The News for 1996.

News as of December 29, 1996

Liquid Groove Records have a few new things ready for release in 1997. H2O "48 hours" will finally be released (this one has already bin picked up by AM:PM Records). Already getting very good response, but only out as a handful of acetates, is Mute "Find the way (I witness)" which will be out on the new sublabel Liquid Vibes. Another goodie is Massflow "Beautiful dreams". Watch out for this label.


News as of December 22, 1996

Ann Nesby's "Can I get a witness" (AM:PM/Perspective Records) has finally been released. The same goes for Dee Jacobee "I'm alive" (with Todd Terry and Jazz'N'Groove Mixes) on Mercury Records.


News as of December 15, 1996

Urban Blues Project have another project with featured vocalist Jay Williams called "Testify" ready for release in early 1997.

Suntune Records have some goodies in the pipeline: Black Market feat. Lillias White "About you" (including mixes by DeepZone), D'Pack feat. After Dark "You and me" with mixes by Booker T. and Mood Life feat. Sony Rogers "Movin' on" which has been remixed by Mousse T. and Tommy Musto.

Mousse T. and Roger S. have remixed Fine Young Cannibals "Johnny" for London Records. Mousse T. has also done a remix of Lovebeads "This is the only way" for ProgCity Records.


News as of December 8, 1996

AM:PM has decided to put the release of Ann Nesby's "Witness EP" back.

"Ultra flava" by the Heller & Farley Project has been released in the US as a Double-Pack on dv8 Records. As if this would not be enough, Italian's UMD Records has released four different 12" - can you believe it?


News as of December 1, 1996

Maybe, Slip'N'Slide Records will not release the MAW remixes of Funky People "Funky people" in 1996. Rumour is they hold it back for early 1997. Only time will tell.

A White-Label of a Grant Nelson Remix of Michael Watford's "Should I say something" is around as a single-sider. Maybe this gets a full release with the Original Version which has never seen the light of the day.


News as of November 24, 1996

The new 12" by Byron Stingly "Get up" is the buzz at the moment. Out as a limited Test Press only, Manifesto Records will release more mixes (probably on a Double-Pack) soon.


News as of November 17, 1996

The new 12" by Everything but the Girl has Remixes by Masters at Work and Todd Terry and should be out soon.


News as of November 10, 1996

Can you blame AM:PM? After the boottleggs of Ann Nesby's "Can I get a witness" (it sounds so good you won't believe it is a boottlegg), they decided to release it on December 9. But be aware 'cause it'll be only available for a single week!

Beside the Ann Nesby Boottlegg, there are so many other bottleggs around at the moment, lots of them containing unreleased Hip-Hop gems. Unfortunately, this means that it gets harder to get Promos and Test Pressings because the record labels wanna make sure they know how has got a Promo.

Azuli Records has a few new 12" to be released in the near future: the Remixes of Thelma Houston's "All of that", a new one by Faylene Brown and a new one by Romanthony. Finally, no to forget, my friend Pino Arduini will have a 12" out on Azuli featuring Remixes by none other than M&S.

Watch out for the Masters of Work Remixes of "Funky people" by Funky People on Slip'N'Slide Records.


News as of November 3, 1996

The new 12" on Liquid Groove Records will be by Scott Wozniak. The Promos should be around soon.


News as of October 27, 1996

Ann Nesby's "Can I get a witness" (Mousse T. Mixes) has been bootlegged after AM:PM/Perspective Records decided not to release it. Get it, if you can.

Watch out for the Dave Morales Mixes of Jamiroquai's "Cosmic girl".


News as of October 20, 1996

Champion Records have just released two more Double-Packs of Kristine W. "Land of the living" with lots of Euro Mixes - what's that all about?

Tommy Boy Rec. will release the Mousse T. Mix of Amber's "This is your night".


News as of October 13, 1996

Mousse T. has remixed a track for Sounds of Blackness, which will be maybe their next single.

Still talking about Mr. Mousse T.: will his remixes of Ann Nesby "Can I get a witness" (Perspective Rec.) get released? Lot of confusion, at the moment it looks like it won't.

Michael Jackson's "Stranger in moscow" has been remixed by Hani, Todd Terry and the Basement Boys. The only Mixes worth checking out are the Dubs by the Basement Boys. And in Italy, some people are talking about mixes by Frankie Knuckles and David Morales - but might this be true?


News as of October 6, 1996

As mentioned last week, the Masters of Work have remixed "The boss" by The Braxtons for Atlantic Records which will get a full release soon.

"How hard I search" by Gena Bess will be re-released on Kult Records with new mixes by Benji Candelario.

"Land of the living" by Kristine W. has not yet been released by Champion Records, rumour is of a new single mixed by Kerri Chandler. Meanwhile, expect more mixes of "Land of the living".


