The News for 1998.

December 28, 1998

One really nice christmas present is given to us by MAW Records: the release of their "Tribute to Fela Kuti" is only a few weeks away (the lucky ones already have the promo)...

Liquid Music (run by swiss DJ Oliver Stumm) has many goods to offer in 1999, including a new 12" by Giselle Jackson (produced by Louie "Balo" Guzman) and Roland Clark. H2O will be back too with a new album and a new 12" soon.


December 20, 1998

The highly saught after Danny Tenaglia mixes of "Little fluffy Clouds" by the Orb have been released on Island Records on 2x12". Weird Twilo sounds...

Christmas is near, so this might have been the last update for this year. Ok, I'm just kidding, you will get an update next week (I'm still waiting for some records to come in any day now).


December 13, 1998

Somehow, all record stores over here did manage not to get the Charles Dockins album on Slip'N'Slide Records. Man, did they make me angry...

Muggsy Records released "And there ain't" by DBX, a slamming Kenny Dope production (I think this has already been released a few years ago).

I just realised this week that the offical 12" of "It's alright" by Charles Dockins feat. Sheila Ford on Slip'N'Slide Records has not the original C-Dock mixes that were on the US white label (but these were the mixes played by the likes of DJ Disciple).


December 6, 1998

The Masters at Work remixes "Bliss" by Mutiny should be around soon on SunFlower Records.

"Flowers" by Roland Clark (produced by Armand van Helden) is getting lots of attention, but no details available at this time.


November 29, 1998

What a bad week for new records. It can only get better. Or is everyone already feeling christmas??

The triple album on Z Records I've been talking about last week is the album by the Sunburst Band. They will also have a new single by Mistura.

Again, it's bootlegg time. There are some tasty remixes of Loleatta Holloway's "Dreaming", there is the Grace Jones track that could be titled "Hurricane", there is a new and smooth Sade titled "Removable Tattoo" on H.O.A. Records, and finally there is Punk Revenge, a vocalized version of Gusto's "Disco Revenge".


November 22, 1998

The "2 Future 4 U" EP by Armand Van Helden is now released in the US on AVH Records (good luck reeding the information on the record - what kind of font did they use???).

Z Records will have a triple album out soon with new material by Joe Negro (aka Dave Lee).


November 15, 1998

"Sunrise" by Wet Dreams with Kenard is now offically released in the US on Twisted Records. This double-pack release has more mixes than the UK promo had, and best of all the "Cevin's Morning Club Mix' is now extended to over 10 minutes.

There will be a new Incognito 12" titled "Night over Egypt" with Masters at Work remixes on Talkin' Loud Records later this year.

WestEnd Records, the legendary 80s dance music label, will be relaunched soon. The first release will be "I'm coming" by Taana Gardner, one of the biggest stars of the label in the 80s.  The launch party will be held at the Body & Soul club on november 27.

Clairaudience Records are back, now distributed through Wave Music. They will have the album "Clairaudience: Songs Inspired by Life and Movement" soon.


November 8, 1998

Nothing really special happening, but of course there is lot of stuff waiting to be released (just check the Tony Humphries playlist if you can). Among all those records, we still have to wait for the remixes of the massive "Music sounds better with you" by Stardust which should include Dimitri from Paris on remix duties.

November 13 should see the relase of "Wonderful people" by Black Masses on Masters at Work Records.

"Let it go" by Kings of Tomorrow has been released on Distance Records with the original version and a new remix. Originally out on DeepVision Records in a very limited run, this is your chance to grab a copy.


November 1, 1998

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for Charles Dockins album to drop on Slip'N'Slide Records (I could not get a new release date so far).

Dimitri from Paris has a his new 12" "Une very stilish fille" out on double-promo on Atlantic Records in the US.

For the lucky ones, there is a bootlegg of a house remix of a Grace Jones song available (rumours say it is mixed by Tommy Musto).


October 25, 1998

Columbia Records reacted real quick after the bootleggs of the Masters at Work mixes of "Days like this" by Kenny Lattimore were around all over the world. The official 12" is available now everywhere.

Word is of Restless Soul and Ron Trent mixes of "Escape that" by 4 Hero - let me see what I can find out about it.


October 18, 1998

Everyone of you who has the chance should go to New York City on october 30. There will be a slamming party with DJs Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and David Morales.


