The News for 1997.

News as of September 28, 1997

D*Note have a new single "Lost and found" with mixes by Danny Tenaglia and Joe Clausell on VC: Records, which is out on promo now.

Northcott Productions have some interesting records ready for release over the next few weeks:

  • Key to Life - Remixes (SubUrban Records 12")
  • BOP "Thinking about it" (SubUrban Records 12")
  • Fallout EP (Fourth Floor Records 12")
  • Disco Agenda - EP (Fourth Floor Records 12")
  • D'Pac After Dark "Took..." (Crash Records 12")
  • Apollo Grooves Vol. 2 (Vinyl Peace Records 12")

Soul II Soul "Pleasuredome" is now available on offical promos on Island Records.

Work Records (USA) have released the Todd Terry mixes of Jamiroquai "Alright" on a 2x12".


News as of September 21, 1997

Did you know where NuYorican Soul found the layout for the cover of their album? I didn't know until today, so here is the explanation: they got it from a cigarre box out of Havana, Cuba. I can tell you this 'cause a friend of mine came back from Cuba and took the cigarre box with him as a souvenir.

Ultra Naté "Free" will be out again with new mixes by M&S in October.

Talkin' Loud Records have just released an official double-promo of the next NuYorican Soul single. The single will include new mixes of 'Sweet Tears', 'Runaway' and 'The black gold of the sun'. So no more need to buy the bootleggs.

Colonel Abrams will have a newie called "You're the one for me" (the old D-Train classic) with mixes by M&S and Tuff Jam on Sonic Soul Records soon.

This week, bad news were coming in: Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers has finally quit the music business and is working now as a computer specialist. Larry has enough of the industry: he was never getting the respect he deserved.

Champion Records have put out 'Aint no need to hide' by Sandy B on a triple-pack promo. As with many other promo packages, this one has many unnessecary mixes. In this case, only two of the six mixes are worth beeing checked. Both of them are by Deep Dish.

After the promos hit finally the street, Amiras "My desire" is now out on a bootlegg too with a different mix on the b-side. It is an instrumental version of the main club mix.

FFRR Records have released DJ Sneak remixes of Armand van Heldens "Ultrafunkula" on promo.


News as of September 14, 1997

The next 12" by Janet Jackson will have some house mixes included. Word is of mixes by Armand Van Helden.

The promos of the next India 12" "To be in love" on Masters at Work Records have been sent to the DJs last week, so the record should be out soon.


News as of September 7, 1997

Rumour is that there are gonna be new mixes of Ultra Naté "Free" on Strictly Rhythm Records.

K.O.T. have a new record entitled "The Session" on Groove On Records soon.

King Street Records have a Part 2 of Urban Soul "Show me" including new mixes by David Morales and Danny Tenaglia soon.


News as of August 31, 1997

The remixes of Wildchild "Bad boy" should be out on HiLife Records on promo soon. A review follows next week.

Not much to review this week: for some unknown reason, Swissair has sent the records to Geneva and not to Zurich - so I got no news on Friday. How can something like this happen?


News as of August 24, 1997

Sorry for not giving you an update last week, but there have only been three records worth reviewing so I decided to wait until this week.

Boris Dlugosch "Hold your head up high" has gotten a second double-promo on EMI Records including some mixes by Junior Vasquez, Derrick Carter and more. But look out for the double-pack on Realtime Records including some new mixes by Matthias Heilbronn.

Peppermint Jam Records seem to have a five pack album including unreleased tracks. If this is only a promo song or not - only time will tell.

The 97 remixes of "Plastic dreams" by Jaydee is promoed now on R&S Records as a triple pack including remixes by David Morales, Murk and Angel Moraes. It should be out in late september.


News as of August 10, 1997

Maybe you heard of the UPS strike in the US. This does effect the availability of US 12" - maybe your local record store did not get any stuff in this week (I'm lucky I could get this weeks records, but I don't know if I get anything next week).

Tuff Jam have also done some UK-Garage mixes of Kim English 'Learn to luv' which will be out on HiLife Records.