News as of September 29, 1996

Remixer of the moment Mousse T. has done the Remixes for Amira's "Walk" on Slip'N'Slide Records.

The Masters at Work have remixed "The boss" from the Braxtons. It is currently out on a Boottlegg - will it get a full release?


News as of September 22, 1996

Summertime is over, so lots of release are coming your way soon. This also means we've got some interesting news...

Skuba's 'Kuba' will not be released because Azuli couldn't get the sample cleared - but there are lots of promo-copys around so you should be able to get it.

Freetwon will finally relase Fonda Rae's 'Living in exstasy'. The fight over Danny Tenaglia's 'Oh no' is over and it has been released this week by Twisted. Deconstruction will release the longawaited first single from Deep Dish in the near future with the album to follow in early 1997. Junior Boys Own will have the new Bookstone 12" released soon.

In Italy, the MAW mixes of Charisse Arrington 'Down with this' have been released commercially - so get your copy now!


News as of September 15, 1996

AM:PM can't be stopped. They are preparing a DJ Sneak Remix of Farley and Heller's "Ultraflava". They will also release the latest Jazz'N'Groove production from Soulfuric Records called 57 East Street.

Azuli is back as well. The next releases will be Disco Elements Vol. 5, the new Thelma Houston 12" and the Satoshi Tomiee produced Skuba "Kuba" - another reworking of the "Cuba" classic.

Talkin' Loud has just released a quadruple-pack Promo of the new Galliano single which includes Ashley Beedle remixes of "Thunderhead". He has done a House and a phunky version.


News as of September 8, 1996

AM:PM is set to release some Remixes of Absolute's "I believe". Shelter is soon gonna release the long awaited "Only you" by Charles Dockins. Check out Winx "You are the one" (XL Records 2x12") - there is a fine House Mix.


News as of September 1, 1996

Sorry, nothing new for ya.


News as of August 18, 1996

AM:PM is preparing the new 12" from Sarah Washington. Mixes will be provided by Hippie Torrales and Mood II Swing.


News as of August 11, 1996

Sources tell me Motown is finally gonna release Rosie Gaines "Closer than close".

It looks like the Amerian Major Labels have found a new interest in House-Music. Examples: Tori Amos, Pet Shop Boys, Toshi Kubota.


News as of August 4, 1996

In mid September, AM:PM are releasing Limited Edition Double-Packs which have previously only been available to DJ's to celebrate their recent success. Ask your local Record Shop to get them for you.

The NuYorican Soul Album (on Talkin' Loud Records) is gonna be delayed until next year.


News as of July 28, 1996

Sorry, but i don't have any breaking news for you.


News as of July 21, 1996

The fantastic "Your heaven" by Urban Blues Project has been picked up for a UK-Release with brand new Mixes by M+S.


News as of July 14, 1996

It's summer time and everything runs slow - even the music business. So we have to wait for some groundbraking news.


News as of July 7, 1996

Sorry, but I don't have any breaking news this week.


News as of June 30, 1996

More News from Liquid Groove Records: They've signed another song from Mike Delgado. They also plan to release '48 hours' sometime in the future (all who have seen Oli Stumm as DJ will know and love this one).


News as of June 23, 1996

Freetown Records have some hot new records ready for release in the next few weeks: the new Arnold Jarvis, an album by Kerrie Chandler and more...


News as of June 16, 1996

Billie's "Ain't nobodys business" (now out on Liquid Groove Rec.) has already been picked up by A:M/P:M for a UK Release. New Mixes are promised.


News as of June 9, 1996

The new one on Liquid Groove Rec., Billie's "Ain't nobodys business", is gonna be out by mid June.


News as of June 2, 1996

Mercury is gonna release an album called "100% pure dance" on June 11. It'll include, amongst others, a new 1996 mix of Bad Yard Club's "In the ghetto" (see also the 12" Reviews).

There is a obscure Bootlegg of Sade's "Smooth operator". Only one of the four mixes is good enough for club-play, but it doesn't make us of the full vocals.


News as of May 26, 1996

Gusto "Headbunger" / "Moodswing" (Bumble Beat Records)

Two different White Labels around at the moment, and it's not clear if they are gonna be released commercially.


News as of May 19, 1996

Love Tribe "Stand up" (AM/PM Records)

Finally, this one arrives on vinyl (to be exactly on two platters). This track has been around for about a year now. Mixes provided by Roger Sanchez, Wildchild, Alcatraz and the by Dewey B. My sources say the release is date is sometime in July.

Alexander Hope "Dancin'" (White Label)

This one has been on the Brazen Soundtrack back in 1994. It might get a full release, we'll see. It's a full on vocal Garage Track. Will it finally see an official release?