October 11, 1998

Lots of news from Masters at Work Records: their next releases will include "Wonderful People" by Black Masses, a house remix of Luis Salinas "Pienso En Ti" (see review), "Bliss" by Munity, the "Tribute to Fela Kuti" and the new single by Freestyle Orchestra. Also watch out for an interview with Louie Vega on this site soon.

"You don't know" by Mass Syndicate feat. SuSu Bobien (promoted as Jazpel United feat. SuSuBobien) has finally been released by Strictly Rhythm Records.

Bootleggs this weeks: the MAW mixes of "Days like this" by Kenny Lattimore and the unreleased MAW mixes of Melanie B "I want you back".


October 4, 1998

"I want you back" by Melanie B. feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott was given to some lucky people on double pack test pressing with two more dubs and a pianopella. Let's hope Virgin Records decide to release a full promo double pack.

Boris Dlugosch has finished remixes for "Question of Faith" by the Lighthouse Family. The mixes should be out soon.

Kenny Lattimore's "Days like this" on Columbia Records looks not to be released commercially on vinyl. My promo copy should arrive soon, watch out for a review.

"All in my mind" by Deep Sensation feat. Althea McQueen won't get releases on Guidance Records. The replacement will be "Somehow, somewhere", also by Deep Sensation.


September 27, 1998

Again, lots of bootleggs arrived at my local record stores. One features a disco-ish track by Martha Wash and is simply titled "MW 3", another is by Martha Wash & Izora Armstead and is titled "One-sided love affair". Another bootlegg has new mixes of "The Bomb" by BucketHead vs. Chicago. And someone took some vocals by Brass Construction and added them to the beat of "Gym tonic" (the track by Bob Sinclair).

"The Energy" by the Astro Trax Team feat. Shola Phillips will soon be availabe with further mixes on Satellite Records.


September 20, 1998

Lots of releases for ClubTools Records at the moment, and still more to come in the next few weeks. They picked up "On top of the World" by Diva Surprise which will get new remixes by Boris Dlugosch. Some other releases will be "Happy" by Jestofunk feat. CeCe Rogers and Joe Smooth "Promised Land" with lots of new mixes - be suprised who has done them. No release date yet for Jennifer Paige "Crush" with remixes by David Morales and Tiefschwarz.

Some very hot information: David Morales asked Boris Dlugosch to remix "Joy" by Kathy Brown for Definity Records.


September 13, 1998

The "Tribue to Fela Kuti" by the Masters at Work is not yet ready for release, but it should drop on MAW Records in the next few weeks.

Did you realise who many bootleggs of Stardust "Music sounds better with you" are around at the moment? Some take vocals of Michael Watford or Madonna while others do a more kicking version (available under the name Stardust) or they do bootlegg the Bob Sinclair remix.

Look out for the Masters at Work remixes of Kenny Lattimore droping on Columbia Records promo (either US or UK or maybe both) soon. Sources tell me it is absolutely slamming.


September 6, 1998

David Morales did remixes for Deep Dish "The Future of the Future", the promos should be around now.

Steve "Silk" Hurley has been busy in the studio remixing the new 12" for Karen Ramirez which will be out on Manifesto Records and "Lady" by Simply Smooth for Big Bang Records. Meanwhile, we still have to wait for his album to drop.


August 30, 1998

Pukka Records (from England) have licensed "House Music" by Eddie Amador for UK release with new mixes by Full Intention.

Juliet Roberts will be back with a new 12" soon which will included remixes by M&S.

There is word of a David Morales remix of "The Future of the Future" by Deep Dish for Deconstruction Records.

Jocelyn Brown will release a new album called "The very Best of..." on INCredible Records soon.


August 23, 1998

"Restriction" by Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler feat. Gate-Ah has been released in the US on KingStreet Records (this one was already out in Germany a while ago).

David Morales has been busy recently. Soon out on GeeStreet Records will be his remixes of the new 12" by PM Dawn.

Dina Carroll will have "Living for the Weekend", her next 12", out soon on Manifesto Records with remixes by Fire Island.

ClubTools Records will release a new Jestofunk 12" soon with featured vocalist CeCe Rogers. The same label also just put out the DJ Tonka remix of the Black & White Brothers "Put your hands up".


August 16, 1998

M.J.Cole "Sincere" has NOT BEEN remixed by the Masters at Work, this was only a rumour.

Watch out for a record by Kenny Lattimore which should be out soon, it is a production by the Masters at Work. These guys will also soon release their Tribute to Fela Kuti on MAW Records (you might also find this track on a forthcoming compilation on Talkin' Loud Records).