Boris Dlugosch "Hold your head up high" gets lots of remix treatment: In Germany, EMI Records have released a double-promo including new mixes by Mellowman, Mousse T. and Michael Lange. In the UK, Positiva Records have a double-promo including remixes by Juniour Vasquez, Julian Jonah, Club 69 and more. Still best in my opinion are the remixes on the Peppermint Jam Test Pressing I reviewed a few weeks ago.

D'Influence "Hypnotize" has finally been released, but unfortunately, only an edit of the Masters at Work club mix has been put out.

Armand Van Helden will release his first album on FFRR Records soon. It's an HipHop album, the House album follows later this year. There is also an album sampler around including a track called 'Ultrafunkula' - sounding similar to 'Phunk Phenomena' and already beeing hammered by the DJs over here in Switzerland.

The Backstreet Boys (yes the teenie band) have been remixed for the 'Undergorund'. On a promo only 12", E-Smoove and DJ Sneak got the chance to make some money. The E-Smoove mixes are commercial stuff while the DJ Sneak dubs are ok for playing, but nothing spectacular.


News as of August 3, 1997

No US 12" reviews this week because of our national day (the stores did not order any stuff) - all the stuff will be reviewed next week. However, some nice stuff from the UK was coming in.

AM:PM Records have licences Urban Soul "Show me" from KingStreet Records for UK release. On the double-promo, there is a so far unreleased 'Dub Appella' by David Morales included.

Do you remember Vicki Sue Robinson? She had a couple of club records in the late seventies. Now she has a new single produced by Junior Vasquez. The original mixes are really, really bad, but the Roger S. mixes are ok, but a bit to commercial.

The Bohannon disco-classic "Let's start the dance" has been remixed by Joe T. Vannelli and is out on 2x12" on DreamBeat Records now. But I prefer the original mix for its funky feeling.


News as of July 27, 1997

What an amount of releases from the US this week - just see my review page. This might be the last week with that much good stuff - people are on holiday (in Italy the stores are closed for a month) so a summer break should be near.

Some stuff to look out for: "Solid ground" by Jasper Street Company on Basement Boys Records, a compilation on Minimal Records, Amira's "My Desire" on VC: Records (they picked it up from Slip'N'Slide Records), some new Tuff Jam remixes of Martha Wash "Carry on" on Delirious Records and an album by Blaze on Slip'N'Slide Records.

Italian label Suntune Records has lots of stuff in the pipeline: "A song" by Byron Stinigily with mixes by Mousse T., remixes of Boris Dlugosch "Hold your head up high" and much more.


News as of July 20, 1997

The David Morales Remix of Jaydee's "Plastic dreams" should be out soon on R&S Records and is set to be absolutely massive.

Ce Ce Penistons' "Finally" has been remixed by Eric Kupper for release on AM:PM Records.


News as of July 13, 1997

We've all been waiting for the new single on Liquid Groove Records (an acetate has already been reviewed on this page a few month ago). The next single appears to be released in September and will be something brand new.

Armand van Heldens album on FFRR Records will be Hip Hop and not House. The second album will concentrate on House. But before that, new mixes of 'Phunk Phenoma' by X-Press 2 and Ballistic Brothers will be released.

The boottleggs won't stop: a Roger S. remix of Chic "I want your love" has just come around the corner.

The 2x12" of Rosie Gaines "Closer than close" has been released last week on Big Bang Records.


News as of July 6, 1997

It's nice to see Strictly Rhythm Records back on track with some real fine vocal anthems like Ultra Naté or Black Magic. Still to come is Visual feat. Barbara Tucker produced by M&S. On their subsidiary Groove On Records is to come soon a nice 12" by D'Menace.

The next BlueBoy 12" will be "Sandman" including remixes by Farley & Heller.

And we're still waiting for lots of fine records like the new 12"s by Kim English, India, Byron Stingily and so on. Will this records make before the summer break or have we to wait until September? I just don't hope so.


