (Vega Records) and Stephanie Mills ’Free’ on CJM both produced by Louie Vega, not to mention Ji-Lo’s newie ‘Get Right’, by the latest as well. Meanwhile Monique Bingham’s newie called ‘You Can’t Have New York’ should endly see the light during the Conf’ on Shelter Records with remixes courtesy of Quentin Harris. Those into some more banging vibes definitely gotta check Jonnie Polyester & K-Boy’s contemporary discoified version of Paradise Garage’s classic ‘I’m Here Again’ (by Thelma Houston on its original form) on Black Booty Records. A true stomper which might well provide the same kind of devastating effect as last year Shapeshifters anthem, we shall see… And to another extend The Brand New Heavies nu 12’’ - ‘Surrender’ - delivered with remixes by Grant Nelson (OneTwo Records).

Awaited at the M3 Summit, nu soul rising star John Legend has his ‘Ordinary People’ currently circulating on CD-R with some subtle rework by Jihad Muhhammad. Meanwhile, he’s former label mate on West End, Jeremias Santiago delivers the evilesque ‘Loopalicious’ also on CD-R.

We’re going back to West End heroes - Blaze - with their classic ‘My Beat’ being the first release on the newly formed Heya Hifi label by the likes of Sweden’s famous S.U.M.O. (our current Single Of The Week) in their usual Rebounce’s style. Meanwhile there’s another awesome rework by Franck Roger of Blaze’s ’Most Precious Love’ soon to appear on Defected. As for concerning MAW’s camp, expect their new album (or at least parts of it) to be revealed next week, beginning with ‘Loud’ by Beto Cuevas of La Ley fame who’s to sing it live at the MAW gathering. Meanwhile MAW Records 100th release looks imminent under the form of MAW’s ‘In The Real World.’ featuring Philly Don Vikter Duplaix.

Quite a while without seing Kerri Chandler in Miami. Well our long time friend is to be back there next week with a couple of gigs (see our’ DJ’s On The List page on the M3 section) and new amunitions on his belt, including a track called ‘Bar A Thym’, the name of which is taken from a place where everything used to happen in the of after parties during the 3 first editions of the Sunslice Festival in Toulon, South of France. He also have tracks for two French labels (one on Funky Chocolate) + his follow up to ‘Back 2 The Raw’ (called ‘6 Piano’s’ on Deeply Rooted House. Also awaited for a couple of appearances behind the decks in Miami, his long time friend, Dennis Ferrer has a couple of jams or rather say revamps of Glenn Lewis ‘Life Everlasting’ featuring Mjojo & Bongani on Funk La Planet label and ’Forever More’ for Moloko. DJ Spinna adding his silk touch to the already classic ‘Mesmerized’ by Mark De Clive-Lowe featuring Lyric L on Honest Jon’s Records.

It firmly looks like French producers have the good juice these days. Hard to forget about Franck Roger with a bunch of new 12’’, remixes and gigs in Miami, but he’s far from being the only one. As a matter of fact, we have Steppah Huntah with the boombastic ‘So Alive’ featuring Blue Smith delivered with a silky wickeed house remix by Teddy G (Soultronik). But also Sven Love who should unleash some recent works with Blaze during the Conf’. The revamps of Pascal Rioux featuring Mr Day’s ’Don’t Outstay Outside 2Nite’ by Erik ‘Daphreefunateerz’ Rug (Rotax) and ‘Deep Ocean’, another contribution from Mr Day alongside Patchworks on a(nother) winning hypnotic remix by Ron Trent (Still Music). In search of some cool Afrobeat ? Then check out ‘Antigua’’s version of Tom*Joy featuring Tony Allen ; the meeting of the threesome resulting in a fine piece of Afro brazilian sensuous jazz (Yellow Productions). Meanwhile, for those into deepa weird soundabytes, Mod X presents ‘The Quest’, an interesting blend of Afro/Jamaican vocal interpretation with electro dub breakbeat, leaving the B-Side to Paul Murphy going dark on some 4X4 soul beat with a bit of Latin retro feel (Ice & Spice Records). This leading us once more to the not to be missed Patchworks who, reversing his name onto Porkswatch, explores some cool abstract electrofunk territory on ‘Minotaur’ before going back to his usual guise with the jazzyhouseyphonk ‘Ain’t Nothing Like A Party House‘, both on Q-Tape label. And, to put an end to this French part, some awesome nu delivery from Jazz Liberatorz, somehow reminding of Yam Who ? under the form of the cool and jazzy ‘Loop Prisonner’ (Kif).

For those into Afro-Latin (world) sounds, Poji Records delivers a fine three tracker titled ‘The New Breed EP’ by the likes respectively of Sueno Soul, Pixel and DenPo varying from African to Calypso rhythms with an incursion into some more atmospheric territory by the latest. On a more traditional 4X4 beat, Jellybean Soul keeps on pleasing our ears with the latest production of George Mena under his Mena Keys guise called ‘Forever And A Day’ featuring Frankie Estevez and female singer Tabia na Moto. A pure deep and festive Brazilian influenced jazzy song dubbed with an awesome instrumental version enlighted by a dope flute part, to be somehow compared to the work of Soul Planet Jazz Ensemble. Not to be missed neither is the ‘Souls EP’ by Stacey Mallory & Basic Unit and more precisely the Cuban piano driven ‘Afrikan Soul’ exploring the abstract jazz territory, being one of my favourite at the moment (Iwanai Music). Ending up this pre Conf’ section with some sweetie which might also well worj as a starter. In other words, some atmospheric work called ‘Stars‘ by the likes of Luv City on Shelter with either a piano driven version or a synth driven one for chillin’. Something which regarding the current circumstances could well be considered as the calm before next week’s storm. Keep ya posted.

Peace, MFSB

DJ KAWASAKI featuring KARIN Blazin’ (King Street)
STEPHANIE COOKE Love Will (West End)
280 WEST featuring DIAMOND TEMPLE Fly - Roots Vocal (Phuture Sole)
STEPPAH HUNTAH featuring BLUE SMITH So Alive (Soultronik)
STACEY MALLORY & BASIC UNIT Afrikan Soul (Iwanai Music)
PATCHWORKS presents Mr DAY Deep Ocean - Ron Trent Africa Hi Fi Remix (Still Music)
STEPHANIE MILLS Free - Roots Mix (JM Records)
SARAH DEVINE Special - Louie Vega Remix (Vega Records)
BLAZE My Beat - S.U.M.O. Rebounce
PASCAL RIOUX featuring Mr DAY Don’t Outstay Outside 2Nite - Daphreefunkateerz Remix (Rotax)

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