Hot, hot news from Germany: Edel Records will release a Tiefschwarz remix of "Crush" by Jennifer Paige sometime soon. This is already #7 in the US Billboard charts - what a chance for Ali and Basti Schwarz (the Tiefschwarz guys) given by the people ad Edel Records.

That massive Luther Vandross joint "Are you using me" is out on a bootlegg. Don't get this - it's only the album version, and the quality is poor!


August 9, 1998

I just got a tape with the Mousse T. r&b remix of D'Influence "Rock with you". Let's hope this gets a full release since this is absolutely phat. Mousse T. also did a r&b remix for Cunnie Williams feat. Monie Love, but the D'Influence mix shoulnd't be missed either.

M.J.Cole "Sincere" will be soon released  on germanys ClubTools label with new mixes by Birth of Cool. There is also word of an Masters at Work mix that is on bootlegg (I'm still investigation if this is true).


August 2, 1998

As reported a few weeks ago, ClubTools Records will release brand new remixes of the classic "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth. Remixers on this project will be Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange as well as Frankie Feliciano. Release is planned for mid september.

I couldn't review the new US 12" this week because I didn't get them. Here is the story: one store didn't order because he thought he has not enough boxes for shipping (they don't look how many good records are coming out). The other store had some troubles placing the order in time. The people there did have some trouble using the fax machine (can you believe this? I can't.). So what I missed are the the new Norma Jean Bell, Reggie Hall, Jasper Street Co., Pound Boys, Dawn Tallmann and the two new 12" on MAW Records by Kenny Bobien and Freestyle Orchestra. Man, have I been mad on friday night.

The new Michael Watford 12" "As always" is released in the UK with new speed garage mixes by Underground Solution on Phuture Trax Records. My advice: get the US release on Soundmen on Wax Records.

For those of you who missed Trip do Brasil #4  on Krypton/Sony Records France 12" (including "Agora e seu tempo" by Joe Claussell), this track is also featured on the double-album Trip do Brasil which is out on the same label.


July 26, 1998

If anyone of you is going to appear at the POPKOMM in Cologne in Germany, you shouldn't miss the "Made in Germany Party" on August 13 in the Apollo Bar organzied by Edel. The line-up includes Mousse T., Boris Dlugosch, Michael Lange, Tiefschwarz and Kiez Kids.


July 19, 1998

It's summer. Finally. But this is usually the saddest time for us music maniacs since there will be only a few releases to get hold of. But lets look forward to what's coming up:

Mousse T. has remixed D'Influence cover of the classic "Rock with you", originall done by Michael Jackson. Promos should arrive soon on Echo Records.

ClubTools Records will release a full vocal version of Michael Lange "Brothers and Sisters". Also in their pipeline are the new Black Connection 12" titled "I'm gonna get ya", S.A.S. feat. Sonore "I want your love" and some unconfirmed remixes of Joe Smooth "The Promised Land" (not the bad ones that are out in Italy).


July 12, 1998

As you could see on the main page, "Sunshine after the rain" by Monday Michuru is finally out on promo. Out now is the CD "Mermaid EP" on Polydor Records.

Rumour is that Stricly Rhythm Records won't release "You don't know" by Jazpel United featuring Su Su Bobien until september.

INCredible Records will release new David Morales remixes of the classic "Ain't no mountain high enough" by Jocelyn Brown.

AM:PM Records will release soon the long awaited "Mas que mancada" (yes, it's no longer titeled 'Mas que nada') by Ronaldo's Revenge on 2x12".


July 5, 1998

Definity Records released "Needin U" by The Face in the USA while we're all waiting for the UK release with probably new mixes.

Virgin Records UK are set to release some remixes of the huge Stardust "Music sounds better with you". But no names as of yet.

The massive "In my life" by Jose Nunez feat. Octáhvia has been licensed by Ministry of Sound Records for a UK release. New mixes will be, among others, by Eric Kupper.


June 28, 1998

There is hope that "Sunshine after the rain" by Monday Michuru will finally be released on vinyl on Polydor Records in Germany (at least did the german DJs get a promo release).

The next Aretha Franklin 12" titled "Here we go" is mixed by David Morales and should be out soon on Arista Records.

There is some interesting story behind David Morales presents the Face "Needing you" which was done for Definity Records first. At the Winter Music Conference in Miami earlier this year, Azuli Records picked it up and put out a double-pack promo about a month ago. In the meantime, they resold the rights to Manifesto Records who will now release it. Everyone having an Azuli promo is an owner of a collectors item now.