News as of June 29, 1997

Moné "Real man" is boottlegged, but the quality is poor. Also on boottlegg are the Todd Terry mixes of Byron Stingily "Over you".

Watch out for the new 12" by Key to Life on Subarban Records.

And don't miss the new Philip Ramirez 12" on Crash Records.

"The funk phenomena" by Old School Junkies 2 is out in new mixes on a double-pack on Henry Street Records now.


News as of June 22, 1997

The release of George Benson "Song for my brother" on italian label Airplane Records is a bit confusing: first, this label is not allowed to do any exports (this is why I still have no copy) and second, it should not have been released at all. Interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks...

David Morales has remixed the next 12" for Juliet Roberts which will be out on Delirious Records.

Jay Williams "Testify" will be released as 2x12" on Diffusion Records on June 23 including the in-demand mixes by Tuff Jam.

And what happened to Alison Limerick? She has a new 12" called "Put your faith in me" on Jammin' Records - and it's very, very commercial. Too bad - she has done better in the past.

Slip'N'Slide Records will soon release Volume 4 of their series "Jazz in the House" inlcuding tracks by Eric Kupper, Groove Box, Ruffneck and more.

I can't wait for the David Morales remix of Jaydee "Plastic dreams" on R&S Records.

Lil' Louis has a new 12" on Strictly Rhythm Records coming soon: "Let it go" by Black Magic.

And finally, "Saturday" by East 57th Street will be re-released on AM:PM Records featuring vocals by Donna Allen.


News as of June 15, 1997

Ok, the summer break is coming near, but we still can expect some good releases befor that. Among them is Mad Moses "Panther party" on HiLife Records including a Todd Edward Mix.

"The way" by Funky Green Dogs is out now on Twisted Records US as 2x12" including even more mixes than the promo twin-pack.

M&S (aka Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli) have remixed "Moments of my life" by Bobby D for Sound of Ministry. They've also some new productions coming out soon: Urban Spirits "The pressure" on Worx Records and Visual feat. Barbara Tucker "Bring u love" on Strictly Rhythm Records. Meanwhile, see my review of their remixes of Yo Yo Honey "Groove on" on Worx Records.

AM:PM new subsidary Diffusion Records has a fantastic 4-track sampler out on double-pack promo - get it if you can (I'm still looking for my copy).

We've got to look out for the Italian label Airplane Records (part of Zac Records). They do licence lots of american releases like B-Crew "Party feeling" featuring Barbara Tucker, Moné, Ultra Naté and Dajae. It's produced by Eric Morillo. Also out there are the Masters at Work remixes of "Song for my brother" by George Benson.

Watch out for the "Abstract Jazz Lounge" Album on King Street Sounds which should be out very shortly.

And finally for all Todd Terry fans some good news: his album is out this monday!


News as of June 8, 1997

Depeche Mode "It's no good" has been remixed by Club 69 but won't get released - Depeche Mode say "it has nothing to do with our music". Maybe I can get a promo and do a review of it.

The new Amira "My Desire" has already been picked up by Virgin Records - so maybe there won't be a release on its original laben Slip'N'Slide Records. By the way, it's an Blaze production.

We can expect a whole remix album of Ten City classic hits soon. After that fantastic remix of "All loved you" I can't wait for it!


News as of June 1, 1997

Good news from the Urban Blues Project boys: their massive 'Real man' sung by Moné will be released! Now, let's hope that 'Fall down' by Michael Proctor will also be released - there are still some rumours about troubles between Michael and the U.B.P.

The official release of Ultra Naté "Free" on AM:PM Records is delayed for a week or two, and still no review done by myself - i just couldn't get hold of all the promo copies so far.

Finally, I just heard "Learn 2 luv" by Kim English, and let me tell you this is another killer production by those magnificient Mood II Swing!


News as of May 25, 1997

Watch out for an Internet Site full of information about the House-Music-Scene here in Switzerland! Should be on the net by ealry July, and probably it'll include information provided by me - you'll see.