And the Masters at Work just finished a remix for drum & bass act Grooverider "Rainbows of Color" for Higher Ground/Sony Records. No release date scheduled as of yet.


June 21, 1998

"Sunday Morning" by the Backroom Congregation is now also out in the USA on Thickk Records.

Logic Records USA have released a double 12" (limited to 3'000 copies) of Martha Wash "Catch the light"   including the Todd Terry vocal mixes.

Correction to the news of June 7: the Janet Jackson "Go deep" on Virgin Records USA isn't exactly a triple pack. In fact, there is a double-pack including the house mixes by MAW and a single with r&b mixes.

The next release on MAW Records will be the tribute to Fela Kuti by the Masters at Work. The Ruffneck album can be expected around september with the single "New Life" to follow.


June 14, 1998

Mariah Carey has released a new 12" on Columbia Records in the USA including 'The Roof' (Morales Funky Club Mix) and 'My All' (Morales My Club Mix and Morales Def Club Mix).

Strictly Rhythm Records have released a 2x12" of Ultra Naté "Found a Cure" with so far in the USA unreleased mixes by Mood II Swing, MAW and Albert Cabrera. Also included are new cheesy euro-house mixes.


June 7, 1998

Virgin Records USA has finally released the promos of Janet Jackson "Go Deep" (it's a triple pack). Meanwhile, in the UK there was another promo released including jungle remixes by Roni Size.


May 31, 1998

Atlantic Records is putting out an album titled 'Everybody Dance! Remixed Dance Classics' where the big names in the remix industry will remix some of the past classics. Two 12" are to be put out as well. Included are Phreek 'Weekend', Modern Romance 'Can you move', Linda Clifford 'Runaway love' and more.

Nervous Records has released "Testify" by Byron Stingily with mixes by Kerri Chandler (including both vocal and dub versions).

The Masters at Work have remixed the new single by 4 Hero for Talkin' Loud Records. The double-pack promos should be around soon.

I wonder myself what happened to Azuli Records. They did only put out speed garage productions and remixes in the last few weeks.


May 24, 1998

Everyone is still waiting for "Freedom" by Midnight Express featuring Sabrina Johnston. It's gonna be out sometimes soon in Italy on Bustin' Loose Records and in USA on Yellorange Records. Mixes will be by Tony Humphries, Don Carlos and Jamie Lewis. Word is that Bustin' Loose Records don't know which mixes (of a total of 13) to release. And on Yellorange Records will be some mixes not on the Italian release.

"Looking for love" by Karen Ramirez on Bustin' Loose Records in Italy and Manifesto Records in UK is a bit of a disappointment after her last years smash single.

Janet Jackson "Go deep" on Virgin Records has got two new promos: on the first, their are the hip-hop remixes by Timbaland featuring Missy Elliot. On the second, there are the r&b mixes by Jam & Lewis, Teddy Riley and Masters at Work. And we're still waiting for the US promos which have been pressed on may 21 (according to a good source).

The next single by H2O will be "You can run..." which is taken from oliver stones forthcoming movie "Take the money and run". It will come on two 12" with a fine remix by Rozzo. Also included on the b-side will be "48 Hours".

The debut album by Deep Bros. will be delayed until august (the demo tape is sounding good). In the meantime, they will release a new single called "Victim of Love" featuring Michelle Weeks on BlueSteel Records.

Azuli Records have bought The Face "Needing you" from Definity Records, but no release date is set so far.This will be the first quality release for Azuli Records for a while (the latest things they put out on test pressings were all speed garage things).

Deconstruction Records will finally release the Deep Dish album in the next few weeks. There are already double and triple pack prmos making the rounds with lots of tracks and versions. Some of the tracks are housy, some of them have real rock elements. As usual with Deep Dish these days, it's a very special sound.

Tuff Jam have remixed another biggie from the r&b scene: "Can't let her go" by Boyz II Men on Motown Records has getting the UK speed garage remix treatment.


May 17, 1998

Sorry, I just had no time to get the news together this week. They'll be back next week.


May 10, 1998

You may have wondered why there was never a dub version by Francois K. released of Sylk 130 "Last Night a DJ saved my Life" on Ovum Records. Well, on the UK 12" there is finally his dub and a new dub by Roger Sanchez.

Now it is official:: MAW Records are no longer distributed through Strictly Rhythm Records. The reason might be that Strictly Rhyhtm is about selling 50% of their firm to a major.

"Bangin'" by KenLou 6 has now been released on MAW Records. In addition to the reviewed version, there are some fierce bonus beats on that 12".

You might have heard that remake of Herb Alpert "Rise". This is just released on Gossip Records, the artist is Uptempo. It's a bit cheesy to me, but it will for sure work the (more commercial) dancefloors.

The next 12" by Groove Collective will be soon out on HipBone Records.

Kerri Chandler is set to release a 12" titled 'Rain' on KingStreet Records. Also in the pipeline (according to rumours from NYC) is Raw Grooves Volume 4.


May 3, 1998

You gotta check out DeepDish on the internet. Lot's of information there, including their upcoming releases. The hottest thing is the announcement of the Masters at Work remixes of Eddia Amador "House Music" on Yoshitoshi Records.


April 26, 1998

If you couldn't get enough of Somore "I refuse", there are new mixes out now on i! Records (yes, this are the speed garage mixes).

"Get into you" by Deep Bros. will be released on Arthrob Records shortly, but only in its vocal versions. The label decided not to release any dubs.

Fire Island feat. Loleatta Holloway "Shout it to the Top" has been released as a 2x12" in the USA on JBO Records. Unfortunately, there are no new mixes included (the 'Roach Motel Ruff & Raw Mix' is still only available on the UK triple-pack promo).

Airplane Records (Italy) released a 10" of Ultra Naté "Found a cure" containing just the 'Mood II Swing Underground Mix' on clear vinyl - a collectors item.

The next 12" by Byron Stingily will be "Testify" with mixes by Jazz'N'Groove, Kerri Chandler and Tiefschwarz.

Mariah Carey has a new 12" out in the USA on Columbia Records including a Dave Morales mix of "My all" which is total mainstream.

The Mood II Swing remix of "Pride" by Rachid is now available on Universal Records USA - get it as long as it is available.


April 19, 1998

For all of you that can't get enough of "The word is Love" by Voices of Life, there is now the US double-pack on Silk Entertainment Records available including so far unreleased mixes: the Acapella and the Silk Instrumental.

"Horny" might well be the biggest hit for Mousse T. so far, especially since it has been licensed by AM:PM Records now for UK release. And there is also an double-pack on Edel Records from Germany on the way featuring some unreleased mixes.

Ultra Naté "Found a cure" has been released now in the UK on AM:PM Records, in the US on Strictly Rhythm Records and in Italy on Airplane Reocrds. Take a good look in finding your favorite mix - each release is different.

And yes, the Masters at Work Remixes of "Around the World" by Daft Punk are out now on Virgin Records France.

And finally, let me give you a list of records to look out for in the feature (when they are released):

  • Gerideau "Masquerade" (Fatt Boy Records 12")
  • Ruffneck feat. Yavahn "Baby U / New Life" (MAW Records 12")
  • Ja'Shay "Shout hallelujah" (Flatline Records 12")
  • The Artist "More Trouble" (Flatline Records 12")
  • Ja'Neel "I'm a Queen" (Yellowrange Records 12")
  • Soul Creation "Naturl high" (Bass Clef Records 12")
  • Dana Bird "Higher" (New Generation Records 12")
  • Janet Jackson "Go Deep" (MAW Mixes)(Virgin Records 12")
  • Thompson Project "Messing with my mind" (Soulfuric Records 12")
  • Luther Vandross "Using me" (MAW Mixes)
  • Louis Salinas "Pienso en ti" (MAW Records 12")
  • Kenlou 6 "Baning" (MAW Records 12")
  • The Face "Needing you" (Definity Records 12")


April 5, 1998

Virgin Records will soon release the long awaited Masters at Work remixes of Daft Punk 'Around the world' on double promo.

AM:PM Records will release a anthology by the Kings of Tommorrow entitled 'The K.O.T. Sessions' around May. They also plan to release the Ultra Naté album by April 20.


March 29, 1998

Ultra Naté "Found a cure" is no out on double-pack promo on AM:PM Records with more mixes by Mood II Swing and Eric Morillo.

Deep Bros. (by swiss DJ Pino Arduini) will release an album in early summer. I should get a demo tape soon so watch out for a review.

Here are some of the hottest records from the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year: the new Kenlou 6 and Ruffneck 12", both on MAW Records, 'Freedom' by Sabrina Johnston on Tony Humphries new label. Many more to come, but I haven't met all the folks that were in Miami.