OK, I finally managed to get the Ann Nesby "Hold on" Double-Pack Promo on Perspective Records. It does include the Dub Mixes by Mousse T., the Instrumental by Blaze and an Acapella. Definitely worth trying to get it.

Todd Terry has an album on the way which is already getting lots of hype for some of its tracks.


News as of May 18, 1997

Did you ever get Sabrinah Pope's "Shelter" on Deep Vision Records (only 500 copies made, out last year)? If not, there are some good news: a swiss label has picked it up and will release it with new mixes by (probably) Mousse T. and Aston Martinez.

Aston Martinez has also remixed Future Force "Puttin a rush on me", but AM:PM Records won't release it. Luckily, the Dub will be released on Aston Martinez own EP on Swing City Records.

AM:PM Records have released the UK Promos of Ultra Naté "Free" including remixes by Full Intention and RIP. Watch out for a review to come, hopefully next week.

Michael Jackson "Blood on the dancefloor" has been released over three 12" on Epic Records. The only one to get is the one with the blue cover including the 'Fire Island Dub' and the Roger S. mixes of "Dangerous".


News as of May 11, 1997

Oh man! MAW Records - the home of you know who this guys are - have just released KenLou V and Louie Vega seems to play already the KenLou VI thing. These MAW guys are on a roll... But before that we'll be served with India "La India con la vre" and Corvino Trax "Primo latin groove".

One of those two George Benson songs remixed by the MAW guys is "Song for my brother".

Hopefully, Slip'N'Slide Records will release Amiras "My desire" soon - but it may already been picked up by a major (word is of Virgin Records).

Michael Proctors new 12" entitled "Fall down" will be released on SoulFuric Records soon.


News as of May 4, 1997

When was the last time you did buy an 7" single? Mine was last friday - find out at the reviews page what it is.

As a follow up to his participation in the NuYorican Soul project, George Benson has decided to let the Masters at Work do remixes of two of his songs. Something to watch out for...

By the way, I had the chance to see some picture of the NuYorican Soul Release Party at the Supper Club in New York City on March 13. German tv station VIVA 2 showed lots of interviews and pictures from the live jam session. Too bad I couldn't be there...


News as of April 27, 1997

Last week, I reviewd Ann Nesby "Hold on" (AM:PM Records) and stated all mixes are done by Mousse T. But in fact, the smooth mix is by Blaze. If you can, try to get the US-Double-Promo on Perspective Records which has all the Dubs (I don't have a copy yet - can anyone help me getting one?).

Todd Terry releases another track on his Loudhouse Records: Tyme Force "I don't understand".

An obscure 12" of Erykah Badu "On & on" arrived from the US including two house mixes of her worldwide hit. Looks like a boottlegg to me...

Also out are new mixes of Southern House-Po-Tality "Stop" by DJ Spen & Josane on Basement Boys Records.


News as of April 20, 1997

For all of you who missed the NuYorican Soul Six-Record-Pack on Talkin' Loud Records last year, there is a Four-Record-Album on Giant Step Records US.

It has been quiet for a few weeks, but now another interesting boottlegg is around: Mousse T. Remixes of a Sade song. As soon as i get it, i'll do a review.


News as of April 13, 1997

Strictly Rhythm Records have increased the 12" prices for all labels they distribute. They are now more expensive than the 12" from the majors. By the way, the Remix-Double-Pack of Jay Williams "Testify" on Soulfuric Records sells for the price of a Double-Album. Do they think they can sell a lot with this kind of pricing?

The Brand New Heavies "Sometimes" is out as a Double-Pack on Delecious Vinyl Records in the US including a new, 10 minute long Masters at Work Version. Check it out!

Azuli Records will have lots of releases in the near future, some of them already discussed on these pages. Next will be M.A.S. Collective feat. Su Su Bobien "Another story" and Deep Bros. feat. Michael Watford "You got it" (only out as a one-sided Test Pressing so far).

Deconstruction Records will release the new 12" by D'Lacy called "All I need", another fab Blaze production.

Hi Life Records have not even released Kim English "Supernatural", they are already talkin about the follow up "Learn 2 luv" which will feature versions by Mood II Swing. Also due out soon: Mad Moses "Panther Party" with mixes by Todd Edwards.

And yes! Definity Records have released their long awaited first release: Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks "Moments of my life".


News as of April 6, 1997

News form the Winter Music Conference in Miami:

  • MAW Records are preparing new, slamming releases: a new KenLou 12", a new India 12" and a new Ruffneck 12".
  • The new Moné 12" "I'm a real man" won't be out - she's got trouble with the guys from Jazz'N'Groove. Jazz'N'Groove are now looking for a new singer.
  • Soulfuric Trax will soon release a 12" by Da Mouch - it's got a slamming Dub Mix (if you liked "Saturday", you'll love this one!).
  • On Soulfuric Records, the remixes of Jay Williams "Testify" will be out as a Double-Pack including the Vocal Mix by Mousse T., the Roger S. Mixes and an Accapella.
  • AM:PM Records just released some Test Pressings of their forthcoming releases including the Eric Kupper Remixes of H2O feat. Billie "Satisfied".
  • And, of course, lots of parties happened - including the Def Mix Party and a MAW Party where Louie Vega played the new NuYorican Soul "It's alright, I feel it" for half an hour!

The Dave Morales Mixes of the Spice Girls "Who do you think you are" (Virgin Records Promo 12") can't make it to make Review Page - they're just not good enough.

For all you Todd Terry freaks out there: he's got a new label - Loadhouse Records. The first three releases are House of Gypsies "Feel the rhythm", Black Riot "Some body" and CLS "Set if off".

Bobby D'Ambrosio "Moment of my life" on Definity Records is delayed for some (unknown) time.


News as of March 30, 1997

Can you believe Nervous Records? Everyone is waiting for Byron Stingilys "It's over" - but instead, they release more remixes of "Get up". So whats the point?

Atlantic Records US will release the Deep Dish Mix of All Star Madness "Magic" soon. And, of cours, it's a Double-Pack.

Todd Terry has a new label to release some off his stuff: Loudhouse Records. The first two releases are CLS "Set if off" and Black Riot "Some Body".


News as of March 23, 1997

The Winter Music Conference in Miam is on its way, so let's wait and see what will be the hype record...

SubUrban Records have released a triple album including the unreleased Tommy Musto Mix of Ruffnecks "Move your body".


News as of March 16, 1997

The Brand New Heavies "Sometimes" has been released on a Limited Edition 4-record Box Set on FFRR Records. The house mixes are by Masters at Work (reviewed a few weeks back) and Dimitri from Paris.

Another bootlegg is doing the rounds: it features the new 12" by Byron Stingily "It's over" and the Todd Terry Mixes of Jamiroquai's "Alright". When does this bootlegg-thing ever stop?

Minimal Records have a few goodies in the pipeline: "Be with you" by Soul Creation and "Armed and extremely dangerous" by First Choice.

And yes, Mousse T. again: he has remixed Ann Nesb'y "Hold on" for Perspective Records. Can't wait for this one...

And I just heard the Armand van Helden mix of NuYorican Soul's "It's alright, feel it". A deep and funky affair in true van Helden style.


News as of March 9, 1997

Now it's official: What began as a rumour over a year ago, has become true: Oliver Stumm and Stephan Mandrax (aka H2O) split up. Stephan Mandrax had to leave the New York office. But this split should not effect future releases on Liquid Groove Records.

4th Floor Records (a big contender in the House-Music scene of the late eighties) is back. They'll be distributed by Northcott Productions. The first release will be a freddy Turner production: World Class "I got what you need" which is followd by an EP by Mateo & Matos. Northcott also has two new releases on SubUrban Records, one among them is the new one by Helen Brunner.

Yazz is back. She covered "Never can say goodbye" which has been remixed by Roger Sanchez and will be put out by EastWest Records.

The next 12" by NuYorican Soul will be "It's alright" in mixes by Roni Size and Armand van Helden on Talkin' Loud Records.


News as of March 2, 1997

Salsoul Records are releasing some of their greatest moments again on 'Back-To-Back Classics', a new series containing some of their back catalogue.

Robert Owens all-time classic "I'll be your friend" will be re-released on Perfecto Records. Hopefully, there will be some house mixes (as of now, only mixes by Paul Oakenfold and SPS are confirmed).

Mousse T. (him again!) has remixed Kim English 'Supernatural' which should be around on promo on HiLife Records soon.


News as of February 23, 1997

Can't wait for Alexander Hope's new 12" - a fantastic Blaze production which will be out on Slip'N'Slide Records soon.

R&B-singer Aaliyah gets the house-remix treatment: her 'One in a million' has been remixed by a few unknown guys along Armand van Helden (he has done a Junlge Mix!) and Geoffrey Curtis who has done a nice house workout.

Everyone is hunting down Bobby D's "Moments of my life". I had the chance to hear it on Acetate - one of the best things I heard for month!

There is a new 12" by Ce Ce Rogers and his Sister Sonja (as a duet) on the way - and Mousse T. is among the remixers.


News as of February 16, 1997

Yes, we do have to talk about bootleggs this week: the Derrick Carter Mixes of Byron Stingily's "Get up" have been bootlegged. The same happend to the Fire Island Mixes of Simply Red's "Money's too tight to mention".

The first 12" on Definity Records, the new label of DefMix Productions (home of Dave Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie and Bobby D) will be Bobby D's cover of the old classic "Moments of my life". Watch out for it.


News as of February 9, 1997

The Mousse T. Mixes of NuYorican Soul's "Runaway" will be out on February 24 as a Limited Edition 12" on Talkin'Loud Records.

The NuYorican Soul Album will be out on February 17 as a Limited Edtion Double-CD for all people who couldn't get a copy of the Box-Set.

Romanthony will have an Album out on Azuli Records very soon - including some of his older work in new mixes.


News as of February 2, 1997

Another Bootlegg has hit the street recently: Urban Blues Project feat. Jay Williams "Testify". The UBP guys have sent a DAT to their friends to get them the opportunity to make a Dub-Plate, but one of them decided to to a Bootlegg. It should have been released in March, but with the Bootleggs around, it will be released in early February.

Also, some Roger S. and Grant Nelson mixes of Janet Jackson have been bootlegged.


News as of January 26, 1997

Armand Van Helden has remixed Insomnia "Faithless" for the US-Release on Arista Records.

The new 12" by Crystal Waters should be out soon on Mercury Records in mixes by Todd Terry and Frankie Knuckles.

The remixes of Gisele Jackson's "Love commandments - Part II" are out now on Waako Records.


News as of January 19, 1997

Jay Williams "Testify" (Soulfuric Records) looks to be released on two Double-Packs in lots of mixes by Urban Blues Project, Roger S., Mousse T. and Aston Martinez (a Swiss DJ).

Byron Stingily's "Get up" has been released this week in a total of 14 mixes spread over a couple of 12". Nervous Records (USA) and Suntune Records (Italy) have both released two 12", while Peppermint Jam Records (Germany) and Manifesto Records (UK) have released one 12". Some new mixes by the Peppermint Jam-Posse (Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T. and Michael Lange) are included on some of this releases. Check out for yourself which mixes suit your taste best.


News as of January 12, 1997

Byron Stinily's "Get up" will be out this week. Look out for UK-mixes on Manifesto Records, Mousse T. and Boris Dlugosch Mixes on the german Peppermint Jam Label, and some more mixes on Nervous Records who have two 12" ready for release. Suntune Records from Italy will also have an release.

Nu Yorican Soul's "Runaway" will be out on Talkin' Loud Records soon including mixes by Armand van Helden and the Masters at Work. The Mousse T. Mixes won't be out on Talkin' Loud - let's hope they will be released elsewhere.

Jamiroquai's "Cosmic girl" has been released in the USA on Work, a subsidiary of Sony Music. Now you should be able to grab your copy in your record store (the european release wasn't available in the UK because all units were sold to Italy).